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Elpidio O. Cadua, TN: Aboard 1961.
Bernard H. Cagel or Cagle, SN: Aboard 1951-52. Possibly deceased "BERNARD Harvey CAGLE SSN: 465-32-2064 Born: 23 Feb 1927 Last Benefit: 75051 Grand Prairie, Dallas, TX Died: 25 Apr 1985 State (Year) SSN issued: TX (Before 1951 )" updated 01/26/04
Goral (sp?) D. Calhoun, F2: Aboard 1946
Gerald G. "Jerrry" Callahan, SN, Aboard 1961-63. His wife, Mary Ann, emailed 06/16/05, "I'm very sorry to tell you that my husband Gerald "Jerry" Callahan---USN 1961-63 passed away from cancer on 6/1/05. He was only 63 years old. Too Young!! We really wanted to go to these reunions, but he was sick for the last four years, and we were unable to do so. He was so very proud to serve on the Kennebec---we never heard the last of the boasting!!!! Lived in Palos Hills, IL. updated 06/16/05
John W. Callahan: Aboard 25 Dec 46.
Michael "Jo." Callihan, EM3: Aboard 1969-70.
Romie S. Calvert, SN: Aboard 1950. Received letter in July 2003, "I was surprised to hear about the Kennebec again after all these years. My time aboard her was fairly short, but while aboard her I met a few lifelong friends. I went aboard in the Spring of 1950 at Hunters Point in San Francisco. They were cleaning her up for the mothball fleet in San Diego. Most of the crew at that time was busy cleaning her up from stem to stern. I only made one cruise on her to San Diego destroyer base where we finished our job and we were all reassigned, The Korean War broke that Summer so I never knew whether they finished the mothball part. I did hear before I was reassigned to Tokyo, Japan they were going to put her back in the fleet for service. My best buddy, Jeff P. McAlpin, and I did a lot of sandblasting along the main deck. We also were volunteered to paint the main mast clear to the top. I imagine my fingerprints were there for a long time, ha ha! Most of the deck gang was transferred to Tokyo, Japan at Admiral Jay's headquarters Com NavFe Communications Center where we had it pretty good. We were part of the occupation forces until they finally cancelled that. I finished my tour there and was sent back to Treasure Island in San Francisco for discharge. President Truman extended our enlistment at that time because of the war. I probably would have never seen Japan otherwise. Probably won't be able to attend the 2003 reunion. Lives in Savannah, MO. updated 08/01/03
Jerry William Camp, FA Aboard late 1968-69.
Amos J. Campbell, SN Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Louisville, KY insufficient address) and Nashville, TN.

AO-36 Life Member 121
Danny J. Campbell, SH2
Aboard 1966-70
Reunions Attended: 2004, 2007, 2008
  Served aboard Kennebec from Aug 1966 till Feb 1970 as SA. Brother of Jerry. Left as SHS2. Remember good times in supply div with Bill Whitehouse, Ron Bokan, Dennis Solberg, Larry Muck, Mr. Fitzgerald. He and wife plan to attend 2004 reunion. Lives in Enon, OH. updated with life membership 02/04/05. Submitted ship pics to Photo Gallery 11-2008.
Edmund S. Campbell, SA: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Towanda, PA.
deceased Jerry M. Campbell, SA: Aboard 1969. Brother of Danny who wrote, "He was a cook though not a striker. He volunteered for Vietnam and was transferred to the brown=water Navy as a machine-gunner. He survived and now lives in Hillsboro, OH with his wife and three sons. His daughter lives in New Carlisle, OH. He works as a truck driver." Sent 2004 reunion information. updated 03/04/04. Update 7/24/2001 received word from Jerry's brother Danny: My brother, SN Jerry M. Campbell passed away on June 28, 2011...Although he is not an association member, he had a number of friends aboard Kennebec. He came aboard in March 69 and volunteered for Vietnam when we were decomissioned. Jerry was a cook, worked for and wrestled with Willy. His last duty station was NAS Saigon. Jerry was interred with full military honors on July 9 in Hilsboro, Ohio, He is survived by his wife Karen and sons Jason, Jeff, and Matt. Jerry's Obit. Danny and Jerry brothers pic.
Joseph F. Campbell, SA: Aboard 1948
Steven W. "Steve" Campbell, FTG2, Aboard 1969-70 as SN. Al Jensen reported on 05/26/03, "Steve passed away on 05/20/03 due to complications from cancer." Published in the Rapid City Journal on 5/22/2003: "Steven W. Campbell, 52, Hot Springs, died Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at Hot Springs Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Survivors include his wife, Brenda Campbell, Hot Springs; two sons, James Campbell and George Campbell, both of Hot Springs; one daughter, Jennifer Campbell, Hot Springs; his mother, Mavis Campbell-Quail, Toronto; one brother, Gary Campbell, Sioux Falls; and one grandson. Services will be at 10 a.m. Friday, May 23, at United Church in Hot Springs, with the Rev. Lyle Spicer officiating. Burial will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday at Black Hills National Cemetery near Sturgis, with Arlene Voice and Everett Harrison officiating. McColley’s Chapels of the Hills in Hot Springs is in charge of arrangements." Steve called me 10/29/02 and was interested in 2003 reunion. Lived in Hot Springs, SD. updated with death notice 05/26/03
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Michael A. "Mike" Campero, YN3 Aboard 1968-70. I called him 09/11/02. Lives in Alta Loma, CA. Membership EXP 02/04
Ricardo V. Cancino, TN: Aboard 1964.
T.J. Candaleria, FA: Aboard 1950
Joseph V. "Joe" Candura, SK3: Aboard 09/44-10/45. Unable to attend 2001 reunion. Lives in Arlington, MA.
Norman L. Cannedy, SN: Aboard 1949-50. Probably deceased "NORMAN CANNEDY; SSN 446-16-6186; Born 19 Aug 1921; Died Aug 1975; Issued: OK" updated 05/25/03
Michael A. Canon, HM2: Aboard 1968-70. Lives in Walhalla, SC. Updated 03/02/01
Thomas A. Cannon, EMP1: Aboard 1951.
Joseph E. Cantrell, SA: Aboard 1952-53
Tommy D. Capell, CS3 Aboard 1965-67 as SN. I was on board for the 1965-66 westPac Cruse. I remember having swim call on the way over to Subic. My best friend at the time was James (Jim) Parks who I have not seen since. We were awarded to "E" during that cruse. I loved all the ports, but I liked Subic best. I am now a police officer. Nice web site. Lives in San Antonio, TX. removed email address 08/28/05
James H. Capps, Jr., SA: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Belton, TX.
John W. Carl, QM3: Aboard 1948-49
Barry D. Carleton, SN. Aboard 1965. I called him in 06/07/03 and he is interested in the Asssociation. Lives in Sangerville, ME. updated with correct email 06/11/03
Robert Hennig Carlson, S1c: Aboard 1945-46
Roger Gregory Carlyle, SN: Aboard 1965-66. Possibly deceased. "CARLYLE ROGER G 05/18/1947 M CALIFORNIA FRESNO 10/09/1975"updated 11/21/02
Jerry D. Carnes, FAAboard 1961. Possibly deceased "Name: Jerry Duane Carnes Sex: M Birth: 18 APR 1943 in Emerson, Mills Co., IA Death: SEP 1988 in Cronwell, IA" updated 01/26/04
Robert Abram Carr, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
Donald L. Carrer(sp?), FA: Aboard 1948
Harry L. Carrico, BM3: Aboard 1952-54. Dale Pastore's wife talked with Harry's widow and she said he died years ago of heart failure. "Harry Louis Carrico; Born: 14 OCT 1930 in Indianapolis, IN; Died: 15 OCT 1987" updated 01/25/03
Thomas E. "Tom" Carrico, QM2 Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Indianapolis, IN and Ivanhoe, VA. Dale Pastore's wife spoke with Harry Carrico's widow and said Harry's brother, Tom, is alive and well on his 6th marriage. He lives somewhere in Indiana but she has had no contact wit him lately and he is unlisted in the phone book." updated 01/22/03
Donald E. Carrier, CS2: Aboard 1949-50. Jim Brown spoke with him in July 2001. Mailed 2002 reunion postcard 03/09/02. Mailed 2003 reunion letter to Muskegon, MI. (not deliverable as addressed; unable to forward).
Jessie James Carroll, F1c: Aboard 1944-45

AO-36 Life Member  139
Sylvester G. "Red" Carroll, SF1
Aboard 1941-1942
. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Birmingham, AL. Says they even had depth charge racks and were told to look for a sub once. He made contact on 04/15/05 and sounds great for a man of 88. They will be in Florida until May 15. Lives in York, ME. updated 04/15/05
Isreal (sp?) Casiano: SN: Aboard 1969-70.
Sam M. Cassidy, CM3 Aboard 1942. Enlisted November 24, 1941. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Albany, GA. Possibly deceased "Name: Sam M. Cassidy SSN: 257-09-8805 Last Residence: 31707 Albany, Dougherty, Georgia, United States of America Born: 5 Jul 1918 Died: 21 Dec 1999 State (Year) SSN issued: Georgia (Before 1951 )" updated 08/24/04
William Joseph Cassidy, S1c: Aboard 1943-44
Wayne W. Castagno, SN: Aboard 1953. Possibly deceased. "WAYNE W CASTAGNO 30 Jun 1933 27 Jun 2002 (V) 85602 (Benson, Cochise, AZ) (none specified) 529-38-7862 Utah." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Salt Lake City, UT. updated 11/16/02
Lawrence P. Castellano, MML3: Aboard 1951. Possibly deceased "LAWRENCE P CASTELLANO; Born 7 Sep 1926; Died 20 Sep 1987" Lived in Wilmington, CA. updated 05/25/03
John "Franc." Castillo, EM1  Aboard 1968-70. Enlisted 01/60. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Chula Vista, CA.
Roy E. Cavey, GMG2 Aboard 1961-64. Roy's widow said he passed away September 1988.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Joseph M. "Joe" Cechini, FPFN: Aboard 1956-57. He and his wife were thinking of attending 2002 reunion. Lives in Melrose Park, IL. updated with membership 08/20/02 Membership EXP 08/04
Larry R. Ceragioli, GMG3: Aboard 1968-69. Probably lives in Carson City, NV.
Gary Richard Chalmers, SN: Aboard 1965. Possibly deceased "GARY CHALMERS; SSN 531-54-9060; Born 20 Sep 1947; Died Jun 1975" updated 05/25/03
Stephen N. Chalmers, SN: Aboard 1963-64. Dick called Wilton, NH (not him)
Ezell Chambers, TN: Aboard 1953-54. Possibly deceased. From Born 18 Feb 1925; Died 9 Aug 1989.
Donald "Har." Chandler, GMG3: Aboard 1969. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Colorado Springs, CO.

AO-36 Life Member 93
William S. "Stu" Chandler, FA
Aboard 1965-66
Attended Reunions: 2001

Lives in Sparks, NV. updated email address 02/07/04
Francis E. Chaney, SF1: Aboard 1963-65. Enlisted 12/48. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Salem, OR (not known). Possibly deceased "FRANCIS E CHANEY 31 Dec 1924 16 Sep 1990 (not specified) (none specified) 538-16-5523 Washington"
George Ladislaus Charek, Y3: Aboard 1945-46. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 60104 Bellwood, Cook, IL; Born 14 Jul 1919; Died 26 Jan 1992.
Gary L. Chase, BM3 Aboard 1961-62.
Walter (n) Cheatham, SC3: Aboard 1944-45. Originally from Chicago, IL.
Richard Alan Check, SN: Aboard 1968-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Muskegon, MI.

AO-36 Life Member 71
Ronald E. "Ron" Cheney, BM3
Aboard 1963-67
I wish to hear from other shipmates.Retired and RVing full-time. Mailing address is Sioux Falls, SD. updated 07/18/04
James W. Cheshire, BT1: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Andalusia, AL
Leland L. Chesser, SN: Aboard 1951. Probably deceased "LELAND L CHESSER; SSN 466-36-5044; Residence: 77713 Beaumont, Jefferson, TX; Born 1 Jun 1931; Died 16 Jul 1997" 2003 reunion letter sent to Fort Worth, TX. updated 05/25/03
William M. Cheyne, ET3: Aboard 1951.
Alfred M. Childers, CM2 Aboard 1942. Enlisted February 18, 1939. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Richmond, VA
David Harold Childers, MMFN: Aboard 1964-67. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Spring, TX.

AO-36 Life Member 77
William H. "Bill" Childress, MM2
Aboard 1965-68
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2003
I have many great memories of the good times Aboard USS Kennebec,still wonder how the "beer joint help" in M Division ever managed to get underway, let alone win the "E" for engineering efficiency! Lives in Lexington, KY. updated with life membership 12/14/02
Melvin A. Chipman, SN: Aboard 1950.
Lester W. "Bill" Chockla, S1c: Aboard 1945. Deceased. Residence: 15650 Latrobe, Westmoreland, PA Born 24 Jun 1923; Died 28 Jun 1992. Daughter Peggy would like to hear from anyone who remembers him. Updated 06/03/04
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Peter A. "Pete" Choinski, QM3: Aboard 7/65-07/67. What a hell of a ride it was! Worked hard, played hard and went to places other people only dream about. Great web-site. My wife, Beverly, and I have been married 33 years and have 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren. I currently work at the State University of New York at Buffalo. I won't be able to attend the 2001 reunion, but I can get San Miguel at the International Store! Lives in Buffalo, NY. updated email address 03/15/03 Membership EXP 07/05
Christian M. Christensen, FN: Aboard 1951
John E. Christian, S2: Aboard 1946
Donald C. "Chris" Christiansen, MM1 Aboard 1965-68. Enlisted 07/52. Lives in Ionia, MI. updated 08/22/01
Paul D. Christopherson, SN Aboard 1961-62. SH striker according to Bob Eklund who once lived in Monterry, CA. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Minneapolis, MN (returned).
Paul M. Christy, SN Aboard 1963-64. Possibly deceased "PAUL M CHRISTY SSN: 002-34-5473 Last Residence: 72 Born: 5 Oct 1945 Last Benefit: Died: 27 Jan 1998 State (Year) SSN issued: NH
Michael Chuhran (sp?), S2: Aboard 1946
Guy (n) "Chic" Ciccarelli, GM2: Aboard 1943 to 1946. Lives in Windsor, VT in summer and St. Petersburg, FL in winter. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Windsor, VT. "Forwarding order expired" Might have moved to MA. updated 08/22/04
Robert E. Church, HM2: Aboard 1957
Charles Tite Cinaglia, FCO2: Aboard 1944-46. Possibly deceased. "CHARLES T CINAGLIA 21 Jul 1925 06 Mar 1999 (V) 19061 (Marcus Hook, Delaware, PA) (none specified) 207-16-2896 Pennsylvania." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Marcus Hook, PA. updated 11/16/02
Ronald J. Cintas, SA: Aboard 1963. Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Jose, CA (moved).
John A. Ciritella, FN: Aboard 1953. Possibly deceased. "JOHN CIRITELLA 09 Mar 1933 Jan 1986 (not specified) (none specified) 221-20-6493 Delaware." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Wilmington, DE. updated 11/16/02
T.L. Clapp, Jr., BMG3: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Bloomfield, NJ.
Donald E. Clark, SA: Aboard 1969.
Donald R. Clark, FA: Aboard 1952-53
Duane E. Clark, BM3 Aboard 1963-65. After I left I came back to Aberdeen, WA and worked in a paper mill until it closed 9 years ago. Since then I drive truck, have hauled all 48 states but now drive local so I can be near my new grand daughter. Would like to hear from anyone that was Aboard her. I have enjoyed the web site so far and plan on checking it out more when I have more time. Lives in Aberdeen, WA. removed email 09/01/05
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes Jay Roy Clark, ETN2: Aboard Kennebec Nov 61 to May 65. I transferred Aboard from the the USS Hector (AR-7) in November 61, and on the the USS Graffias (AF29) in May of 65. Still remember the Ops gang as a great bunch of liberty hounds. Got out in 66 and mostly worked overseas until about ten years ago. Currently working as a contract Tech Rep. Sent 2002 reunion postcard. Lives in Henderson, NV. updated residence 10/27/03. Received word from Terry Lohman-Clark, Jay's wife, that Jay passed away on 01/06/2013. Updated 01/12/13.
Jimmy Lee Clark, FN: Aboard in 1965.
Richard John Clark, SN: Aboard 1967-68.
Robert Henry Clark, RD3: Aboard 1968-70.
Rupert Paul Clark, EM2 Aboard 1965-68. From Jim Garrett 08/12/03, "At one time he lived in Anahiem, CA. My memory says he was from Canada, either Ontario Province or the city of London or Londonderry." Update from Jim Garret 03/22/2011, Rupert lives at Jeddore Oyster Pond, Nova Scotia, Canada. Members can get his contact info from the membership data base.
Thomas W. Clark, RMSN: Aboard 1952-53
Wendell Arthur Clark, RdM3: Aboard 1944-45. Possibly deceased "WENDELL A CLARK; SSN 368-20-5604; Residence: VA; Born 15 Jan 1926; Died 13 Dec 1983" updated 05/25/03

AO-36 Life Member 51
Donald J. "Don" Cleary, DK3, DK3
Aboard 1965-66
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005
My best friend on the ship. Taught me the disbursing clerk job. Lives in Brentwood, NY. updated email 02/04/05
William E. Clements, GMM3: Aboard 1951-52
William E. Clemons, STM2: Aboard 1946
Daniel Robert Cline, RM3: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Woodsfield, OH. Not in Cleveland, OH, either.
Reece P. Clough, MM2: Aboard 1951-52. Possibly deceased "CLOUGH REECE PRESTON 01/03/1931 CLARK M PENNSYLVANIA LOS ANGELES(19) 05/13/1984 579-36-2221 53 years" added 01/04/03
Gerald L. "Jerry" Clouser, MM1. Aboard 1962-63. Teaches at Santa Barbara CC. Lives in Carpenteria, CA. updated 06/08/03
Robert J. Cloutier, SA: Aboard 1963.
James Kirkwood Clyde, BT3: Aboard 1963-65. Sent 2001 reunion postcard to Daytona Beach, FL (returned) and Panama City, FL and Naples, FL (unable to forward).
Hazel Cobb, WT3: Aboard 1947
James B. Cobb, GMG1: Aboard 1967-70. Enlisted 08/44.
Richard L. Cobb, SK3: Aboard 1962-63.
Robert C. Cobb, PNA3: Aboard 1953. added 01/04/03
Roy Virgil Cobb, S1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Windsor, NC.
Ernest W. Cochran, SN: Aboard 1947-50.
Leslie C. Cochran, BM3 Aboard 1963-64. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Joplin, MO.
Larry Lee Cockrell, EM3: Aboard 1962-64. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Hillsboro, OH.
Robert Owen Coffey, GMGSN: Aboard 1967-69. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sulphur, LA and Shreveport, LA (undeliverable as addressed). Sent 2003 reunion letter to Colorado Springs, CO and Evergreen, CO.

AO-36 Life Member  191
Douglas L. "Doug" Coffland, PN2
Aboard 1968-70
Aboard 10/68-06/1970. LTJG Quirk and I were the last two off the ship upon decommissioning in 1970 at Vallejo. Man what a good site. Brought tears to my eyes thinking of all the things we did both fun and not so much fun. I have to work the whole month of October or I would be in Vegas for the reunion. Lives in San Diego, CA. updated with email address 04/18/04
Eugene Coker, SN: Aboard 1962-64. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Chicago, IL.
James Philip Cokinis, S1c: Aboard 1944-46. Possibly deceased. "JAMES P COKINIS 14 Sep 1923 14 Oct 1988 60650 (Cicero, Cook, IL) (none specified) 336-18-4721 Illinois." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Cicero, IL. updted 11/16/02
Patrick D. Colatosti, F1: Aboard 1947. Probably lived in Pottstown, PA.
Fred W. Colby, Y2: Aboard 1942-45.
Wayne C. Colden, SN: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Shepherd, MT.
Marion D. Cole, SN: Aboard 1963. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Medway, MA and Zanesville, OH (not him).
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Richard Ho "Rich" Cole, RM3 Aboard in 1967-68. Interested in 2002 reunion. Lives in Muncie, IN. updated email address 10/20/02 Membership EXP 03/03
R.E. Coleman, YN2Aboard 1961.
Raymond "Jos." Collier, SN: Aboard 1969-70.
Billy Bob Collins, FN: Aboard 1963-64.
James D. Collins, AS Aboard 1942. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Raleigh, NC.
Larry L. Collins, SN: Aboard 1963.
Dean Leroy Collison, MM1: Aboard 1969-70. Possibly lived in Elmore, MN.
Ricky Lee Colton, FN: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Hogansville, GA.
John Louis Colvin, S2c: Aboard 1945-46
Thomas F. Colvin, SN: Aboard 1963-64. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Topeka, KS.
Alberto Cruz Concio, TN: Aboard 1966-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Norfolk, VA (unable to forward).
Charles Webster Condo, Cox Aboard 1942-45. Enlisted 01/23/41 in Chicago, IL. Possibly deceased "Charles W. Condo SSN: 207-22-8154 Last Residence: 17063 Milroy, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, United States of America Born: 18 May 1924 Died: 18 Feb 2001 State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (Before 1951 )"
Roy A. Conklin, RM3. I was on the Kennebec from March of 1944 until September (I think) of 1945 when I was transferred to the Naval Recruiting station in Helena, MT. I was a radioman 3c. Our chief was RM1c Gee, Solon T. who was from MO. There was also a Ross E. Gilstrap from Greenville, SC, and a Johnny D'Arco from Manhattan, NY. I also recall an Aurthur Ironfield from MA and once in a while I have a momentary recollection of others. There was also a Herbert T. Pine, who was the XO and a Mr. Terschak who was the Supply officer on the ship. Is there a list of former shipmates available? Is it true that the crew was awarded medals and/or recognition regarding the capture of the submarine which sunk the Block Island? I left the ship before the awards were made. Lives in Honolulu, HI. updated 05/15/02
Eugene (n) Conn, StM2c: Aboard 1945.
James "Fran." Connelly, QM3: Aboard 1966-67. added 01/14/03
Edward E. Conner, BT3: Aboard 1956-57
Nelson L. Conner, SK3 Aboard 1965-67. I've been with UPS 32 years. Married to Janet 32 years with 2 children (Matt, 28, a Navy pilot and Megan, 24, Physical Therapist). Sent email via to him on 06/01/03. Lives in Castro Valley, CA. updated 06/01/03
Richard (B or S.) Conradt, FN: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Honolulu, HI (not deliverable as addressed). Sent 2003 reunion letter to Honolulu, HI.
Melecio (n) Constantino, Ck1: Aboard 1942-44 Possibly deceased "MELECIO CONSTANTINO; SSN 578-42-5114; Born 8 Apr 1907; Died Mar 1963" updated 05/25/03
Brent Arthur Cook, ETN3 Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Fortville, IN.
Dan C. Cook, (officer?): Aboard 66-67.
George R. Cook, FTG3: Aboard 1963-65.
John E. Cook, GM2 Aboard 1961-62. Enlisted 09/54.
Philip Sheldon Cook, SA: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sarasota, FL and Lynn, MA.
Charles Wayne "Pete" Coomer, BM2 Aboard 1965-68. 2002 reunion letter sent to Cape Coral, FL. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Nashville, TN.
James W. Coon, S1: Aboard 1947
John W. Coon, BM3: Aboard 1947-50
Albert Joseph Coone, S2c: Aboard 1944. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Mooresville, NC.
Stephan E. Cooper, SA: Aboard 1969.
Thomas John Cooper, RD1: Aboard 1968-69.
Oscar Lee Coor, Jr., QM3 Aboard 1966-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Philadelphia, PA. Might have lived in Las Vegas, NV.
Mark H. Copenhaver, FN: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Pontiac, MI.
Thomas J. Copper, RD1: Aboard 1968-69.
Leo Henry Coppersmith S1c: Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Chicago, IL. Possibly deceased "LEO H COPPERSMITH 25 Nov 1913 27 Mar 2002 (V) 60044 (Lake Bluff, Lake, IL) (none specified) 325-07-1653 Illinois" updated 12/12/02
Keith L. Corby, FA: Aboard 1948
Robert Everette Cornella, F1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Canon City, CO. Sent 2003 reunion letter to (son?) Pueblo, CO. Possibly deceased "ROBERT CORNELLA Request Information (SS-5) SSN 523-01-9007 Residence: 81212 Canon City, Fremont, CO Born 13 Apr 1915 Last Benefit: Died Dec 1982 Issued: CO (Before 1951)" updated 12/13/02
Rodolfo E. Corpus, TN: Aboard 1964-65. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Virginia Beach, VA.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Walter D. "Walt" Correll, IC3. Aboard 1968-69 as ICFN. Plans to attend 2003 reunion. He advised 07/06/03 he is neither able to join Association or attend reunion due to circumstances beyond his control. Lives in San Diego, CA. updated 07/06/03 Membership EXP 05/03
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes
Prentiss "Hen." Corvey, SK2
Aboard 1968-70
Reunions Attended: 2013
Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Monroe, WA. Joined the Assoc. in Aug. 2013, still lives in Monroe, WA, contact info available in the membership area.
David C. Corvin, S1: Aboard 1947. Probably deceased "DAVID C CORVIN; SSN 236-40-6905; Residence: 90717 Lomita, Los Angeles, CA ; Born 10 Dec 1928; Died 15 Jul 1984" updated 05/25/03
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Allan L. "Spider" Cosgrove, FN I was a boilerman on the ship from 1967-69. Lives in Wilkes-Barre, PA. removed email address 05/19/03 Membership EXP 03/02
Martin G. Cosgrove, SC2 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 06/11/36 in Baltimore, MD. Possibly deceased "Name: Martin C. Cosgrove SSN: 561-54-9960 Last Residence: 92107 San Diego, San Diego, California, United States of America Born: 27 May 1914 Died: 31 May 1989 State (Year) SSN issued: California (1956-1957 )"
Floyd Leonard Coston, SA: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Pocahontas, TN.
Vincent J. Cottone, S2c: Aboard 1943. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Gowanda, NY.

AO-36 Life Member  143
James C. "Jim" Couey, GM1c
Aboard 1947-50
Reunions Attended: 2002
Hello to all former members of USS Kennebec. I served Aboard the Kennebec from 1947 to 1950. A great ship and even better crew members. I retired from the US Postal Service in 1983. He and friend A.C. Richards plan to attend 2002 reunion. Lives in Rome, GA. updated with membership 10/10/02
Gordon D. Coughran, QM3: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Springfield, OR.

AO-36 Life Member  9
Gerald E. "Jerry" Coulter, EN3
Aboard 1961-65
Jerry Coulter
Reunions Attended:
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
2007, 2010, 2016
  Aboard Kennebec 1961 to 1965. I now reside in Grove City, PA with my wife, Gloria. I also have a daughter Debbie. I am a foreman for Penn DOT and plan on retiring in January 2002. Feel free to e-mail me, I would enjoy hearing from some of my ship mates. Updated 03/12/01
Edward (n) Coury, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
John A. Covington, EM3: Aboard 1947-50
Rodney D. Cowart, FA: Aboard in 1965. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Fort Smith, AR.
William W. Cowell, AS Aboard 1942. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Richmond, VA. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Marion, OH. Possibly deceased "William W. Cowell SSN: 223-14-4314 Last Residence: 23047 Doswell, Hanover, Virginia, United States of America Born: 30 Sep 1918 Died: 13 Nov 1988 State (Year) SSN issued: Virginia (Before 1951 )"
Burley N. Cox, Jr., BT3: Aboard 1947-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Greensboro, NC. Dick called Fairdealing, MO (not him).
Charles William "Charlie" Cox, MR2: Aboard 1967-68.
Edward L. Cox, SA: Aboard 1963.
Joseph L. Cox, SN: Aboard 1952-54
Roy Gilmore Cox Aboard 1962-65. Lives in Las Vegas, NV. updated 05/28/01
Thomas M. Cox, YNT1: Aboard 1951-52
Trey Lee Cox, FC3: Aboard 1944-45
Theodore (nmi) "Ted" Crabson, ME1 Aboard 1948-50. His granddaughter, Cyndi Crabson, advised that he passed away in 1980. She would like to hear from anyone who knew him updated 02/15/02
Harlie F. Craig, CSSA: Aboard in 1965. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Loughman, FL and Jopkin, MO. Possibly deceased. "HARLIE F CRAIG; SSN: 429-72-9481; Residence: 71923 Arkadelphia, Clark, AR; Born: 28 Sep 1937; Died 31: Jan 1994; Issued: AR (1956)" updated 12/07/02
James Albert "Jim" Craig, MM2 Aboard 1968-69.
Norman Paul Craig, S1c: Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Little Falls, NY.
Theodore R. Craven, MM3: Aboard 1951-52. Possibly deceased. "THEODORE R CRAVEN 30 Sep 1931 12 Nov 1998 (V) 95327 (Jamestown, Tuolumne, CA) (none specified) 562-54-2480 California." Sent 2002 reunion letter to Portland, ME. updated 11/16/02
Floyd (n) Crawford, Ck3: Aboard 1944-45
Thomas Victor Crawley, Jr., FC1: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Oklahawa, FL. Possibly deceased "THOMAS V CRAWLEY Request Information (SS-5) SSN 457-10-7777 Residence: 87110 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM Born 3 Oct 1920 Last Benefit: Died 4 Jan 1999 Issued: TX (Before 1951)" Originally from Larmesa, TX. updated 12/13/02
William E. Creamer, SN: Aboard 1947-48
Robert Lee Crenshaw, FN: Aboard 1966-68.
Leo S. Critchfield, MM2: Aboard 1951-54. Probably deceased "LEO S CRITCHFIELD SSN: 542-18-6439 Last Residence: Born: 9 Apr 1924 Last Benefit: Died: 23 Oct 1991 State (Year) SSN issued: OR"
Gene S. Crockett, ET3: Aboard 1953. Born Oct 27, 1928; Died Feb 7, 2002. "He was very proud of the Navy which made a man out of him and met his wife while stationed in San Francisco. The Navy also gave him his career. He got a BSEE degree." Survived by loyal wife of 49 years, Virginia, one son and one daughter.
Ray Lindsay Crook, GM2: Aboard 1942-44
Rodney I. Crouse, EMFA: Aboard 1969. Possibly deceased "RODNEY I CROUSE; SSN 282-44-6719; Born 5 May 1949; Died 7 Jan 1997; Issued: OH (1963)" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Seaman, OH (not deliverable as addressed) and Hopewell, OH (no such number/street). updated 05/25/03
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Vincent "Vince" Crowley (n), MM3 Aboard 1961-64 as FN. Rank Discharged: MM3. Update from 01/17/09, received word that Vince and his wife Fawn are living in Fort Pierce, FL. Members can get their contact info in the membership area. Membership EXP 09/02
Harold O. Crump, EMFN: Aboard 1953. added 01/04/03
Antonio C. Cruz, SN: Aboard 1956-57
Dario L. Cuerpo, SD1: Aboard 1968-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Diego, CA.
Reid W. Culpepper, BT1: Aboard 1947-49. Possibly deceased "REID CULPEPPER; SSN 554-34-4847; Residence: 23324 Chesapeake, Chesapeake City, VA; Born 26 Feb 1917; Died May 1983" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Chespeake, VA. updated 05/25/03

AO-36 Life Member 82
Allen G. Cumberland, BM3
Aboard 1963-67
Lives in Dixon IL. updated with life membership 01/16/03
Napoleon Cummings, EN1: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to New Haven, CT.
Walter L. Cummings, ME1: Aboard 1956. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Cleveland, TN.
Joseph Cuni, SA: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Covington, KY (not deliverable as addressed). Might have lived in San Mateo, CA.
Daniel Cupit, CS3: Aboard 1963-64. Enlisted 09/60.
Joseph J. Cura, SKG3: Aboard 1957. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Phoenixville, PA
Earl A. Curtis, MMFN: Aboard 1969. I spoke with his wife on 05/31/03. She will give him the message. Lives in Oregon City, OR. updated 05/31/03
Gary Dale Curtis, CS3: Aboard 1966-68. Update 08/22/06: Gary reported that his first wife of 32 yrs. had passed away. He has been remarried 4 yrs. and has a 3 yr. old daughter. They live in Salem, IN.
Kit Carson Cushman, SN: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Walden, NY.
Wilford (n) Cutbirth, CS3: Aboard 1948-49. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Hartville, MO.
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes Robert "Bob" Czupkiewicz, SN, Aboard 1965-67. Sent 2002 reunion postcard. He works for a casino and lives in Bayville, NJ, updated 03/28/01. Update 12/27/2016: We received a report from our shipmate, Barry Rohrer, who spoke to Robert's wife Jerrie on Christmas day. She reported to Barry that Robert had passed away on June 24, 2016. Robert's obit was not made available.
Gerald W. Dabadie, SA: Aboard 1950.
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
AO-36 Life Member 95
Lester (n) Daddario, BTG3
Aboard 1951-52
Les Daddario
Reunions Attended: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
He called Dick Hawkins 06/07/03 after receiving 2003 reunion letter. He and his wife, Annett, have been attending recent reunions. Lives in Windsor, CT. updated with life membership 06/26/03. Mug shot from July 2006. Sad news received from Karen Harding, daughter of Lester, on 02/26/2015. "My dad, Lester Daddario was a life member of the Kennebec Accociation and enjoyed participating in many reunions across the country until his health permitted him from doing so after 2008. I am writing to let you know that he and his wife, Annett, have passed away after long illnesses. Annett in September, 2014 and Lester in February, 2015." Lester's Obit.
Soloman B. Daguipa, IC1: Aboard 1962. Enlisted 1954.
Richard L. Dahlberg, RD2: Aboard 1946-48. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Ellicott City, MD.
Kenneth William Dale, S2c: Aboard 1944
William Dallas, YN2: Aboard 1949-50
David Joseph D'Amico, SN Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Philadelphia, PA and Merrill, WI.
Nicholas D'Amico, SA: Aboard 1949-50
Peter Knox Damon, SN Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Orlando, FL.
William Joseph Danahy, F1c: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "WILLIAM J DANAHY SSN: 112-14-4713 Last Residence: 14220 Buffalo, Erie, NY Born: 22 Mar 1926 Last Benefit: Died: 18 Sep 1988 State (Year) SSN issued: NY"
Charles D. Daneker, Jr., MM2 commissioning crew Aboard May 1942 to the end of 1943. (Possibly deceased. From SSDI: Residence: Montgomery, PA. Born 7 May 1922, Died Apr 1993) Lived in Willow Grove, PA or possibly Willow Grove St. in 1985. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Willow Grove, PA
David "Dudle." Daneman, SH3: Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Tacoma, WA
William G. Danforth, IC3: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Clayton, NY
Clayton Bernard Daniels, S1c: Aboard 1943-44. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Trenton, MI
James "Fredr." Daniels, SN: Aboard 1969.
James H. Daniels, MM3: Aboard 1947-48
James M. Daniels, MM3: Aboard 1948
Edmund W. Daniger, GM3 Aboard 1942. Enlisted April04/27/38 in Los Angeles, CA. Postcard returned 03/02/04 from Rancho Cordova, CA. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 95677 Rocklin, Placer, CA; Born 8 Aug 1919; Died 17 Nov 1992. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Rancho Cordova, CA
Kenneth P. Danyi, SN Aboard 1961. Possibly deceased "KENNETH DANYI; SSN 299-36-6059; Born 30 Mar 1942; Died Aug 1985; Issued: OH" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Toldeo, OH. updated 05/25/03

AO-36 Life Member 133
John J. "Johnny" D'Arco, RM3
Aboard 1943-46
Lives in Yonkers, NY. updated with life membership 04/08/05
Dwain A. Dart, RDSN: Aboard 1963. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Shawboro, NC.
John E. Dasecke, SN: Aboard 1963-64. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Wilmington, CA (no longer at this address).
James L. Davidson, MM3: Aboard 1956-57
Chan Duane Davis, SH3 Aboard 1966-68. Danny Campbell emailed 08/13/03, "I took over the Ship's Store from him after he received orders in 1968. Last I heard, he was in Saigon collecting receipts from Navy Exchange stores." Sent 2003 reunion letter to Middletown, CT. updated 08/13/03
Edward C. Davis, SN: Aboard 1948-49.
Guy C. Davis, YN1 recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. From Steve Markovich on 03/31/01, "Guy served with the original crew back in 16 Dec 61. While trying to locate him, I found out that he passed away 4 mos. ago. I spoke to his wife. She lives in AZ and will make a trip to the reunion in his name. He was a great guy and good shipmate. He was 56 when he died. added 03/31/01
J.C. Davis, GM2: Aboard 1942-45
Linn S. Davis, YN1 Aboard 1948-49 as YNSN. I called him 06/02/03 and he is interested in Association. Unable to attend 2003 reunion. Lives in Riverside, CA. updated 06/29/03 with photos

AO-36 Life Member 85
Michael H. "Mike" Davis, MM2
Aboard 1968-70
Reunions Attended: 2003
Served with Walt Norkus, Joe Brannin, A.J. Garcia, Larry Redmond, Roger Bentley, Jim Craig, Dale Harris, Malcom Kalup, & a host of other "M" Division personnel. After departing Kennebec, was assigned to Honolulu Armed Services Police (HASP) until discharged. Returned to California and worked for Laguna Beach Police Department until obtaining BS and MBA Degrees. Taught college algebra and business mathematics in California Community Colleges for six years. Return to law enforcement and I am currently a Police Lieutenant with the Baldwin Park Police Department. I am also a NAUI certified Scuba Instructor and operate a scuba business from my residence. I have many fond, and not so fond memories of my days Aboard the "Kennemaru", but those are the experiences that contribute to one's character. I noticed that one shipmate has been omitted from the rolls: Walter Douglas Correll III. He was an ICFN and a friend. He resides in the San Diego area at present. Additionally, Lt(jg) Steve Quirk was living in Honolulu in the early 70's and teaching elementary school. I have since lost touch with him. The site is excellent & I would enjoy hearing from some of the old "M" Division crew. Received 03/02/03, "I just got married on Valentine's Day and have been very busy in preparation for the event. Met my wife on a Scuba expedition in Central Asia and had to do battle with the INS and State Department to bring her to California. My life membership dues were placed in the mail to you this morning. I have completed the updated information form and please note the change in my email address. It now correctly reflects my seniority as a lieutenant with the police department. My wife, Gulnara, and I look forward to the San Francisco reunion!" Lives in Pomona, CA. Updated 03/07/03
Thomas O. Dawkins, FN: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Waxhaw, NC. Possibly deceased "Thomas O. Dawkins SSN: 247-26-0629 Last Residence: 29223 Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, United States of America Born: 14 Jun 1923 Died: 11 Dec 2000" updated 11/07/04
Connie Lavon Dawson, SN: Aboard 1969.
Jackie B. Dayton, ME2: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Goose Creek, SC
Terry L. Dearham, SA: Aboard 1966-68.
Hansett D. Deason, CSSN: Aboard 1948. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Parrish, AL
James H. DeBoard, SA: Served aboard from 11/69 right out of boot camp to decommisioning in 06/70. Would be nice to hear from the old ship mates. Lives in Chico, CA. removed email address 05/26/03
LeRoy DeBoe, BM2: Aboard 1942-43. Retired in 1966. Interested in attending 2001 reunion. Lives in Long Beach, CA.
Ronald P. DeBrosse, SN Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Summerville, SC.
Joseph H. DeCosta, SN Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Millington, TN (no such address).
Gregorio "Sta." Degano, TN: Aboard 1965-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Diego, CA (undeliverable as addressed).
James Ralph DeHass, BT3 board 1961-63. Interested in 2001 reunion. Sent 2002 reunion postcard. Lives in Tiverton, RI.

AO-36 Life Member 91
Stanley F. "Stan" Deister, RMSN
Aboard 1949-50
Reunions Attended:
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
He called me on 06/08/03 after receiving 2003 reunion letter. He and wife, Dee, plan to attend 2003 reunion. Lives in Grants Pass, OR. updated with life membership 06/17/03
Michael "Fr." Delcollo, FN Aboard 1965-68. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Naples, FL.
S.M. Dellafave, CSSN: Aboard 1957. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Wooster, OH.
Giovani Delli Carpini, SA: Aboard 1969.
Hildeo (n) Delrosario, TN: Aboard 1951-52
Salvatore (n) Deluca, F2c: Aboard 1942-44. added 01/05/03
Timothy L. DeMarce, SN: Aboard 1970. Sent 2002 reunion letter to South Dennis, MA.
Thomas Michael "Duke" Denham, SN: Aboard 1965-68. Originally from MD. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Palm Springs, CA.
Lawrence A. Denike, SN: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Fort Lee, NJ.
Luther E. "Luke" Dennis, FN: Aboard 1952-53. "We received your letter and wanted to inform you that our father, Luther E. Dennis, passed away. I know he would have loved to go to the reuion and we appreciate all you have done. Thank you and good luck! Kristie Dennis Lennon." updated 08/31/02
Orville Dent, SA: Aboard 1948
David R. Desilva, SN: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Fort Bragg, CA.
Charles B. "The Mouse" Desimone, MM2 Aboard 1951. Received your card. I thank you for the invite but I'm unable to travel without oxygen and some other problems I have. This is a short note to let you know that another shipmate is still around and still kicking. Good Luck on the reunion. updated 02/27/02
Fred George Devine, F1c: Aboard 1944.
Valess M. Dewey, PN3: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Tuolumne, CA. Possibly deceased "VALESS MARLAND DEWEY; SSN 573-36-4747; Residence: 95379 Tuolumne, Tuolumne, CA; Born 25 Jan 1931 in AZ; Died 15 Jul 1994; Issued: CA (Before 1951)" updated 12/21/02
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes James C. "Jim" Dial, SN. Aboard 1968-69. Hi. I was glad to get your e-mail about the association & the reunion. I have often thought about my days Aboard the Kennebec and wondered what some of my old shipmates were up to. I hope I get a chance to find out about some of them now. Interested in 2002 reunion. Lives in Duson, LA. updated 02/06/02 Membership EXP 02/02
Reynaldo "Saya." Diato, TN: Aboard 1969. added 01/13/03
John R. Dibble, FN: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Holiday, FL (not known).
Arthur B. Dick, QM2: Aboard 1950. Possibly deceased "ARTHUR B DICK SSN: 567-36-7597 Last Residence: 83623 Glenns Ferry, Elmore, ID Born: 2 Jun 1920 Last Benefit: Died: 17 Feb 2001 State (Year) SSN issued: CA"

AO-36 Life Member 60
James T. "Jim" Digilio, SN
Aboard 1961-63
Reunions Attended: 2002
Aboard 1961-63. Looking forward to seeing all of you in October 2002. Lives in New York City, NY. updated with life membership 08/20/02
Timmy Royce "Tim" Dilg, RM3 Aboard 1965-68. Lives in Sandoval, IL. updated 11/26/01
Gordon R. Dillenback, BT3: Aboard 1965-68.
Charles Alan Disney, EMFA: Aboard 1969. Sent 2003 reunion letter via email and letter to Jasonville, IN.

AO-36 Life Member 64
Roger E. Dittmer, MM3
Aboard 1952-54
He called on 08/29/02 and is very interested in the Association. He and Jim Johnson have been friends since their Navy days. Lives in Milford, MI. updated with life membership 09/12/02
James R. Doak, TESN: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion letter to North Tazewell, VA.
Ival Dobbs, BM1: Aboard 1969-70. Possibly deceased. From "Residence: 68025 Fremont, Dodge, NE; Born: 11 Oct 1931; Died: 23 Apr 1993" updated 07/11/02
Reunions Attended: 2006
Johnny H. Dobson. Brother of shipmate Starrett Dobson. I saw your notice in Naval Affairs and would like more information. I served on the Kennebec for a short while in 1950. Lives in Ramona, CA.
Starrett H. Dobson, BM1: Aboard 1950. Born: 14 May 1922; Died: 6 August 2000. Retired from Navy in 1962. His brother is shipmate Johnny Dobson. updated 07/03/03
Farrar R. Dodge, ET3: Aboard 1951-52.
James Herbert "Jim" Dodge, SN Aboard 1963-65. Called Owego, NY (not him). Sent 2003 reunion letter to Houston, TX.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes James R. "Jim" Dodson, PC3 Aboard 1963-65. I operated the post office from Jan 63 to Aug 65. Was on two Westpac cruises. I hung our with Rudy Molina, SP3 and Willie Wisler, PN3 from the ships office. I would like to find these guys. Thanks to Blackie for telling about the reunion... would love to hear from anyone that I served with.... United Methodist Minister for 27 years. Lives in Smyrna, TN. updated 07/17/01 Membership EXP 06/02
Robert Patterson Dodson, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
Donald Joseph Doerrer, S1c: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "DONALD DOERRER; SSN 116-10-2502; Born 22 Dec 1915; Died Sep 1971" updated 05/25/03
Frederick Doherty, MM1: Aboard 1947-48
Michael "Jam." Doherty, DCFN: Aboard 1969-70
Herman (n) Dolle, GM1 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 04/02/35 in San Diego, CA. Sent reunion postcard Feb 2002 (not him) to Louisville, KY. Probably deceased "HERMAN DOLLE; SSN 567-26-0803; Residence: 92065 Ramona, San Diego, CA; Born 31 Jan 1909; Died 17 Oct 1997; Issued: CA (Before 1951)" updated 12/21/02
John Wayne Doren, SN: Aboard 1963. Jim Shurmack called Detroit, MI (not him). Possibly deceased "JOHN W DOREN 19 Oct 1943 04 Jan 1998 (P) (72) (none specified) 368-44-9167 Michigan"
L.D. Dorrington, BT2: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Battle Mountain, NV (not deliverable as addressed).
Marvin Lacy Dorroh, BM1: Aboard 1942-44. Possibly deceased. "MARVIN DORROH 05 Jul 1920 Jan 1981 (not specified) (none specified) 422-18-9055 Alabama." George Wormwood said Marvin was originally from Alabama. updated 12/16/02
Roy Carl Douglas, MM2: Aboard 1969-70.
Stanley Lee Douglas, SN: Aboard 1965-68. 2002 reunion letter sent to Vincennes, IN.
Richard James Dow, GMG2: Aboard 1963-64. Enlisted 07/59. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Debary, FL.
Louis A. Downs, BM2: Aboard 1963-64. Enlisted 04/48. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Vacaville, CA. 99.9% Probability he is our shipmate. "LOUIS A DOWNS; SSN: 270-24-2674; Last Residence: 89447 Yerington, Lyon, NV; Born: 14 Apr 1931; Died: 9 Nov 2002; State SSN issued: OH". Obituary from Nevada Appeal newspaper, "A memorial service for Louis A. Downs, 71, a Yerington resident, will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday at the Northern Nevada Memorial Cemetery, with military honors being provided by the Veterans Memorial Association of Western Nevada. Mr. Downs died Nov. 9, 2002, at the South Lyon Medical Center in Yerington. He was born April 14, 1931, in Toledo, Ohio, to Arthur and Garnet Emilene McFarland Downs. He joined the U.S. Navy at a very young age and served more than 20 years during the Korean and Vietnam wars. After retiring from the Navy, he worked in California and retired in 1998 when he moved to Yerington. Among his survivors are wife Bonnie of Yerington; sons Randy of Sacramento and Darrell of Fairfield; and grandchildren Darrell Jr., Josh, Aissa, Tonya and Samantha." updated 06/29/03
Montano P. Dragon, Jr., SK1: Aboard 1967-70. Enlisted 09/53. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Oakley, CA.
Franklin L. "Lee" Drake, Jr., EN3: Aboard 1952 as SN. Interested in 2002 reunion. Lives in Salt Lake City, UT. updated 02/22/02
James L. Drake, SH3: Aboard 1954.
David Allen Driscoll, SN: Aboard 1962.
Timothy F. Driscoll, Jr., EM2: Aboard 1946-48.
Roosevelt (n) Driver, St3: Aboard 1944-46. Possibly deceased "ROOSEVELT DRIVER SSN: 500-26-1825 Last Residence: 38106 Memphis, Shelby, TN Born: 6 Jun 1914 Last Benefit: Died: Mar 1974 State (Year) SSN issued: MO"
Alfred Joseph Drolet, S2c: Aboard 1943-44. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Lowell, MA. Possibly deceased. "ALFRED J DROLET 10 Feb 1924 12 Jul 1994 01852 (Lowell, Middlesex, MA) (none specified) 025-14-8901 Massachusetts." updated 11/16/02
George L. Drummond, TN: Aboard 1946-48
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Neal A. Drummond, FN Aboard 1965-66. Greetings to all former shipmates! I look forward to seeing many of you in October. I reside in a tiny town called Calpine in Northern California. My wife and I settled in this area in 1974. At that time logging was a booming enterprise and I was employed as a timber faller up until 10 years ago. That occupation allowed me to see a lot of beautiful country and I loved the challenge of bringing down some of the giant trees which grow abundantly in this state. For the past 10 years I've been running rock crushers and am currently operating one just east of Truckee, CA, 45 minutes from home. Working on gravel plants also offers a challenge that I enjoy. Living in this beautiful area makes it convenient for me to enjoy my favorite hobbies. We have three children, grown now, two girls and a boy and two beautiful granddaughters. Life is good, knock on wood. Lives in Calpine, CA. updated 08/24/01 Membership EXP 08/02
Claude A. Dry, CM2: Aboard 1942-43. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Richfield, NC.
Harry (n) Du Bois, StM2: Aboard 1944

Anthony "Tony" Ducoin
EM3, Aboard 1952-54
Reunions Attended: 2005
. "Hope to find some old shipmates. Thank you for sending the reunion letter. Plans to attend 2003 reunion." Lives in Boise, ID. updated residence and email address 08/09/05
Russell E. Duff, SR: Aboard 1969. Sent 2003 reunion letter to La Jolla, CA.
Edward Gerald Dugger, SR: Aboard 1969. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Springfield, OR.
Membership usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
Tony Bill Dujmovich
RD2, Aboard 1962-64
Tony Dujmovich
Discharged August 1965. Lived with his wife Barbara in Valparaiso, IN. Membership EXP 06/05 updated 05/30/01. Received word on 4/28/07 from Dale Garriotte, that Tony passed away on April, 27, 2007. Confirmed by his wife Barbara on 10-30-2011. His Obit.
Paul Leon Dunbar, SA: Aboard 1969.
Stephen R. Dunbar, TEM3: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Maryville, TN.
Billy Joe Duncan, BM3 Aboard 1961-62.
William H.N. Duncan Aboard 25 Dec 46.
Douglas Lynn Dunn, MM3: Aboard 1964-65. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Harrisville, MI.
James J. Dunn, RD2: Aboard 1953
John F.X. Dunn, FN: Aboard 1952-53. Lived in Warminster, PA in 1986. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Havertown, PA.
Dennis Robert Dupont, SK2: Aboard 1968-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to The Dalles, OR.
Joseph C. Dupuis (sp), SA: Aboard 1948
Raymond Francis Durney, S1c: Aboard 1944-45. Possibly deceased "RAYMOND F DURNEY 16 Dec 1913 31 Dec 1996 (V) 11357 (Whitestone, Queens, NY) 11354 (Flushing, Queens, NY) 056-10-3537 New York"
Kenneth E. Duryea: Aboard 25 Dec 46. Mailed 2003 reunion letter to New Paltz, NY.
George (n) Dzendzel, Cox: Aboard 1943-45. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Garfield, NJ. Possibly deceased "GEORGE DZENDZEL Request Information (SS-5) SSN 150-01-3593 Residence: 07026 Garfield, Bergen, NJ Born 15 May 1919 Last Benefit: Died 30 Apr 1994 Issued: NJ (Before 1951"

Shipmates are divided into 11 sections.

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