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Charles Raymond Naftzger BT2: Aboard 1945-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Las Vegas, NV. Possibly deceased "CHARLES NAFTZGER Request Information (SS-5) SSN 282-20-6092 Residence: Born 22 Jul 1927 Last Benefit: Died Jun 1982 Issued: OH (Before 1951)" updated 12/13/02
Richard E. Nagle: Aboard 25 Dec 46
Victor S. Nagrodski F1c Aboard 1942. Probably deceased "VICTOR S NAGRODSKI 20 Feb 1918 29 Aug 1992 62951 (Johnston City, Williamson, IL) (none specified) 328-16-6558 Illinois "
Gordon T. Nash, Jr. CS2 Aboard 1951-53. I sent him a 2003 reunion letter and he called me on 06/03/03. Lives in Grand Junction, CO. updated 06/03/03
Jesse L. Naten, SA: Aboard 1954. added 01/04/03
Ervin D. Nates, AS Aboard 1942. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 22604 Winchester, Winchester City, VA; Born 26 Mar 1924; Died 11 Apr 2001.
George "Sa." Navarrete, SN: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Marietta, GA and San Jose, CA (forwarding time expired).
Anaciet Navarro ,TN: Aboard 1950
Roger Navratil, CS2: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Rutherfordton, NC. Sent 2003 reunion postcard to Boynton Beach, FL.
Edward Carlisle Nazarro, S1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2003 reunion letter to (relative?) Southington, CT.
W.D. Neaderhiser, EN3: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Warren, OH.
Loyce (n) Neal, StM1: Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "LOYCE NEAL; SSN 323-24-7819; Residence: 46208 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; Born 22 Feb 1915; Died Nov 1986; Issued: IL" updated 05/29/03
Eleuterio (n) Nebril, SD3: Aboard 1951-53
Charles R. Neeley, SA: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Fairfield, OH.
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Don O. Neff, QM3
Aboard 1966
Don O Neff
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2012, 2015
Hi guys! Yes, I'm alive and living in Southern California. I came aboard the Kennebec in late 1966 after waiting in those wonderful barracks at Subic Bay. (Started on the deck crew and wound up as a Quartermaster). After the Transpac it was back to Hunter's Point where I shared an apartment with Rodney Eye in San Francisco (the Haight - Asbury days or daze). Prior to the next Transpac the ship went to San Diego for training maneuvers where we inadvertently won an E. I remember the night Red Lawler stole the Shore Patrol gear that we put on once we crossed the Mexican boarder in order to break Frenchy (Theriault) out of jail in Tijuana. This transpac cruise was different from my first; they expected us to steam in convoy up in Yankee Station. One night we strayed from our convoy and into Chinese waters. We just made it back into international waters as their gunboat appeared! Well there's lots and lots of stories, but that's what the reunion is for. I departed the ship in the summer of 1968 and returned to the Buffalo, NY area. I'm currently an engineer with Nissan and have a great wife and two grown children. He is up for the reunion, updated 05/26/03. Don lives in Nolensville, TN, update 10/19/12. Contact info available in membership area.
Philip R. Neff QM1: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Deary, ID.
David Allen Nelson, SN: Aboard 1967-68.
Henry (n) Nelson, S1c: Aboard 1942-44
Hobart C. Nelson, Cox Aboard 1942. Possibly deceased "Name: HOBART C NELSON SSN: 013-24-2966 Born: 7 Dec 1916 Last Benefit: Died: 20 Dec 1989 State (Year) SSN issued: MA (Before 1951 )" updated 03/06/04
Robert C. Nelson, SH1 Aboard 1961-62.
Raymond "Fran." Nelson, SA: Aboard 1969-70.
Charles (n) Nemchick, Jr. PhM3: Aboard 1944-46. Possibly deceased "CHARLES NEMCHICK Request Information (SS-5) SSN 235-34-9715 Residence: 43611 Toledo, Lucas, OH Born 17 Dec 1925 Last Benefit: NEW: More Records! Died 15 Nov 1993 Issued: WV (Before 1951)" Sent 2003 reunion letter to (son?) Johnson City, NY.
Morgan L. Ness CS1: Aboard 1956-57. Possibly deceased. From "Born: 15 Nov 1921; Died: Oct 1969."
Kenneth D. Neuman, SN: Aboard 1948-49. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Beaver Dam, WI.
Clifton C. Newcomb, BM1: Aboard 1964-65 as BM3. updated with death notice 12/07/02
Dwight P. Newcomer, BT3 Aboard 1963-64. I'm living in the Dallas, TX area for the past 20 years. I left the Navy in 1966 and have a bunch of great memories as a young man on 3 ships and a complete world tour. Well maybe 50%. I'm still working at age 59 in sales, which has been good to me. Thanks for the hard work and energy you put into this site, and hopefully I can attend a future reunion. updated 05/07/03
Burdett/Burdette A. Newcombe, SN: Aboard 1954.
George W. Newell F1c Aboard 1942
Charles H. Newland, MMFN: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Warrensburg, MO.
Laddie C. Newman, BM3: Aboard 1949
Frank Newsom, Jr., RM1: Aboard 1949-50
Homer R. Newsome, MML3: Aboard 1952. Possibly deceased "HOMER R NEWSOME; SSN 450-38-3542; Residence: 70605 Lake Charles, Calcasieu, LA; Born 19 Mar 1930; Died 4 Jan 2000 Issued: TX" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Kennesaw, GA. updated 05/29/03
Jesse Ray Newsome, BM3: Aboard 1963-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Terrell, TX.
Russell Newsome: Aboard in early 50's. Lived in Lake Charles, LA. added 05/04/01
David Alexander Nicoll, Jr., WT3: Aboard 1943-44. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Tarpon Springs, FL.

David W. "Dave" Nielsen
Aboard 1964-66 as ETR3
David Nielsen Boot Camp Picture
    Dave lives in West Jordan, UT. Click on picture for larger version of Dave's boot camp picture.
Francisco Z. Niebres, SD2: Aboard 1969-70. Might live in KS. Sent 2004 reunion letter to Fort Riley, KS. updated 03/09/04
Floyd J. Niesen, SN: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Bloomer, WI. added 01/04/03
Lloyd J. Niesen, SN: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Bloomer, WI. added 01/04/03
Tony Mario Nigro, MM3: Aboard 1943-45. Possibly deceased "TONY NIGRO Request Information (SS-5) SSN 192-12-6061 Residence: 19406 King Of Prussia, Montgomery, PA Born 22 Jul 1919 Last Benefit: 19406 King Of Prussia, Montgomery, PA Died Feb 1986 Issued: PA (Before 1951)"updated 12/11/02
Johnnie William Nimmer, SC3: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "Name: Johnnie Nimmer Death Date: 24 May 1970 Race: W Gender: M County of Death: Baldwin Certificate: 017908 Age: 55 years County of Residence: Baldwin" updated 12/11/02
Ernesto Nobleza, TA: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Oakdale, CT.
Peter M. Noel, EN2: Aboard 1968. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to New Berlin, WI. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Grand Rapids, MI.
Vernon R. Noel, SK2: Aboard 1946-49. Widow Florence advised by letter Mar 2002, "Vernon passed away March 29, 1993. He told of many stories and shipmates from the Kennebec. My daughter, Jennilee, and I are interested in the reunion in Virginia Beach." Florence lives in Lewes, DE. Jennilee lives in Bridgeville, DE. updated 03/12/02
John Howard Nolan, S1c: Aboard 1945-46
Raymond L. Noonan, RM3: Aboard 1952-53. Possibly deceased "RAYMOND L NOONAN; SSN 042-24-6973; Residence: 32806 Orlando, Orange, FL; Born 12 Nov 1929; Died 2 Nov 1999 Issued: CT" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Saint Louis, MO. updated 05/29/03

AO-36 Life Member 52
Walter M. "Walt" Norkus, MM2
Aboard 1966-70
Walt Norkus
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2004,
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015
You've done a nice job with the Web site and it brings back all kinds of memories. I received orders for the Kennebec in November of 1966 and left the ship and service in June of 1970 when she was decommissioned. Keep up the good work and I'll be looking for updates on a possible reunion. Lives in Hanover, MA. added life membership 07/15/02

AO-36 Life Member 118
Robert D. Norleen, IC1
Aboard 1968-69
The ship was in San Francisco. I was sent there to run the electrical div. The chief and the first class were off the ship for personal problems. We had to get the ship ready for a in-serv and an admiral inspection which we passed, and I worked in the I C room. I believe after the inspection the ship went to Vietnam. The engineering officer wanted me to go along and said he would get me orders. I said no because I had three small kids at home. I put 39 years and 1 month in. The last ship I was on USS Orleck (DD-886). I retired off this ship. Unable to attend 2001 reunion. Lives in Lacey, WA. updated with life membership 11/04/04
Marshall E. Norman, SD1 Aboard 1961-62.
Charles Orville Norris, MoMM1: Aboard 1944-45
Robert L. Norris, RM2: Aboard 1946
Charles R. Norton, SN: Aboard 1950
Arthur M. "Art" Nosbisch, Jr. EM3 Aboard 1944-46. Thank you for your invitation to the Kennebec 2002 reunion. The picture of the ship brings back memories and it would be great to see old shipmates again, but I am sorry I can not make it. Since I was mustered out in June 1946 I returned to Buffalo, NY and went to college to obtain a B.S. in business. Married a great gal in 1951. We had a girl, a boy and twin boys in a period of 5 years. Got a job with General Mills and in 1965 transferred to Kamkakee, IL. Retired in 1986 and started spending our winters in FL. I am now 80 and in reasonably good health. Best wishes to all. updated 06/24/01
Robert John Nuanez, SN: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Anaheim, CA and San Jose, CA (insufficient address). Dick called Cypress, CA (not him).
Cecil V. Nuckols: Aboard 25 Dec 46. Possibly deceased "Name: CECIL NUCKOLS SSN: 225-16-6119 Last Residence: 40419 Crab Orchard, Lincoln, KY Born: 13 Jul 1917 Last Benefit: 40419 Crab Orchard, Lincoln, KY Died: Apr 1981 State (Year) SSN issued: VA (1960 )" updated 03/06/04
Nunzio Anthony Nuzzi, S1c: Aboard 1942-44. Possibly deceased "NUNZIO NUZZI; SSN 100-07-6879; Residence: 11204 Brooklyn, Kings, NY; Born 26 Jun 1913; Died Apr 1977" updated 05/29/03
Alberto (n) Oani, TN: Aboard 1948-50
Russell C. O'Baker, BT2 Aboard 1963-1967. "After getting out I became a Fire Fighter with the city of Cumberland, MD. I retired in July of 1999. I have been married for 39 years and have three children (Terri, Russell JR, and Troy). I also have four grandchildren (Samantha, Gina, Tyler and Alexia). I am hoping to add to this later on in my life!! Good Sailing. O'B." George O'Baker advised that Russell passed away on November 7, 2002. "RUSSELL C OBAKER SSN: 219-44-0153 Last Residence: 21502 Cumberland, Allegany, MD Born: 5 Oct 1943 Last Benefit: Died: 7 Nov 2002 State (Year) SSN issued: MD" Lived in Cumberland, MD. updated 07/05/03
Raymond E. Oberly, SA: Aboard 1966-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Grosse Pointe, MI.
Donald J. Obrien, BM3: Aboard 1951-53. John Wight advised Donald is deceased. updated 06/19/03
Gary Thomas Obrien, MM3: Aboard 1969-70.
James W. Obyrne, SN: Aboard 1964. Possibly deceased "Name: OBYRNE, JAMES W Social Security #: 447421683 Sex: MALE Birth Date: 26 Aug 1944 Birthplace: OKLAHOMA Death Date: 8 Jan 1969 Death Place: ORANGE Mother's Maiden Name: SMITH" updated 03/06/04
James "Russe." Jim" O'Conner, BM2 Aboard 1966-68. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Garden City, MO. Possibly deceased "Name: JAMES R OCONNER SSN: 480-52-9433 Last Residence: 40489 Waynesburg, Lincoln, KY Born: 26 Apr 1944 Last Benefit: Died: 23 Oct 1999 State (Year) SSN issued: IA (1960 )" updated 03/06/04
James R. O'Connor, S2c: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
T.R. Odum, DC2
Charles Casimer Okula, WT3: Aboard 1945-46. Born 4 Jan 1923; Died Jan 1978. updated 03/21/03
Richard E. Oldfield Aboard 25 Dec 46
Bobby A. Oldham, QM2 Aboard 1961-63. Enlisted 02/58. Probably deceased "BOBBY A OLDHAM; SSN 317-32-3065; Residence: 47714 Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN; Born 17 Sep 1937; Died 12 Jan 2002" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Evansville, IN. updated 05/29/03
Ronald Melvin OLeary, SN: Aboard 1969. Possibly lives in Ranier, WA. added 01/12/03

AO-36 Life Member 184
Thomas A. "Tom" Oligney, RD1
Aboard 1963-64
as RD3
Aboard 05/63-04/64 as RD3. Was surprised and pleased to get your letter on the Kennebec Association. She was my first duty station after my graduation from RD school at Treasure Island. Got alot of travel pay for that transfer for sure, but made up for it and I was transferred to Camden, N.J. for pre-com detail for a brand new DLG, the Richmond K. Turner. Unfortunately, even though my wife and I would love to attend the all-hands reunion in Virginia Beach, we will not be able to do so. Our son, Mark, has recently enlisted in the Coast Guard, and is graduating from boot camp in Cape May, NJ, the weekend before the reunion. So, naturally, we are going to attend that function. Please keep in touch, as we would definitely be interested in continued correspondence and any future get together that the association might schedule in the future. Lives in Hanceville, AL. updated 08/14/02
In Memory
AO-36 Life Member 55
Carl S. "Olie" Olinger, CS2
Aboard 1951-53
Carl S. Olinger
Aboard 06/51-11/53 as SA. Interested in 2002 reunion. Lives in Kathleen, FL. added life membership 08/02/02. We received word from Carl's family in August of 2014, that he passed away on March 15, 2014. Click Here for his obit.
Howard Olison, SD1: Aboard 1963-64. Probably deceased "HOWARD OLISON 20 Jun 1922 15 Apr 1993 (V) 94621 (Oakland, Alameda, CA) (none specified) 441-18-7501 Oklahoma" added 01/07/03
Robert N. Olive, S1: Aboard 1946. Possibly deceased "ROBERT N OLIVE; SSN 228-32-5752; Residence: 27215 Burlington, Alamance, NC; Born 13 Feb 1928; Died 2 Jun 1996; Issued: VA" updated 05/29/03
Charles E. Oliver, SN: Aboard 1952-53
Richard A. Oliver, ETR3
Ronald Ollila, MM2: Aboard 1951-54. Might have lived in Clatskanie, OR. updated 05/29/03
John G. Olson, FN: Aboard 1953
John J. O'Mahony, QMSN Aboard 1961-62. Sent him an email 06/02/03 via
Oliver E. Omara, GMM1: Aboard 1951-52. Possibly deceased "OLIVER E OMARA; SSN 522-14-4758; Residence: 80011 Aurora, Adams, CO; Born 8 May 1922; Died 30 Jan 1996" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Alamagordo, NM. updated 05/29/03
Edwin R. Oneal, RMSN: Aboard 1964.
Vernon Budene Ooley, S2c: Aboard 1945-46. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 47802 Terre Haute, Vigo, IN; Born 6 Oct 1925; Died 16 Sep 1994.
Morris S. Opry, Jr., HM2: Aboard 1953. I called him on 05/11/03. He was aboard for only about 3-months but might be interested in attending the 2003 reunion. Lives in San Francisco, CA. updated 05/11/03
John H. Oram, MM2 Aboard 1961-62. Possibly deceased "Name: JOHN H ORAM SSN: 054-28-2085 Last Residence: 11950 Mastic, Suffolk, NY Born: 10 Mar 1934 Last Benefit: Died: 4 May 1995 State (Year) SSN issued: NY (1951 And 1952 )" updated 03/06/04

AO-36 Life Member 49
James B. "J.B." Orendorff, RD2
Aboard 1967-70
JB Orendorff
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2003, 2008
"Fat Fox" served in AO-36 from June 67 to March 70. Lives in Bryan, OH. updated email address available in membership area 07/15/02
Donald S. Orman, SA: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Wyandotte, MI. updated 05/29/03
Richard E. Orvold QM3: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Hanna, OK. Possibly deceased "RICHARD ORVOLD; SSN 475-14-4886; Residence: 54853 Luck, Polk, WI; Born 31 Oct 1925; Died Jun 1985; Issued: MN"
Michael "Gar." Osborne, SN: Aboard 1969-70.
John Evan Osgood, MM3: Aboard 1964-68.

AO-36 Life Member 31
Sergio A. "Tony" Otanez, RD3
Aboard 1965-68
Reunions Attended: 2001
Aboard 1965 until March 1968. Keep up the search looks like you got a bunch already. Lives in Charleston, OR.
Michael "Ja." Ottarson, BM3: Aboard 1965-68. According to a former neighbor, he committed suicide in 1968. updated 04/01/05
Kenneth LeRoy Otto, BTFN Aboard 1961-64. Called Gainesville, TX (not him).
Mr. Otum, QM2
Albert L. Ouellette, MM1: Aboard 1947. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Methven, MA. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Tolland, CT. Possibly deceased "Name: ALBERT L OUELLETTE SSN: 706-09-1431 Last Residence: 01844 Methuen, Essex, MA Born: 7 Jul 1919 Last Benefit: Died: 3 Nov 1994 State (Year) SSN issued: RR (Before 1951 )" updated 03/06/04

AO-36 Life Member 80
Ernie J. Ouellette, BM2
Aboard 1967-70
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006
Aboard Kennebec September 1963 - September 1967. Bob Rossington says about Ernie, "The next time I saw Ouellette was when Kennebec visited Yokosuka in late 1967 or early 1968.He was BM2." Ernie taught me "double dutch," a strange language which worked in the bars in foreign ports to confuse the natives. Lives in Tyngsboro, MA. He works for the Post Office. updated email address 08/31/04

AO-36 Life Member 43
Richard C. "Dick" Ourand, SK3
Aboard 1945-46
Reunions Attended: 2002
Thank you for the card. Surprised to hear from one of my shipmates. I was on the USS Kennebec from December of 1945 through August 1946. Would like to hear of the plans for the 2002 ship's reunion at Virginia Beach. My son was stationed at Oceania for nearly 16 years as an A-6 pilot on various carriers. Lives in Fayetteville, AR. updated 05/23/02

AO-36 Life Member 218
John Wayne Overbey, MMFN
Aboard 1965-68
Sent 2002 reunion letter to Kevil, KY. Became Life Member in Feb. 2013.
D.E. Owens, BT2 Aboard 1961.
Claude L. Owensby, AS Aboard 1942c. From son Craig, "I found your very interesting site while searching for information on my father who served on the Kennebec during WWII. Probably deceased "CLAUDE L OWENSBY; SSN 241-28-8641; Residence: 47401 Bloomington, Monroe, IN; Born 26 Aug 1924; Died 23 Jul 2000; Issued: NC. updated 05/29/03
Oscar L. Ownby, CS3: Aboard 1950
Pedro Banga Pableo, SN: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Arlta, CA.
Harry D. Padgett, FA: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Morganfield, KY.
E.T. Pagador TN: Aboard 1956-57
Benjamin "Geor." Palin, SN: Aboard 1966-67. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Absarokee, MT and Drummond, MT not deliverable as addressed).
Joe (n) Palm TN: Aboard 1947-49
Jerry Lee Palmer, DC2: Aboard 1963. Enlisted 09/56.
Rodolfo C. Pamatian, MM2: Aboard 1969. Probably deceased "RODOLFO C PAMATIAN; SSN 586-60-5845; Residence: 60659 Chicago, Cook, IL; Born 8 Jul 1932; Died 11 Nov 1987; Issued: GU/AS/MP/PI" updated 05/29/03
Benjamin F. Pantaleon, TN: Aboard 1963. Probably deceased "BENJAMIN PANTALEON 15 Feb 1941 Nov 1975 (not specified) (none specified) 564-68-5295 California" added 01/07/03
Louis L. Parenteau, EM3: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion letter to No. St. Paul, MN (not him). Sent 2002 reunion letter to Virginia, MN.
William L. Parham, WT1 Note: Does anyone know if this photo is him? Died in November 1984 in Jacksonville, FL.
Johnny Charles Paris, SM3: Aboard 1968-70.
Roy E. Parke, SK3: Aboard 1964. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Blue Springs, MO.
Dave Alfred Parker, Jr., SN: Aboard 1963-65. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Germantown, WI and Richmond, VA. Possibly deceased "DAVE A PARKER; Born: 02 Aug 1945; Died: 09 May 1999 (P) 72209 (Little Rock, Pulaski, AR) (none specified) 430-78-9916 Arkansas" updated 12/07/02
Donald Eugene Parker, SN: Aboard 1966-67.
Earl M. Parker, RDM3: Aboard 1947
Howard L. Parker, SN: Aboard 1956
James Ronald Parker, BT2 Aboard 1964-68. He is a landscaper in Butler, PA. updated 05/24/01
John R. Parker, SM3: Aboard 1956
James Alvin Parks, SN: Aboard 1965.
Jessie G. Parks, Bkr1 Aboard 1942
John Derrell Parra, SN Aboard 1961-63. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Souderton, PA.
Carl L. Parrish, BM3 Aboard 1942-43. He called me 06/08/03 after receiving 2003 reunion letter. He is interested in 2004 reunion if it is held in Branson. Lives in Portageville, MO. updated 06/08/03
Stanley A. Parrish: Aboard 25 Dec 46. Possibly deceased "Name: STANLEY A PARRISH SSN: 283-24-5981 Last Residence: 42602 Albany, Clinton, KY Born: 16 Jan 1929 Last Benefit: Died: 3 Mar 1993 State (Year) SSN issued: OH (Before 1951 )" updated 03/06/04
Jack D. Partch, SA: Aboard 1951-52. Posibly deceased "JACK D PARTCH 17 Oct 1933 23 Dec 2001 (P) 95336 (Manteca, San Joaquin, CA) (none specified) 491-30-9870 Missouri" added 01/04/03
Richard Ira "TC" Parton, SN Aboard 1964-67. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Decatur, IL.
Patsy P. Parziale, S1: Aboard 1947-48.
Charles E. Pashinski, SN: Aboard 1947-48. Probably deceased "CHARLES E PASHINSKI; SSN 165-20-2280; Residence: 18634 Nanticoke, Luzerne, PA; Born 15 Feb 1928; Died 22 Aug 2002" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Nanticoke, PA. updated 05/29/03
George "Wisl." Passeau, BT2: Aboard 1968

AO-36 Life Member 73
Dale E. Pastore, QM2
Aboard 1951-54
Reunions Attended: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
I was aboard from 4/51 to 08/54. Put out of commission in Long Beach, CA. Was towed to San Diego. Our runs were mostly from San Pedro, CA to Hawaii, also Alaska and Seattle. Made 4 trips from Aruba to Hawaii. He called on 02/26/02 and is interested in the 2002 reunion. Lives in Renton, WA. updated with life membership 11/02/02
William D. Patrick EM2: Aboard 1949-50
Julius J. Patterson QM1 Aboard 1942
M.W.(?) Patterson, FA: Aboard 1948
Morgan P. Patterson, FA: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Nederland, TX.
Walter J. Patterson, S1c: Aboard 1944-46
Richard J. Patton, SN: Aboard 1963-64.
Warren Clayton Payeur SC2: Aboard 1944-45. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 75460 Paris, Lamar, TX; Born 13 Apr 1923; Died 21 May 1990.
Dennis Leroy Payne, SA: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Amherst, OH and Hamilton, OH.
John (n) Payne, S1c: Aboard 1944-46
Ray D. Payne, FA: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Lake Placid, FL (no mail receptacle; phone disconnected).
Richard E. Paynter, EM3: Aboard 1964. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Gardnerville, NV.
James R. Peak, ET1: Aboard 1966-68. Enlisted 02/50. updated 05/29/03
Dennis Scott Peake, SN: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Salt Lake City, UT (unknown). Sent 2002 reunion letter to Salt Lake City, UT.
Leroy D. Pearson, IC3: Aboard 1952-52. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Spooner, WI. added 01/04/03
Richard Charles Peavornick, SM3: Aboard 1943-45. Possibly deceased "RICHARD PEAVORNICK Request Information (SS-5) SSN 193-16-5460 Residence: 43725 Cambridge, Guernsey, OH Born 22 Mar 1924 Last Benefit: NEW: More Records! Died 14 Sep 1996 Issued: PA (Before 1951)" updated 12/11/02
Roland Paul Pechie, EN2: Aboard 1969. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Storrs Mansfield, CT. added 01/14/03
William Drew Peebles, S2c: Aboard 1944-45. Possibly deceased "WILLIAM D PEEBLES; SSN 146-14-7356; Residence: 08805 Bound Brook, Somerset, NJ; Born 8 Jun 1924; Died 19 Nov 1999" updated 05/29/03
Edward A. Peeler, CS3: Aboard 1965. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Harker Heights, TX.
Venancio Sanchez Pena, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
William Vincent Pencosky, Jr., S1c: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "WILLIAM PENCOSKY; SSN 192-18-6207; Born 11 Apr 1924; Died Jun 1974; Issued: PA; Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Pittsburgh, PA. updated 05/29/03
Ual Amos Lee Pendley, S2c: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "UAL PENDLEY 01 Apr 1914 Mar 1956 (not specified) (none specified) 455-09-8757 Texas" added 01/05/03
Robert W. Penman F1c Aboard 1942
James H. Penn, Jr., YN1: Aboard 1962. DOE 02/44.
Howard R. Penter, BT1: Aboard 1956-57
Michael L. Penter, FN: Aboard 1970.
Lewis "Michael" Peoples, SN: Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Chillicothe Obituary: Lewis Michael Peoples, 54, of Chillicothe, died unexpectedly at 9:52 p.m. Tuesday, November 25, 2003, in Adena Regional Medical Center. He was born December 17, 1948, in Chillicothe, to Lewis Melvin and Martha J. (Fisher) Peoples. Surviving are his children, Christy (Gary) Speakman, Brion (Erin) Peoples, Shannun, Camron, Sean, Colleen and Brittany Peoples, all of Chillicothe; his mother, Martha J. Peoples; his special friend, Charee Levering; sisters, Peggy Eley, Barbara (Bernard) Stearos and Judith Peoples; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his father, who just died Monday. Military graveside services for the Vietnam Navy Veteran, will be conducted by the Ross Co. Veterans Firing Squad, at 11 a.m. Friday, November 28, 2003, in Greenlawn Cemetery Soldiers Square, with Pastor Dennis Mohler officiating. Calling hours will not be observed. Arrangements are under the direction of Haller Funeral Home. updated 05/23/05
Roland Perchie: Aboard 1968. Lives in Willimantic, CT.
Servillano Perez, TN: Aboard 1949-50
Donald B. Perkins, S1c: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Largo, FL. Originally from Carrollton, KY.

AO-36 Life Member 130
Santo D. "Sam" Perro, RM2
Aboard 1943-44
Received a letter from him 07/03/03, "I am replying to your letter of May 31st. I served aboard the Kennebec during WWII. I was transferred from the Kennebec as RM2 to AKA Torrance. I have often wondered if any of my radio gang are still around. I am 84 years and God has been good to me. I still love to play golf, play poker and best of all "Happy Hours," includes dancing and casinos. So, thank God I am still around. I would greatly appreciate a picture of the Kennebec if available. I do recall I was transferred just about after the invasion of Okinawa. Thank you and stay well!" Sam wrote 08/06/03, "Thank you for the information and picture of the USS Kennebec. I remember Ross Gilstrap and Clem Licht in my radio gang. John D'Arco must have come aboard after I was transferred. Thank you again and stay well." Lives in Lincoln Park, NJ. updated with membership 08/07/03
Charles (n) Perry, Jr., SK3: Aboard 1943-44
David P. Perry, Jr., FN: Aboard 1951
Fluid L. Perry, RD3: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Crest Park, CA.
Glen A. Perry, FA: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Bertrand, MO.
Walter W. Perz, MR3Aboard 1961-62. Probably deceased "PERZ WALTER W; 19 Apr 1942; 27 Nov 1968; MASSACHUSETTS; SANTA CLARA; 493-06-931" Sent 2001 reunion postcard to Pittsburgh, PA (no such number/street). updated 05/29/03
Roosevelt Wardo Peruzzi, S1c: Aboard 1944-45. Possibly deceased. From "Residence: 13317 Canajoharie, Montgomery, NY; Born 25 Aug 1914; Died May 1981; Issued: NY (Before 1951) Sent 2002 reunion letter to Canajoharie, NY.
Ronald James "Ron" Pesch, SN Aboard 1961-63. Probably won't make it to 2001 reunion. Sent 2002 reunion letter. Lives in Waubun, MN. updated 06/01/01

AO-36 Life Member 87
Richard D. Pesnell, MM3
Aboard 1961-65
Reunions Attended: 2001
Lives in Clyde, OH. updated with life membership 04/21/03
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Jeff E. Petani, SN: Aboard 1965. Lives in Westboro, MA. updated 04/03/01 Membership EXP 04/03
John W. Peters, ME3: Aboard 1956-57
Raymond Joseph Peters, S1c: Aboard 1943-44
Robert Lee Peters, S1c: Aboard 1944-46
Arthur W. Peterson, MML2: Aboard 1951
Duane "Fran." Petersen, EM3 Aboard 1965-68.
Lawrence William Peterson, F1c: Aboard 1945-46
Ray Leon Peterson, F1c: Aboard 1943-44
Stanley Leroy Peterson, S2c: Aboard 1944-45
Vernon A. Peterson, BT3: Aboard 1952-54
Paul F. Petko, FA: Aboard 1948
Michael (n) Petras, S1c: Aboard 1943-44
Michael Thomas Petro, FTGSN: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Cleveland, OH.
Joseph Petrowski, RM2: Aboard 1953. added 01/04/03
Marvin J. Pfeifer, FA: Aboard 1948. Possibly deceased "MARVIN J PFEIFER; SSN 523-30-3425; Residence: 80033 Wheat Ridge, Jefferson, CO; Born 6 Mar 1929; Died 4 Mar 1994" updated 05/24/03
Robert E. Phelps AS Aboard 1942
Robert Emmitt Phelps MM1: Aboard 1942-45
Curtis D. Phillips, BT2: Aboard 1957
Donald B. Phillips, FMFA: Aboard 1951-52
Eddie M. Phillips, TN: Aboard 1953-54. added 01/04/03
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Eddie R. "Bubba" Phillips, SN Aboard December 1967 to September 1969. Lives in Alma, AR. updated 04/12/01 Membership EXP 04/03
James Lamar Phillips, SC1: Aboard 1944-45.
Junior Lee Phillips, S1c: Aboard 1944-46. Possibly deceased "JUNIOR L PHILLIPS; SSN 236-20-4135; Born 9 Feb 1926; Died 27 Jun 1991" updated 05/29/03
Robert James Phillips, F1c: Aboard 1943-46
Melvin Leon Pickett, Cox: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Kankakee, IL.
Anthony "Ca." Piemonte, SN: Aboard 1968-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Braintree, MA and Framingham, MA.
Alan G. Pierce, SN: Aboard 1968. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Westfield, MA.
Howard M. Pierson, SN: Aboard 1962. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Logan, UT.
Robert Franklin Pierson, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
Merlin Darcy Pile, S1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Minneapolis, MN.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Robert T. Pillion, RM2 Aboard 1961-62. 2/7/2012 update: Robert became a member 2012, lives at Lafayette, LA. Contact info is available in the membership area.
James M. Pilon, DC3: Aboard 1951-53. Possibly deceased "JAMES M PILON; SSN 008-18-2706; Residence: 05402 Burlington, Chittenden, VT; Born 22 Oct 1928; Died 5 Jun 1995" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Arlington, WA. updated 05/29/03
Philip Pinto, SN: Aboard 1969-70.
Robert Lawrence Piper, III, S2c: Aboard 1944
John T. Pipes, RM3: Aboard 1952. added 01/04/03
Joseph L. Piranio, FA: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Gladstone, MO.
James D. Pirtle, ENFN: Aboard 1950
Dini J. Pitsaroff, QM3: Aboard 1956-57
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
AO-36 Life Member 155
Leonard J. "Jim" Pitts, AS
Aboard 1942
I was aboard Kennebec when she made the invasion of North Africa. Will attend 2001 reunion. Lives in San Diego, CA. (updated 08/13/01). We received word from wife of Leonard "Jim" Pitts, AS, Aboard 1942, that Jim passed away last year, Feb. 19, 2007 (updated 5/15/2008).

AO-36 Life Member 21
Robert A. "Bob" Pivin, BM3
Aboard 1963-65
Reunions Attended: 2001
Aboard 12/63-09/65. Will attend reunion in October. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Lives in Groveton, NH. updated 01/03/02
Theodore N. Pladis, F2c: Aboard 1942-43. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Chicago, IL. added 01/05/03

AO-36 Life Member  4
Tom R. Plank, SFP2
Aboard 1965-68
Tom Plank
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2003, 2005,
2006, 2008, 2016
Glad somebody did this. I served aboard the Kennebec from around March '65-June 68. The after steering hatch fell on my right hand allmost severing 2 fingers. Anyhow I ended up with a disability retirement after being in a auto accident while an out patient at Bremerton. I've been a logger, a mechanic, a mill operator among other things. I now live in Edison, WA and work for Dri-Eaz, building water damage restoration equipment. I have a BA in fine art and sea kayak. I hope a reunion happens. Vegas is probably a practical place, although it's chaotic. I lived there for a year in 1970-71.
Elton (n) Pledger, AS Aboard 1942
James C. Plunkett, SN: Aboard 1953-54. I called and spoke with him on 05/31/03. Lives in King, NC. updated 05/31/03
Robert F. Plunkett, SN: Aboard 1950
Marty Lee Pock, SFP3: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Safford, AZ (unknown). Sent 2002 reunion letter to Pearce, AZ.
George E. Pogue, SD3: Aboard 1947-48
Zigmond W. Pohopin, S1c: Aboard 1943. Received an email 08/24/04 from his daughter, Felicia Pohopin Bremer email: FBremer(at) infinetwork(dot)com, "I found your website for the USS Kennebec in Google. My Dad's name, Zigmond W. Pohopin was listed as probably deceased in the list of Shipmates. He was born July 24, 1923 and died at age 62 of Pancreatic Cancer, January 27, 1985. I wanted to let you know so you correct the website. If I go into the guest book, do you think I could find anyone who may remember him. Thanks for your help," updated 08/24/04
Thomas J. Polanowski, FTG2 Aboard 1961-62. Probably deceased "THOMAS J POLANOWSKI; SSN 188-32-6821; Born 21 Dec 1940; Died 21 Aug 1996; Issued: PA" updated 05/29/03
Edwin Leo Polhemus, MM2 Aboard 1961-63. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Milwaukee, WI.
Franklin (?.) Pollard, FN: Aboard 1954. added 01/04/03
Jerry Edward Pollard, SA: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Boone, NC.
Michael L. Pollard, SN
Richard G. Polliard, F2MOMM: Aboard 1947. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Beverly Hills, FL.
Joseph R. Polumbo: Aboard 25 Dec 46. Sent 2004 reunion letter to New Britain, CT.
Philip C. Pomranky, MR2 Aboard 1965-68. From Mike Vodak on 05/11/01, "Hi guys. We found another shipmate because it was a team effort. Last week when talking to Dick Hawkins I mentioned some of the guys I was trying to find, and he gave me a p. pomranky in pickford MI. I sent a postcard and recieved a phone call last night. Phil {ski} said he had not lived there for two years but the postman knew him and where he had moved to. What luck. Phil retired from the Navy, then worked in some shipyards. He is not on line but asked that we post his address and phone and would like to hear from shipmates. It sure makes my day finding a shipmate. Thanks Dick for your help and thanks Gabby for finding me and making this all posible. Peso Mike." Mailed 2002 reunion postcard 03/09/02 but returned "unknown". Lived in Hessel, MI.
Gary J. Ponthieux, FN: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Cypress, TX.
John J. Poole, END2: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Springfield, PA.
Shelby E. Poole, MM3 Aboard 1961. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Stephensport, KY.
Robert Earl "Bob" Pope, BM3: Aboard 1965-68. From TX
Russell Alden Pope, CS3: Aboard 1964-65.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Samuel J. Pope, EM2: Aboard 1947-48. Wanted to attend 2003 reunion if his health holds up. 2003 reunion letter mailed to Olympia, WA (not deliverable as addressed; unable to forward). Membership EXP 08/04
Gerald R. Poppenga, DC3 Aboard Kennebec May 1965 - August 1966. Great memories!!! Came back to South Dakota and worked in a meat packing plant for 22 years retired in 1987. I've been married for 34 years have 3 sons 1 daughter and 7 grandchildren. Spend most of my time fishing. Hope to hear from some of my "old" buddies. Thanks for the site. Thanks to Ron Waner for letting me know about this site. It was great talking to him again after all these years. Hope we can find more of the crew. Thanks again for making this possible. Lived in Sioux Falls, SD. Update 12-29-2007: Gerald passed away in 2007 from complications believed caused by Agent Orange. A court hearing was held and evidence provided from our ship logs did show that our USS Kennebec was sprayed on December 7, 1965.
Charles Porfirio

Charles A. "Charlie" Porfirio, Jr.
Aboard 1961-1963
Reunions Attended: 2006, 2008
. I was on the recom crew in Norfolk in 1961 and served aboard through 1963. This was a two year navy reserve tour so I then went back to Texas for about a year and half. I then reenlisted went to Memphis for AK school. I was then assigned to NAS Brunswick Maine. While there I met and married Lois Hersey. We were married 28 years until her death on January 16, 1996. I left the navy again in 1965. Went back to Texas where I went to work for the Texas Department of Public Safety. Must of have found my niche because I was there until my retirement in January of this year. Almost thirty one years. Will be unable to attend reunion. Lives in Austin, TX. updated email address 04/15/04.
Walter Lewis Portell, F2c: Aboard 1945-46. Possibly deceased. From "Born: 12 Dec 1923; 62040 Granite City, Madison, IL; Died: Nov 1976; Issued: IL (Before 1951). Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Katy, TX.
James O. Porter, EMFN: Aboard 1949-50
Robert L. Porter, SA: Aboard 1948-49
Alfredo Posadas, TN: Aboard 1950
Joseph W. Posker, SN: Aboard 1951. added 01/03/03
Melburn E. Poss, SK3 Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Yuba City, CA. added 01/04/03
James Vincent Pote, SFP3 Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard. Lives in Norwalk, CT.
Donald D. Potter, SM2: Aboard 1957
Tony Larry Potter, SN: Aboard 1968-70. Dick called McGill, NV (not him)
Kenneth W. Powers, ET2: Aboard 1950
Marvin E. Powers: Aboard 25 Dec 46
John E. Prasol, BM2 recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-65. Enlisted 10/56. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Portsmouth, RI.
Leland "Willi." Preuss, SN: Aboard 1967-68.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Larry G. Prevette, BM3 Aboard 1966-70. He returned my call on 06/03/03 and is interested in the Association and 2003 reunion. We talked for a long time having known many of the same shipmates. He will retire in 2004. Lives in Escalon, CA. updated email address 07/15/03 Membership EXP 06/05
James Attison Price, S1c: Aboard 1943-46
James A. Price, Jr., SN: Aboard 1953-54
Jeffrey A. Price, BTFN camerasmall.gif - 1372 Bytes Aboard 1969-70. updated with obituary 06/20/03
John F. Price, S1: Aboard 1947-48.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Peter J. Prizzi, SN: Aboard 1969-70. Definitely plans to attend 2002 reunion. Lives in Northford, CT. added membership 08/01/02 Membership EXP 08/03
Paul Prine, MM1: Aboard 1969.
Clarence William Pruitt, StM2: Aboard 1943-44. Possibly deceased "Clarence W Pruitt: Born 1920, Died: 07 Aug 1974, 54 years. Lived in Banks County, GA" updated 03/06/04
Jeff B. Pruitt SN: Aboard 1951. sent 2004 reunion letter to Monroe, LA. Possibly deceased, " JEFF B PRUITT 24 Feb 1928 30 Jul 2000 Sterlington, Ouachita, LA LA (Before 1951 ) 435-36-7286" updated 03/06/04
John R. Prutch, EM2 Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Bend, OR.
Chester C. Pulasky, BMG3: Aboard 1951-52. Probably deceased "PULASKY CHESTER C; 17 Feb 1922; 2 Feb 1992; WASHINGTON; SAN JOAQUIN; 560-34-0535" updated 05/29/03
Olden "Alexa." Purnell, CS2: Aboard 1969-70. Might live in FL. updated 03/06/04
Richard F. Puzio, FTG3: Aboard 1964-65. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Los Angeles, CA.

Shipmates are divided into 11 sections.

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