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Shipmates are divided into 11 sections

Douglas W. Earl, SH1: Aboard 1968-69 as SN. I called him 06/07/03. He works for the US Olympic Committee. Unable to attend 2003 reunion. Lives in Saranec Lake, NY. updated 06/07/03
Mervin A. Earnest, SN: Aboard 1956. Sent 2002 reunion letter to West Memphis, AR.
George G. Eberwein, Jr., FN Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Wellsville, NY.
Ray A. Eddleman, Jr., BT1 Aboard 1961-63. Deceased per post office. From "Residence: Rowan, NC; Born: 12 Oct 1926; Died: 23 Aug 1995"
Charles (n) Edelstein, SK3: Aboard 1944-46
Charles J. Eder, F2: Aboard 1946-47. Originally from Philadelphia, PA. Lived in Levittown, PA in 1986. Possibly deceased "Charles EDER Birth Date: 25 Jul 1922 Death Date: 16 Apr 1997 Social Security Number: 186-18-9938 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Pennsylvania Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 19055 Localities: Levittown, Bucks, Pennsylvania" updated 01/22/03
David D. Eder, F2: Aboard 1947
Irving (n) Edwards, SF2: Aboard 1944-45
Konstantinos (n) Efantis, RT2: Aboard 1943-45. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Champaign, IL (not deliverable as addressed).
David Joe Eirich, SN: Aboard 1968. Lives in Yakima, WA. Updated 03/02/01
Kenneth L. Eisert, PNSN: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Estacada, OR.
Donald L. Eizenga, RM3: Aboard 1963. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Symsonia, KY.
Gerald R. Elder, EN3 Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Walnut Grove, MO. Lives in Redfield, KS. updated 07/22/01
Charles E. "Ed" Eldridge, BMSN Served on board from 1961 through 1963; then transferred to Norfolk, VA. Lives in Ironton, OH. updated 04/10/04
Michael D. "Mike" Eley, SN. Aboard 02/68-02/70. He and wife, Deborah, plan to attend 2005 reunion. Lives in Portland, OR.
Austin Ellingsworth, BT1: Aboard 1947-49. Possibly deceased. "Ellingsworth, Austin 17 JAN 1921 20 DEC 1969 Jefferson County, KY." updated 11/17/02
Gilbert Reid Elliott, MM3 aboard 1962-65.
Virgil L. Elliot, MM3: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Puyallup, WA.
Robert M. Ellis, F1: Aboard 1946
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Kenneth "Fra." Ellwood, E3: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to E. Detroit, MI (unable to forward). Updated 03/20/2013: Became a member in 2013, lives in Grant Twp, MI with his wife Leeann. Contact information is available in membership area.
Dewayne M. Elson, MMFN: Aboard 1949-50. Possibly deceased "DEWAYNE ELSON; SSN 550-34-6119; Born 15 Nov 1929; Last Benefit: 94587 Union City, Alameda, CA; Died Aug 1982" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Union City, CA. updated 05/25/03
Robert L. Ely, EN1 recommissioning crew (Believed to be deceased. From SSI Death Index: Residence: Burlington, NJ; Born 13 Jul 1921; Died Dec 1983) Aboard 1961-62. updated 06/24/01
F.R. Encarnacion, TN: Aboard 1952. added 01/04/03
Vincent D. Engen, CSSN: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Kamiah, ID.
Shelby D. Engle, Jr., SC3 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 11/06/40 in San Diego, CA. Possibly deceased. "Shelby D. Engle SSN: 551-42-1322 Born: 11 Apr 1923 Died: 29 Jun 1990 State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951 )"
Byron England, SA: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Detroit, MI.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Dennis J. England, EN3 Aboard 1965-68. My son found the site and told me. I looked before but did not find anything. I am happy to see someone doing this. Great Job! I live in Austell, GA now and work for Lockheed on the F-22. updated 08/15/01 Membership EXP 08/02. Update 02/04/12, now lives in Knoxsville, TN, Dennis's contact information is available in the membership area.
James Doyce Enloe, SN Aboard 1961-62. I called him 09/11/02 and he is interested in Association. Lives in New Bloomfield, MO.
James H. Ennis, Sea1c: Aboard 1942. Enlisted 04/11/40 in Macon, GA.
Jack D. Erhart, FN: Aboard 1952-53. I called Jack on 05/11/03. He sounds good and is interested in the 2003 reunion. Lives near Bradley, CA. updated 05/11/03
James "Erny" Ernest, DC1: Aboard 1968-70. Russ Burnard wrote, "He was our 1st Class DC in "R" Div after Ben Benchauns was transferred. He was a good guy and everybody liked him. I found him on a computer search in Zachary, LA. and gave him a call. He retired from the Navy in 1975 and moved back to LA. Presently works as a welder for a fabrication co. near where he lives. I don't know how many kids he has, but he did say that he has 2 grand kids and he is a deacon in his church. He remembered me and John Fee very well and was glad to hear from me. He is interested in 2001 reunion." Sent 2002 reunion letter to Zachary, LA.
Jack Melvin Ervin, Jr., SA: Aboard 1968-70. I SERVED IN FIRST DIV. UNDER THE GUIDANCE BM2 ALCORN AND BM3 M. MARTINEZ. I CAME ON LATTER PART OF 68 AND WAS THERE UNTILL DECOMISSIONING. Lives in Pearl River, LA. updated with email 12/23/03
Joe J. Escobedo, SA: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Whittier, CA and Manteca, CA.
Charlie B. Escue, SK2: Aboard 1942. 2003 reunion letter sent to Scotts Hill, TN.
Clement A. Esparza, FN: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Oakdale, CA.
Wesley B. "Bart" Espenschied, Jr., MM2. Aboard 1969 as MMFN. Lives in Richmond, VA.
Manuel (n) Espinosa, QMQ3: Aboard 1951-52
Dennis M. Essig, EN2: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Round Lake, IL.
Harold E. Estep, FN: Aboard 1952-54
William J. "Jim" Etheridge, BT3: I was on the ship from Oct 51 to Jan 52. I only made 1 trip to Alaska and back to San Pedro, CA. Lives in Shoreline, WA. added 06/14/01
James I. Eubanks, S2c: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/02
William C. Eubanks, SA: Aboard 1948
Lawrence J. Eustice, SN: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Dallas, TX.
Billy L. Evans, BM1 Aboard 1951-53. Possibly deceased " EVANS, BILLY LOUIS BMC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 07/03/1942 - 12/28/1961 DATE OF BIRTH: 02/23/1923 DATE OF DEATH: 09/30/2000 DATE OF INTERMENT: 10/04/2000 BURIED AT: SECTION 10 SITE 791 SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY NATIONAL CEMETERY 32053 WEST MCCABE ROAD GUSTINE , CA 95322 (209) 854-1040 (700) 462-1259" updated 01/09/05
James R. Evans, FN: Aboard 1947-48
John H. Evans I served on the Kennebec from 67 to 70 in the deck force under Ellis Alcorn, BM2. Is he still alive? I work as a heavy equipment operator/commercial diver in and all around the Chicago area. I'm just a old fat man recalling his youth lol and some of his shipmates.please add me to your list and your site. LOOKIN FORWARD TO HEARIN FROM SOME OF YOU GUYS. Lives in Morris IL. updated 01/13/02. Ship memories of a minesweeper added 1/26/2013.
Ralph Randolph Evans, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
Thomas W. Evans, YNSN Aboard 1961.
William Gus Evans, CM1: Aboard 1942-44
Elmer E. Eversole, S2: Aboard 1946. Possibly deceased "ELMER EVERSOLE; SSN 405-32-2291; Residence: 41745 Gays Creek, Perry, KY; Born 8 Aug 1927; Died 16 Jul 1996" updated 05/25/03
Melvin (n) "Mel" Evosevich, IC2 Aboard 1961-62. Lives in West Richland, WA. updated email address 04/30/03
John W. Ewell, SA: Aboard 1963-64.
Rodney Eye, QM3 Aboard 1966-68. If any of you guys remember me drop me an e-mail. I am old and I don't remember things too well any more. Maybe you can help me remember. Ha Ha. I used to wear snoopy on my jacket that I had made in Hong Kong. They used to call me wino because I drank occadoma wine all the time. Maybe that is why I can't remember. Living in Larned, KS.
Darling Faauli, MM3: Aboard 1963-65. Enlisted 05/60. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Virginia Beach, VA.
C.V. Fain, GM1 Aboard 1961.
Roy D. Fairchilds, SA: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Tamassee, SC.
Samuel (n) Falcone, F2c: Aboard 1943. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Everett, WA.
Walter Frank Falisiewicz, S2c: Aboard 1944
Michael A. Faraca, FA. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Woodbridge, NJ.
Frank H. Farino, F1c Aboard 1942. Enlisted 04/13/40 in New York, NY.
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes Gilbert "Gil" L. Farnsworth, SKSN: Aboard 1951-52. Wife's name Betty. Update received 05/08/2008 from daughter, Amy Farnsworth. "My father passed away at St. Josephs Hospital in Parkersburg, WV on October 21, 2006 from kidney failure."
Dennis G. Farrell, FA: Aboard 1964. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Milwaukee, WI.
Clyde Martin Farris, SC1: Aboard 1943-44. added 12/11/02
Elmer L. Farris, BM1: Aboard 1970. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Glade Spring, VA.
Herman A. Ferris, EM3: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
Bobby R. Fawley, CSSN Aboard 1961. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Gloucester, VA.
Lawrence R. Fayler, RMSN. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Prather, CA.
Clifford "Al." Feather, SA: Aboard 1967-68.

AO-36 Life Member 39
John A. Fee, DC2
Aboard 1966-69
Reunions Attended:
2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012
I served on the Kennebec from 1966 to 1969. Gary Schlagel got a letter to me this year. Nice to hear from him. I have kept in touch with my old partner Russ Burnard. We call every Xmas and now e-mail more. I work as a Project Manager for a construction company that works on projects all over the Western U.S. I have 2 grown kids and 2 ex's. Hope to hear from all. Lives in Bowman, CA. updated residence 06/26/05. Sadly, we received the news that John Fee's wife Debra passed away on 07/24/2017, she was very involved with the USS Kennebec Assoc. reunions. Debra's Obit
Charles E. "Charlie" Feeser, Jr., GM3 recommissioning crew aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Hanover, PA (no mail receptacle) and Spring Grove, PA.
Charles V. Feger: Aboard 25 Dec 46.
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AO-36 Life Member 44
Richard A. "Rich" Fehr, CS3
Aboard 1945-49
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012
Lived in St. Louis, MO. Updated report by John Hollowood 03-14-2013: ...Our Friend and Shipmate Richard Fehr, he passed away 3/13/13. His Son called me last nite. He will be laid out in St. Louis county tomorrow 3/15/13 between 11am and 3pm. I will attend as friend and shipmate. Richard's Obit.
John Herbert Fennessey, QM3 Aboard 1961-63. Last known address is El Cajon, CA. Sent 2004 reunion letters to Bridgeport, NY and Syracuse, NY. updated 03/09/04
Charles W. Ferguson, SN Aboard 1961-62.
James Milton Ferguson, S2c: Aboard 1945-46
James U. Ferguson, Matt3 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 08/14/39 in Des Moines, IA.
Paul Vincent Ferguson, S2c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Colfax, IL.
Cecil D. Ferrier, Y1 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 10/07/39 in Long Beach, CA. Probably deceased "Cecil D Ferrier Place of Death: Lacey, WA Date of Death: 14 Sep 1991 Residence: Lacey Age: 75 years Gender: M SSN: 546-22-6092"
Clifton A. Fesperman, AS Aboard 1942. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Raleigh, NC. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 28449 Kure Beach, New Hanover, NC; Born 27 Apr 1924; Died 3 Oct 1989.
(Adman?) Festa, BMG1: Aboard 1951. added 01/03/03
Joseph P. Ficci: Aboard 25 Dec 46.
Mervin T. Fidler, BT2: Aboard 1947-50. Probably deceased "MERVIN T FIDLER; SSN 224-52-2614; Residence: 24012 Roanoke, Roanoke City, VA; Born 8 Feb 1927; Died 15 Nov 1999" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Cortland Manor, MO. updated 05/26/03
Spencer D. Field, SF1 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 01/09/42 in San Diego, CA. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 91941 La Mesa, San Diego, CA; Born 19 Jul 1910; Died 20 Dec 1999.
Earl E. Fields, BT3: Aboard 1957. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Elkton, MD.
George "Chest." Fields, CS2: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to New York, NY.
Jay Michael Fimbel, EN2: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sent 2002 reunion letter to Inez, TX. (not him).
John J. Finazzo: Aboard 25 Dec 46.
Mark "Freder." Fischer, SA: Aboard 1967-68.
Peter Arthur Fischer, MM2 Aboard 1961-64. Received from daughter, Danielle Galdeen, on 08/20/02, "I am sorry to say that my dad died in March of 2000. He used to tell the greatest stories of his Navy time. I hope you all have a wonderful time at your reunion."
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes George Van Fish, MR3 Aboard 1961-62 as MR3. Lives in Mentor, OH. updated with membership 08/16/02 Membership EXP 08/04
Charles "Adri." Fisher, DK3: Aboard 1968-69.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Donald "Fish" A. Fisher, RD3: Aboard 1967-70. Update with membership on 7/7/2011 Donald and Nancy live in Indian Trail, NC. His contact information is available in the membership area.
Richard F. Fisher, SFP3 recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62.
Thomas M. Fisher, PO3: Aboard 1951-52
Richard G. Fisk, BT3: Aboard 1956
Frank Hunter Fite, S1c: Aboard 1945
Arthur E. Fitts, Jr., SK2: Aboard 1956. Lives in Cromwell, CT.
Mr. Fitzsimmons, MM1
Ronald G. "Ron" Fitzsimmons, RMSA: Aboard 1963. Mike Hayes verified Ron is deceased "RONALD G FITZSIMMONS; SSN 399-40-3494; Residence: 94518 Concord, Contra Costa, CA; Born 6 Sep 1943; Died 15 Mar 1997" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Concord, CA (returned). updated 10/31/03
John R. Fitzzaland, MM1 Aboard 1963-65. Enlisted 01/54. On 04/03/05, his son, John, Jr., verified his death and would like to hear from anyone with photos of his father email: JohnFitzzaland (at) cox (dot) net. He lived in Sapulpa, Creek, OK; Born 26 Feb 1935; Died Nov 22, 1984" updated 04/06/05

AO-36 Life Member 158
Forrest L. Flanagan, SF3
Aboard 1945-46
SERVED ON THE USS KENNEBEC FROM FEB 1945 TO MARCH 1946. I WAS IN THE CNR DIVISION. STILL HAVE MANY MEMORIES OF CHINA AND JAPAN. ESPECIALLY OMINADA JAPAN FIRST LANDING. WOULD BE AT THE VEGAS REUNION BUT THE USN ARMED GUARD REUNION IS CLOSE TO THAT TIME. IF ANY SHIPMATE REMEMBERS ME E-MAIL ME. Gary Schlagel spoke with him in June 2001, "He was in the Armed Guard before being transferred to the Kennebec. He made that nasty run to Russia. They manned the guns on the merchant ships. 10 20mm mounts. A 5-38 and a 4-54. Interesting to talk to. Lives in Craigsville, WV." updated 06/23/01
Lloyd G. Fleegal, F2: Aboard 1946
Richard W. Fleming, BM2: Aboard 1970. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Baker, FL.
Charles Flickenger, BM2: Aboard 1946-49. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Lima, OH.

AO-36 Life Member 143
Alvin G. "Flip" Flippin, F2
Aboard 1946-47
Aboard 06/29/46-12/16/47. Received your card about the Kennebec reunion. My daughter pulled it up on the Internet and it is very good to hear about it. I was assigned to the Kennebec in Shanghai, China in July 1946. I was transferred from the Kennebec in December 1947 at Norfolk, VA. Thanks a lot for looking me up, and I hope to hear from you again sometime. Probably won't make it to the 2002 reunion but maybe in some future date. Lives in Harrisonville, MO. updated with membership 05/15/03
P. Florentino, TA: Aboard 1949-50
Frank Edward Flores, SA: Aboard 1962.
Annunzio Florimbio: Aboard early 50's. Washington, DC. added 05/04/01
William L. "Billy or Shrimpboat" Florimbio, MM3: Aboard 1952-54. Probably deceased "Name: William L. Florimbio SSN: 578-42-5040 Last Residence: 20782 Hyattsville, Prince Georges, Maryland, United States of America Born: 2 Jan 1931 Died: 22 Sep 2003 State (Year) SSN issued: District of Columbia (Before 1951 )" updated 11/07/04
Harold L. Flowers, SD3: Aboard 1951-53. Possibly deceased " FLOWERS, HAROLD LLOYD SD3 US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 01/24/1948 - 04/26/1968 DATE OF BIRTH: 09/25/1924 DATE OF DEATH: 09/27/2002 DATE OF INTERMENT: 10/07/2002 BURIED AT: SECTION 16 SITE 9 RIVERSIDE NATIONAL CEMETERY 22495 VAN BUREN BOULEVARD RIVERSIDE , CA 92518 (909) 653-8417" updated 01/09/05
Merle E. Floyd, MM3 Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Asmore, IL. Lives in Sullivan, IL. updated 07/22/01
James "Aloysiu." Flynn, EM3: Aboard 1968.
Earl E. Fogarty, ME2: Aboard 1948-50. His widow, Ernestine, advised of his passing." updated 03/05/02
George A. Fogerson, DK3: Aboard 1952-52. Possibly deceased "Name: George A. Fogerson SSN: 519-20-7212 Last Residence: 85210 Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, United States of America Born: 6 Oct 1926 Last Benefit: 85210 Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, United States of America Died: 9 Feb 2000 State (Year) SSN issued: Idaho (Before 1951 )" updated 11/07/04
Richard "Le." Folcomer, SN: Aboard 1965-67. Might have lived in San Francisco, CA.
Bruce Morgan Folden, SN: Aboard 1968. Possibly deceased "BRUCE FOLDEN; SSN 477-50-4056; Born 13 Nov 1947; Last Benefit: 56560 Moorhead, Clay, MN; Died Aug 1980" updated 05/26/03
Ralph Jerome Folven, FN Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sidney, MT(not deliverable as addressed).
George (n) Forbes, StM2: Aboard 1944. added 01/05/03
Jackson E. Ford, BM1: Aboard 1962-65 as BM2 in charge of the cargo deck. Interested in becoming a member. Lives in Fort McCoy, FL. updated 03/30/04
Wells Ray Ford, SR: Aboard 1969. added 01/12/03
Louis W. Fornicola, BM3, Aboard 1969-70. I received your letter dated July 17, 2002 regarding USS Kennebec. I served on the Kennebec most of 1969, then USS Benner, and I finished up my four year tour of duty on the USS Providence. Your letter is the first I ever received after all these years. My memory is a little hazy regarding the Kennebec's history, but I thought it went back to WW 2, or close to it so there must be a wide range of age groups who served on her. Since I live in New Jersey the trip to Virginia is an easy ride, so my wife and I would like to take you up on your offer to attend the second all-hands reunion. Lives in Long Branch, NJ. Last updated 07/23/02
Edward "Will." Fortune, FN: Aboard 1968-69.
Roger H. Fossen, SA: Aboard 1949-50. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 94578 San Leandro, Alameda, CA; Born 21 Apr 1928; Died 30 May 1982.
Harry A. Foster, BT3: Aboard 1950.
William J. Foster, S2c: Aboard 1942-46. added 01/03/02
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AO-36 Life Member 149
E. A. Fowler, Jr., RD3
Aboard 1945-46
Aboard October 1945 - August 1946 in radar. He went Aboard Tokyo Bay after VJ Day. Had some trips up the Yantze River. Was to the Persian Gulf. Retired from U.S. Postal Service. Lived in McKinney, TX. Update 9/6/2009: Received word from nephew, Jim Fowler, that E.A. passed away on 8/22/2009, click here for .pdf of obit.
Johnnie William Fowler, GM3: Aboard 1944-45
Willie G. Fowler, SN: Aboard 1962-63. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Dry Branch, GA and Wilmer, TX.

AO-36 Life Member 161
John W. Foye, EM3
Aboard 1947
Reunions Attended: 2001
Lives in Beverly Hills, FL. updated 06/29/01
Joseph (n) Fox, F1c: Aboard 1943-44
Lyle B. Fraley, RD3 Aboard 1961-62.
Life Member
AO-36 Life Member 223
Danny A. Francis, ICS
Aboard 1969
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Membership EXP 08/02. Became a Life Member in March 2015.
Edward P. Francis, SK3: Aboard 1950.
Clarence (n) Frank, F1c: Aboard 1943-44
John E. Franklin, EM1: Aboard 1942-43
Spencer Franklin, FN: Aboard 1956-57
Robert M. Franks, EM3: Aboard 1949-50. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 85219 Apache Junction, Pinal, AZ; Born 1 May 1926; Died 3 Feb 1997.
Lewis R. Frantz, EM3: Aboard 1948-49. Jerry Coulter called Franklin, PA (not him) Possibly deceased "LEWIS FRANTZ; SSN 204-24-1822; Born 4 Jun 1931; Died Jul 1979" updated 05/26/03
Lawrence M. Franzen, DC3: Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Gresham, OR.
Forrest Edward Frazier, WT2: Aboard 1943-45: Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Lexington, KY. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Tyler, TX.
Bert J. Frederick, Jr., MM2: Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "BERT J FREDERICK; SSN 370-16-4694; Residence: 49341 Rockford, Kent, MI; Born 2 Jul 1922; Died 3 Aug 1992" updated 05/26/03
Francis M. Freeland, PO2: Aboard 1951-52
Ralph L. Freeland, Jr., FN Aboard 1961-62.
Charles Ronald French, SN: Aboard 1962-64. His brother, Roger M. Howard, of Baytown, TX, advised Charles died in 1988. updated 05/02/02
Robert Duane Friske, SA: Aboard 1967. added 01/12/03
Gilbert J. Fritz, HA1: Aboard 1946
Louis A. Fritz, ME1: Aboard 1950
Michael Wayne Fritz, FN: aboard 1964-65. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Washington, IA.
Robert Fritz, WT2: Aboard 1946
Scott S. Fritz, FA: Aboard 1966-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Lucerne Valley, CA.
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Honorary Life Member
IC3 Arlen M. Fronning
Aboard 1966-68
Arlen Fronning
Lived in Fergus Falls, MN with his wife Jan.  Membership EXP 03/02. Received word from Arlen's wife Jan, that Arlen passed away on 10-30-2011. His Obit.
Willie Fryar, SA: Aboard 1954. added 01/04/03
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AO-36 Life Member 177
Angelo J. Fucci, SM2
Aboard 1946-47
Reunions Attended: 2002
. If you look it up at that time we traveled 82,557 miles. Will attend 2002 reunion with wife, daughter and son-in-law. Lives in Midlothian, VA. updated 06/21/02. We received sad news from Angelo's son-inlaw Bill Giordano, that Angelo passed away on 01/28/2016. His Obit.
James Edward Fudge, BM3: Aboard 1966-68.
Arthur Lee Fugate, Jr., S1c: Aboard 1945-46. Possibly deceased. From "Residence: 33133 Miami, Miami-dade, FL; Born 6 Sep 1926; Died 21 Nov 1990." Originally from Norton, VA.
Luke R. Fuller, SA. Aboard 1969-70. Received letter 02/21/03, "You have found one of the shipmates that did serve on the USS Kennebec 1969-70. I left her and served in Vietnam for a year. I was surprised to hear that an Association has been formed to have reunions and renew friendships. Since I am on the West Coast, I would like to participate in future reunions or events. Please feel free to contact me." Lives in Moreno Valley, CA. updated 02/21/03
Dan Hardin Funk, S2c: Aboard 1944-45. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 24330 Fries, Grayson, VA; Born 28 May 1921; Died 15 Oct 1996.
James Huriam Louis Fuqua, SM3: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Niceville, FL.
Olen D. Furr, AS Aboard 1942. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Raleigh, NC. Probably deceased "OLEN D FURR; SSN 240-24-4289; Residence: 28164 Stanley, Gaston, NC; Born 28 May 1914; Died 28 Jul 1992" updated 05/26/03
Joseph David Fuselier, CM1(?): Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to La Place, LA.
Jules E. Fuselier, S1c. I was stationed onboard KENNEBEC from 1946-1948 as a Seaman First Class in 1st Division taking care of the Boatswain's Locker and Paint Locker. I can reached at 985-345-9299 or by mail P.O. Box 338; Tickfaw, LA 70466. updated 06/07/02
Kenneth Joseph Gabor, SR: Aboard 1969. 2003 reunion letter sent to Altoona, PA.
Carlo C. Gaetano, MM2: Aboard 1943. added 01/05/03
Edward Leon Galat, SF1: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Naperville, IL. Possibly deceased "EDWARD L GALAT 29 Dec 1921 12 Dec 1991 (not specified) (none specified) 361-01-9423 Illinois" updated 12/12/02
Earl L. Gale, MM3: Aboard 1946-48. See Officers Page updated 06/18/02
Fred M. Gallagher, SK2: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Hackettstown, NJ. Possibly deceased " GALLAGHER, FREDERICK MAURICE SK1 US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 11/14/1945 - 09/08/1965 DATE OF BIRTH: 05/14/1925 DATE OF DEATH: 02/03/2002 DATE OF INTERMENT: 02/08/2002 BURIED AT: SECTION CC SITE 1908 WILLAMETTE NATIONAL CEMETERY 11800 SE MT. SCOTT BOULEVARD PORTLAND, OR 97266 (503) 273-5250" updated 01/09/05
Robert W. Gallagher, Sea1c Aboard 1942. Enlisted 09/30/40 in Boston, MA.
James R. Gallanos, SKSA: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Compton, CA.
Pedro Chavira Gallosa, S1c: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Deming, NM.
Troy Alexander Galloway, Jr., S2c: Aboard 1944. Probably deceased "TROY GALLOWAY JR; SSN 240-30-6994; Residence: 28052 Gastonia, Gaston, NC; Born 10 Jun 1926; Died Dec 1982" updated 05/26/03
Arnold Thomas Gallup, SA: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sparta, WI.
Douglas "Dua." "Doug" Galster, SN: Aboard 1967-68. Paul Sawyer spoke with him 10/06/02. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Waukesha, WI. Lives in Waukesha, WI. updated 10/06/02
Robert E. Lee Gamble, S2c: Aboard 1944-45
P.I. Gamboa, Jr., FN: Aboard 1956-57
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes Ralph C. Game, SH2: Aboard 1952-54. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to New Bern, NC. Lives in New Bern, NC. updated from 07/31/03. Sept. 2007 update, received word from Don Ashe, that his close friend, Ralph, passed away on Jan 24, 2007.
Leon B. Gant, SN: Aboard 1957. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Phoenix, AZ.
Arthur Joseph Garcia, MM2 Aboard 1966-70. updated 07/22/01
Arturo R. Garcia, IC3: Aboard 1963-64.

AO-36 Life Member 128
Gilbert M. "Gil" Garcia, SFM3
Aboard 1965-67
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Good idea for the web page. Looking forward to the reunion in Las Vegas. It'll be great to see some of you again. Lives in Sedro Woolley, WA. updated with life membership 06/24/05
Marcos G. Garcia, S2: Aboard 1946
Jim Berry Gardner, S1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Jacksonville, FL.
John W. Gardner, RMN3: Aboard 1951.
Ralph W. Gardner, MML3: Aboard 1951. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Lackawanna, NY.
Larry R. Garr, IC3: Aboard 1962. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Joppa, MD.
William Harold Garrard, S1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Richmond, CA. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Napa, CA.
Earl Garrett, BTG3: Aboard 1951-52

AO-36 Life Member 88
James M. "Jim" Garrett, EM3
Aboard 1963-66
It is good to see old familiar names. If any of you remember me and would like to make contact, feel free to do so. Lives in Benicia, CA. updated with life membership 05/27/03
Jesse L. Garrett, SF3: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/02

AO-36 Life Member 117
Dale Garriotte, RD3
Aboard 1963-66
Aboard the U.S.S. Kennebec 1963 - 1966 with San Francisco as Home Port. Was on the ship for two WESPAC cruises and a part of the Radar group in the Operations Department. Have many great memories and some old friends that I keep in touch with. Retired from GTE / Verizon in November of 2003 with 37 years. Married to Janet for 36 years in October, 2004 and have 3 daughters and two son-in-laws all living in the Dallas area. I presently live in Lewisville, TX a suburb of Dallas. updated with life membership 10/28/04
Richard "Le." Garrison, MM2: Aboard 1970.
Royal Garrison, FN: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Jerseyville, IL.
Eugene J. Gary, GMG2: Aboard 1962.
Celestino P. Garza, Jr., FN Aboard 1961-62.

AO-36 Life Member 61
Grant M. Gast, YN3
Aboard 1964-67
Reunions Attended: 2002
Aboard 1964-67 as SN. I can't believe I found you and all my old friends. I am so sad to hear about B'OSN Greenfield and Capt Kelleher's Passing. They were both very special to me. Hope to see you soon. Plans to attend 2002 reunion. Lives in West Rotonda, FL. added membership 08/02/02
Billy (n) Gatlin, Jr., FN: Aboard 1967-68.
Theodore Gave, MM2: Aboard 1946-48. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Utica, NY.
Elvense H. Gay, STM1: Aboard 1947
Michael J. Gawdun, SM3: Aboard 1969-70. My earliest memory of "fun" times on the Kennebec was a 3rd Class Petty Office screaming obscenities and coming toward me with an 18-inch Buck knife as I came down the ladder into the 1st Division compartment on my first night on board. Luckily for me, Red and two other guys jumped him and wrestled the knife out of his hand before I had to do anything to keep the drunken idiot from demonstrating how to stab a shipmate. Watching the ship's truck being pulled up out of SF Bay one morning by a huge crane reminded me to never drive a government vehicle after a few beers. The collision with the USS New Orleans made me realize the hazards of underway replenishment and that even experienced officers can make horrific multimillion dollar mistakes. When I finished Signal School in San Diego and flew back to SF, I found out that the crew had failed to pass the ORI required before deployment and I was arrested for being AWOL because some idiot did not hear me say "here" a few times during roll call in the transit barracks at TI while I waited a month for ship to return. Mucking the tanks taught me that the military had no respect for our environment as we dumped the sludge over the sides and into the ocean. The first Wespac cruise was an eye-opener because it never occurred to me that our bombs were maiming and killing innocent civilians until the day I watched dozens of wounded old women and children being carried from the helicopters to the operating rooms on the hospital ship we were refueling. I always wonder what ever happened to the young Vietnamese girl whose white pants and shirt were covered with blood from her missing leg. She did not look like a communist to me, but those were the lies we were being fed. The Kennebec experience was valuable; it taught me that the use of military power to solve a politcal problem shows a failure in diplomacy and is a mistake that our government continues to repeat around the world today. I thought we were smarter than that but now I know that we are brutes. Now that you know how much fun I had, do you think I would be welcome at a Kennebec reunion or will Jethro come at me again with a Buck knife? Unable to attend 2002 reunion. Lives in San Antonio, TX. removed email address 05/26/03
Fred Gazzo Updated 03/02/01
Gary Lea Gazzo, EM3: Aboard 1965-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Novato, CA.
Solon T. Gee, Jr., RM1: Aboard 1942-45. Sent 2002 reunion letter to New Madrid, MO (forwarding order expired).
Norman "Bob" Geer
Assoc. Life Member
AO-36 Life Member 220
Norman "Bob" R. Geer, SN
Aboard 1961-1963.
Reunions Attended: 2010, 2011, 2012,
2013, 2015, 2016
Lives in Woodstock, GA, bluestar.gif - 227 BytesPast regular membership. Updated 4-7-2011 1961 Ship Memories received July 26, 2012.

Update from 05/30/2013: "Following my discharge at Treasure Island in September, 1963, I returned home to Connecticut where I began attending college nights while working days. After a year I moved to Florida where I became a fulltime student taking advantage of the G.I. Bill. I graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Criminology, and secured employment as a Juvenile Probation Officer for the State of Florida. I retired after 27 years of service. I was once engaged, but never married. My significant other, Sheila and I, have been together more than 20 years. We moved from South Florida to the Atlanta area in 2005. I do volunteer work, earn a little money driving other seniors, and enjoy going to a gym. Sheila and I also like to travel occasionally." Bob became an Assoc. Life Member in May 2013.
Lewis W. Geiger, F3c: Aboard 1943
Frederick W. Genthner, MM2: Aboard 1963-65. I called him 09/11/02. He is not interested in the Association. Lives in Schaghticoke, NY.
Millard "Nels." George, RD2: Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Hineston, LA.
Robert H. Gerchick, SN: Aboard 1963-64.
Edward P. Gerger, MEFN: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Diamond Bar, CA.
Henry Mathew Geremsky, RT3: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Kathleen Geremsky in Royersford, PA.
Faaloua P. Gi, MR3: Aboard 1964. Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Lorenzo, CA.
Denver A. Gibbons, SN: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Orange Park, FL.
David Leslie Gibson, EMFN: Aboard 1969.
John Ralph Gibson, SN: Aboard 1967-68.
Richard E. Gibson, FN: Aboard 1956-57
Tom L. Gibson, SN: Aboard 1968-70. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Porterville, CA. Lives in Paradise, CA. updated 06/21/03
Dan Giese Aboard 1966-68
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Thomas William "Tom" Giese, SN: Aboard 1962-65. Plans to attend 2003 reunion. Lives in Wheeler, WI. Membership EXP 08/02
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Ronald A. "Ronny" Gieser, BM3. Aboard 1966-68. Hi everyone that was on the Kennebec I am Ronald Gieser I will be attendig the reunion in Mid October thanks for the invite. Lives in Villard, MN. updated 03/16/01 Membership EXP 03/01
Raynor W. Gill: Aboard 25 Dec 46
John Wesley Gillam, ETN3: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Orangeburg, SC (no mail recepatcle) and Clackamas, OR.
Tom B. Gillespie, SN: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Detroit, MI.
Harlin W. Gillett, QM3: Aboard 1953. Might have lived in Colville, WA.
Jewel B. Gilreath, BT3: Aboard 1952-54. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Simi Valley, CA.
Richard H. "Dick" Gilson, BTG3: Aboard 1950-52. Lives in Springfield, SD.
Ross E. Gilstrap
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
AO-36 Life Member 164
Ross E. Gilstrap, RM2
Aboard 1943-45
Letter received 02/26/02 "Yes, I am an old ex member of the Kennebec crew, coming aboard in February 1943 and staying for about a year and a half. Tho I served on two other ships, I loved the crew of the Kennebec the most. Lots of "sea stories"! Aboard her I made several trips to Africa; one trip to Scotland with the Normandy invasion group, but was sent to refuel a sub killer pack off the coast of West Africa; one trip to Aruba; four trips to Texas for oil; one trip to Argentia Bay, Newfoundland where we stayed for 3 or 4 months (good fishing). If at all possible I will be at the Virginia Beach reunion. That's about a 500 mile drive for me. Thanks for the card and the invitation." Sent 2002 reunion postcard. Lives in Greenville, SC. Update 04/22/2011, the Assoc. received word from Ross's wife Wilma, that Ross passed away on March 27, 2011. Click here for Ross's obit.
Charles E. Giordano, MM3: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sonora, CA.
Harold E. Gipson, SA: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Conroe, TX.
Lloyd G. Gist, F1c: Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "GIST LLOYD GEORGE 03/22/1918 HIBDON M OKLAHOMA VENTURA 11/03/1997 447-01-4225 79 yrs" added 01/05/03
Richard F. Glavice, RM2: Aboard 1964-66. Sent 2002 reunion postcard. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Jacksonville, FL. Lives in Jacksonville, FL.
James C. Glenn, CS1: Aboard 1948

AO-36 Life Member 102
Robert E. B "Bob" or Moose" Glenn, ETN3
Aboard 1961-63
Bob Glenn
Reunions Attended: 2004, 2010, 2016

Lives in Maryville, TN. Submitted ship pics to Photo Gallery 10-2009.
updated 10/19/2009
Mathew A. Gloza, S2: Aboard 1946. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Costa Mesa, CA.
Jesse H. Godbee, S1c: Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "JESSE GODBEE 02 Aug 1916 19 May 1994 29470 (Ravenel, Charleston, SC) (none specified) 258-26-1255 Georgia" added 01/05/03
Thomas Watson Godbee, GM3: Aboard 1942-44. Probably deceased "THOMAS W GODBEE Request Information (SS-5) SSN 252-30-3285 Residence: 30456 Sardis, Burke, GA Born 23 Sep 1925 Last Benefit: Died Jan 1993 Issued: GA (Before 1951)"
William "god" Ray Goddard, YN3: Aboard 1967-69. Update 01-27-2014: Worked in the personnel office and later in the engineering office (Log room). Enjoyed his time on the Kennebec, with good memories. Lives in Lyman, ME. Email and address available in the membership area.
Julian Coker Godwin, BM1 Aboard 1942-45. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Raleigh, NC. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Orangeburg, SC.
Raymond V. Goetz, SH3: Aboard 1952. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Leesburg, FL.
Tommy J. Goff, FN: Aboard 1967-68. Possibly deceased "TOMMY J GOFF Request Information (SS-5) SSN 561-72-4905 Residence: 95240 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA Born 2 Nov 1947 Last Benefit: Died 8 Aug 2000 Issued: CA (1964)"
Edwin G. Goggleye, SA: Aboard 1970. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Deer River, MN.
Dale L. Gohr, S2c: Aboard 1942. 2003 reunion letter sent to Tacoma, WA.
Peter Joseph Goldauskas, F1c: Aboard 1944-45. Probably deceased "PETER GOLDAUSKAS Request Information (SS-5) SSN 276-18-7443 Residence: 44870 Sandusky, Erie, OH Born 28 May 1910 Last Benefit: NEW: More Records! Died 7 Jan 1996 Issued: OH (Before 1951)"
Charles F. Golden, MME3: Aboard 1943
Wayne "Mau." Goldsmith, IC3: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Louisville, KY.
John W. Golumpkie, Cox Aboard 1942. Enlisted 01/07/42 in Albany, NY. Possibly deceased "JOHN GOLUMPKIE Request Information (SS-5) SSN 083-16-9707 Residence: 13088 Liverpool, Onondaga, NY Born 9 Aug 1917 Last Benefit: Died Jan 1983 Issued: NY (Before 1951)"
Roger De Los Gomez, FN: Aboard 1968-70.
Howard D. Good, CS1: Aboard 1968. Enlisted 10/54. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Council Bluffs, IA.
Donald H. Goodenbour, YN2: Aboard 1948-49. Possibly deceased "DONALD GOODENBOUR Request Information (SS-5) SSN 517-24-7851 Residence: Born 17 May 1927 Last Benefit: Died May 1985 Issued: MT (Before 1951)"
Dennis "Marlo." Goodie, BT3: Aboard 1965-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Houston, TX. Probably deceased "DENNIS GOODIE SSN: 437-76-6261 Last Residence: 70501 Lafayette, Lafayette, LA Born: 24 Mar 1947 Last Benefit: Died: May 1983 State (Year) SSN issued: LA"
Thomas H. "Tom or Goodie" Goodson, SK2 Aboard 1964-67. He was another good friend. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Brownwood, TX,
Eugene Earl Gordon, F1c: Aboard 1945
John Frederick Gorte, SN: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Saginaw, MI.
David D. Gosnell, F2: Aboard 1947. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Anderson, SC.
Rollin Vincent Goss, EM1: Aboard 1945. Possibly deceased "Name: Goss, Rollin V County: Portland, OR Death Date: 20 Aug 1951 Certificate: 9379"
William B. Goss, S1c: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/02
Lawrence E. Gosselin, SR: Aboad 1969. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Oxford, KS.
Robert J. Gow, SK1: Aboard 1947
Norman L. Goyette, CS3: Aboard 1951. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Palmdale, CA.
John D. Grabanski, QMSN: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Abilene, TX. Possibly deceased " GRABANSKI, JOHN D QMSC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 09/20/1932 - 05/30/1953 DATE OF BIRTH: 01/27/1912 DATE OF DEATH: 10/12/1998 DATE OF INTERMENT: 10/27/1998 BURIED AT: SECTION 18F SITE 102 NATIONAL MEMORIAL CEMETERY OF ARIZONA 23029 NORTH CAVE CREEK ROAD PHOENIX, AZ 85024" updated 01/09/05
Wilson C. Graebe, Jr., BT2 Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Charlestown, IN.
Archie W. Grafton, S2: Aboard 1946
Charles Stephan Grant, Jr. SM2: Aboard 1945-46
Ray Gravelle
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
AO-36 Life Member 104
Raymond L. "Ray" Gravelle, SK1
Aboard 1961-65
Reunions Attended: 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010
recommissioning crew When I left the Kennebec in 1964, I was a second storekeeper. I went to MCAS Cherry Point NC. Two years later I was transfered to the Kitty Hawk, CVA63. Shortly after I arrived I was promoted to first class storekeeper. I got out in 1969 because my next duty station would have been in country and I didn't want any part of that. I was out for awhile and joined the naval reserves in Lawrence, MA. I volentered for a dive unit in Portsmouth, NH and because of a curve in my back the doctor at the hard hat dive school in Washington DC washed my out of the program. I was looking for another unit and I tried to get into the maine army national guard. Well, they took me in because I had an associates in transportation management and it was rate for rate. I retired from the guard in 1986 as E7 (SFC). Now, a month from now I will start getting my retirement pay. Lives in Merrimack, NH. updated email address 06/12/05. Update 01-22-2017: Raymond L. "Ray" Gravelle, SK1 1961-1965, had passed on 01-20-2017 after losing his battle with cancer. His Obit.
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
Honorary Life Member
CS3 Jack B. Graves, Sr.
Aboard 1951-52
Kathy Graves
Reunions Attended:
Kathy 2005
He was interested in attending 2003 reunion. Obituary: Jack Barnett Graves, Sr., age 77, husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather passed away August 15, 2004 at Utah Valley Regional Hospital after a long heroic battle with heart disease. Born in Payson, Utah November 28, 1926 to Fredrick and Nellie Graves (deceased) of Payson, Utah. Jack remained in the Utah County area for most of his years. He was married to Barbara Palmer Graves on July 6, 1947 until her death October 28, 1989. Jack was also proceeded in death by his brother Edward Graves, sister LaRue Mills, grandsons David Diamond and Daniel Graves, and by his son, Dan P. Graves. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen (McGarry) Graves whom he married September 26, 1992 in Springville, Utah; one sister, Beverly Corbett (Bryce) of Spanish Fork, UT; five children: Jack Graves Jr. (Jean) of Price, UT; Iris Petersen (Gene) of Springville, UT; Edward Graves (Robin) of Littleton, CO; Bonnie Grant (Bill) of Chubbock, ID; and Rose Dixon of Spanish Fork, UT. Jack was a High Priest in the LDS Church and he held various positions through the years. Jack was a veteran of the U.S. Navy in which he proudly served his country during WWII and the Korean War. He was a hardworking determined man who held many jobs during his working career to provide for his growing family. He retired from Geneva Steel in 1975 where he was a mill-right. He was a valued member of the United States Steel Workers, logging many hours at the union hall until his total retirement. Jack was a scoutmaster for many years, passing his knowledge and love for the outdoors not only to his own children but many others in the community; teaching them to fish, appreciate and conserve the many beauties of nature. He enjoyed working in his garden and grooming his yard. Jacks dogs Patches and Cayene held a special place in his heart and were his constant companions. Jack was a man of simple needs and gentle kindness, we will miss him. Lived in Springville, UT. updated 03/30/05

AO-36 Life Member 127
Bobby D. Gray, SN
Aboard 1969-70
Reunions Attended: 2005
I am really excited to find this website. I've been praying for 20 years for something like this and look forward to seeing all my buddies. He and his fiance, Cody, will be married 09/10/05. Lives in Lindsay, OK. updated with life membership 06/02/05
George Robert Gray, BT2 Aboard 1962-65.
James Duane Gray, IC3: Aboard 1964-68. Received 12/05/02 from Bud Gallegos "Recently while feeling a little nostalgic, I decided to do a search for the ship my uncle served on and came across your Website. My uncle's name (to my surprise) was listed in your shipmates section. I had noticed the American flag for those that are deceased, so I wanted to update your list. My uncle is James D. Gray, IC3, aboard 64-68. I lost my uncle to cancer in the spring of 1994 after hearing stories from those years he served on the U.S.S. Kennebec. Some of his most prized memories were from those years and of his shipmates. I will try to locate some of the photos he took while serving aboard ship and send them to you if you'd like. Thank you very much for remembering the men and the ship." updated 12/05/02.
James M. "Jim" Gray, SN: Aboard 1963-65. Affectionately known as "old man." or "pop". Received copies of emails sent to Smiley Malles/Dave Hawrey from Jim's daughter, Tammy Vigil, "Dad passed away on January 3, 2001. He had lung cancer. He was 57 when he died. I miss him very much. I would LOVE to hear stories about my dad. All I really knew him as was "dad" and not much about his younger years, especially the ones when he was in the Navy. I wish dad would have gotten to come to at least one of the reunions. I think he would have really enjoyed that. I would like to try to come to the next reunion in Las Vegas if I would be allowed to? I know that I don't know any of you personally, but it would be nice to be able to do it for dad." updated 05/11/05
Samuel F. Gray, MM2 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 08/26/41 in San Francisco, CA. Deceased "GRAY, SAMUEL FRANKLIN CMM US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 08/26/1941 - 12/14/1946 DATE OF BIRTH: 07/23/1906 DATE OF DEATH: 01/14/1977 DATE OF INTERMENT: 01/17/1977 BURIED AT: SECTION 36 SITE 493 BARRANCAS NATIONAL CEMETERY NAVAL AIR STATION, 80 HOVEY ROAD PENSACOLA , FL 32508" updated 04/23/04
Walter C. Gray, AS Aboard 1942. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Richmond, VA.
John H. Graydon, Jr. Cox: Aboard 1942-43. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Pacific, WA.
Bernard T. Green, EM3: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Pasadena, TX.
Chester (n) Green, Jr., SDG3: Aboard 1951
David L. Green, F2: Aboard 1946. Lloyd Howard would like to find you.
George Edward Green, FTG2: Aboard 1969-70.
Harold E. Green, SA: Aboard 1951-52
Raymond Ruffus Green, S1c: Aboard 1943-44
Bernard Sanford Greenberg, SKS1: Aboard 1944. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Randolph, MA. added 01/05/03
James Bryan Greene, SN: Aboard 1969-70.
Major W. Greene, Jr., OffStd3 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 03/06/41 in Norfolk, VA.
Howard "Sta." "Greenie" Greenman, EM2 Aboard 1966. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Seattle, WA.
Milton Clessan Greenman, S1c Aboard 1945-46. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 49015 Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI; Born 6 Dec 1926; Died 1 Aug 1996. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Lake Leelanau, MI. Originally from Battle Creek, MI. updated 01/22/03
Harry Peterson Greep, S2c: Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Possibly deceased "HARRY GREEP 07 Mar 1914 Jun 1978 (not specified) (none specified) 345-01-5164 Illinois" updated 12/12/02
Earl Gregory, YN3: Aboard 1952-53
John T. Gregory, FN Aboard 1951-53
Joseph M. Grenier, ENG3: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Warwick, RI.
G.R. Grey added 07/22/02
Cleveland Griffice, Jr., MEG3: Aboard 1951-52
Bennie Lee Griffin, SN: Aboard 1965-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Detroit, MI (no mail receptacle) and Delight, AR.
Henry Oliver Griffin, Jr., SC2: Aboard 1944-46. Originally from Shreveport, LA.
David D. Griffith, SN Aboard 1965. I remember serving with you in 65. I was Little Buddha. With Mahoney and a few others. Lives in Butler, PA. updated 12/12/01
James Olen Grigsby, SN: Aboard 1970.
Jepsey D. Grimes, FA: Aboard 1964. Probably deceased "JEPSEY D GRIMES 21 May 1942 14 Sep 2001 (V) 77510 (Santa Fe, Galveston, TX) (none specified) 453-68-6791 Texas"
Leroy Clifford Grindle, Jr., S2c: Aboard 1945-46. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 04444 Hampden, Penobscot, ME; Born 19 Oct 1925; Died 30 Mar 1995.
Neuman E. Grizzle, SN: Aboard 1950. Sent 2003 reunion letter to El Cajon, CA.
George L. Grommono, TN: Aboard 1948. added 07/10/03
Sterling E. Grose, BM3 Aboard 1965-68. Looking forward to the reunion. Lives in Alexandria, VA. updated 12/12/02
D.E. Grossenbacker: Aboard 25 Dec 46
Raymond Groszewski, SN: Aboard 1968-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Long Beach, CA.
Philip L. Grow, ME1: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to El Verano, CA.
Roger S. "Rog" Gruben: Aboard 1965-67 as EM3 See officers page
John Guariniello, Jr., YN3: Aboard 1948. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Clifton, NJ.
Robert Guckeen, SMSN: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Billings, MT.
Leonard R. Guest, GM3: Aboard 1947-48. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Havelock, NC. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Colonial Heights, VA.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Edward C. "Eddie" Guimond, SN Aboard 1969. Interested in 2001 reunion. Lives in Boston, MA. updated email address 10/20/04 Membership EXP 10/04
David Graham Guint, FA: Aboard 1968
Nicholas D. Gully, SH3. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Wynantskill, NY.
Sylvester L. Gulley, SN: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Winter Park, FL.
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes Kenneth M. Gurr, FN: Aboard 1957. Update on 11/17/2009: Received word from Kenneth's son, Carlos Gurr, "...I was born in 1957 while the Kennebec was in port at Lisbon, Portugal. I am sad to report that my father died from Leukemia on 6 Dec 1989 in Richfield, Utah where he is buried. Thanks for posting the information and photos, it was fun for me and his grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see them.
Eugene C. Gutweiler, EM3: Aboard 1947-49. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Austin, TX.
William Guzman, Jr., FA: Aboard 1956

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