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Membership - How To become a member, or just update your info:

Membership is welcome for fellow Shipmates (and their immediate family members)
who served aboard (1942-1970) on the USS Kennebec (AO-36) Fleet Oiler.
Please Register or Update your membership using the Form Below


For Membership Dues, please use the Form Below and then
"snail mail" by check or money order payable to: USS Kennebec Association.
Once you are a member, the Association Secretary or Treasurer will send you login and password.


Mail Membership Dues to the Association Treasurer at this address:
USS Kennebec Association
Earl Rupp
71 Exeter Lane
Pleasant Hill  CA  94523


The following form can also be used for Shipmate Updates

We also would like all our USS Kennebec (AO-36) Shipmates to submit your current contact information, to share with fellow shipmates. If you are a fellow shipmate, you need not be an Assoc. member to be on our mailing list. Please note: If you have not heard from us the last 6 months, your contact info should be updated! Please use the form following.

If you are not a member but would like to become one, or just need to renew your membership, or just update your Contact Info:   Please also use the form following below. If you apply for "Annual" Membership, you will be required to mail your membership payment to the USS Kennebec Assoc. care of the Treasurer.

We want to obtain an e-mail list and address list of everyone to periodically send them information concerning possible reunions, etc. Your street address, phone number, and email address will be available to Association members only, and to redue spam emails, is password protected in the Members Only area.

Shipmate Info & Member Input Form

* First Name:
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Rate/Rank When Separated/Discharged:
Birth Date: MM:    Day:    Year:
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Spouse/Mate Name:
Website Address (if any):

Shipmate or Membership Information:

Due to official orders, I served aboard the USS Kennebec (AO-36) for at least one day and I'm submitting my stats and/or requesting membership in the USS Kennebec (AO-36) Association.

Please Note: memberships are awarded immediately but benefits are not given until dues are received. Also, if you are at least 74 years of age, your birthday may qualify you for reduced or free dues (see below).

Type of Membership you will be sending payment for, Pick One:

Please include me on your mailing list only.

I'm a Shipmate and/or member, just updating my contact information for your records.

$20 Regular Membership due annually by July 1st.

$100 Life Membership includes 1.5" ceramic pin.

If you are 85+ just complete this Information Form and you never pay dues, you become a Life Member.

I wish to make a $   donation to keep up this website.

Your membership must be paid-to-date to attend reunions; obtain home addresses and phone numbers of other shipmates; view the Members Only area of our website, which requires a username and password.

Make checks payable to:
USS Kennebec Assoc.

Mail checks to our Association Treasurer:
Earl Rupp
71 Exeter Lane
Pleasant Hill  CA  94523

Reunion Information

If you are joining, are you interested in attending the nex USS Kennebec Assoc. Reunion (usually each October)? If you are at least 75% sure you would attend a reunion, please click on one of the following boxes to be on our mailing list. You are NOT making a commitment!

Yes, I am interested in attending the reunion

Yes, my spouse/mate will accompany me.

Yes, a guest(s) will be accompany me. Please add guest name(s) in comments following.

Note: If you would like to e-mail or snail mail a photo of yourself from your Navy days and/or a more recent photo of yourself. Contact us first using this form, and in the comment box below let us know you would like to send a picture, and our Secretary will reply back to you by email with the address to send too.


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