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Shipmates are divided into 11 sections.

Lloyd D. Adkins, CCS: Aboard 1945. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Spencer, IN (not him). Possibly deceased "LLOYD D ADKINS SSN: 518-36-6871 Last Residence: 83301 Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID Born: 15 Sep 1917 Last Benefit: Died: 22 Jul 1996"
Gerald W. Admires, QMCS: Aboard 1952. Probably deceased "GERALD W ADMIRES 26 May 1922 27 Dec 1989 64048 (Holt, Clay, MO) (none specified) 490-16-7581 Missouri" added 01/04/03
Eugene A. Akens, MMC: Aboard 1969. Probably promoted to MMCS. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Willis, MI. updated 03/08/05
Larry M. Allen, CEM(PA): Aboard 1942. updated 01/03/02
Ronald E. "Al" Allen, BTCS Aboard 1965-68 as BT3. Lives in Hattiesburg, MS. updated rate and membership 07/22/02
Frank B. Allgood, CSK: Aboard 1947-48. Possibly deceased. From "ALLGOOD, Frank Bradford; 88; Yazoo City MS." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Yazoo City, MS. updated 11/13/02
Jack V. Allumbaugh, BTC Aboard 1968-70. Ray Romani reports, "I had a call back from Jack V. Allumbaughs' son. Jack fell off a tractor and was killed in July of 1996. He said he remembers seeing his dad on the ship when he was a kid, and he's 46 now." updated with photo 10/18/04
Richard V. Ambree, SKC: Aboard 1948-49. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Homedale, ID.
Vernon O. Ames, CRM: Aboard 1947-48. Possibly deceased. From "Ames, Vernon Oscar 23 MAR 1919 Rutland, NY 23 NOV 1987 Coaldale, PA." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Coaldale, PA. updated 11/13/02
Joseph M. "Andy" Anderson, BMC Aboard 1961-62 as BM3. He saw our reunion ad in Navy Times and called me 05/30/01. He will try to attend reunion. Lives in Virginia Beach, VA.
Samuel L. Anderson, RMC: Aboard 1968-70.
Fedor G. Androwsky, SFC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961. Probably deceased. "ANDROWSKY, FEDOR G SFC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 05/11/1944 - 04/30/1965 DATE OF BIRTH: 08/04/1922 DATE OF DEATH: 02/19/1998 DATE OF INTERMENT: 02/24/1998 BURIED AT: SECTION G-17 ROW 1 SITE 6 GARRISON FOREST VETERANS CEMETERY 11501 GARRISON FOREST RD OWING MILLS, MD 21117-0000 (301) 636-6090" or From "Residence: Baltimore City, MD; Born: 4 Aug 1922; Died: 18 Feb 1998" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Ellicott City, MD. updated 04/19/04
Nicasio D. "Nick" Aportadera, MMC: Aboard 1969-70. Interested in 2001 reunion. Mailed 2002 reunion postcard. Lives in Lake Mary, FL.

AO-36 Life Member 138
Karl H. Armbruster, HTC
Aboard 1944-45
Reunions Attended: 2001
Karl H. Armbruster, SFC. Aboard 1944-45. From Rex Livengood, "I contacted him by phone. He lives in my hometown of Ridgefarm, IL (population 900). My dad contacted him the other day. Karl told me he would attend the reunion if he could. He is 83 years old and has lots of memories of the Kennebec. He said he joined the ship as a Fireman Second Class and left as a Shipfitter Chief. He joined the ship right after it cut the freighter in half. The Chief Engineer he worked for was a little Greek guy who had been on ship when it was owned by Socony Oil company. When the Navy requisitioned the ship, they gave the Greek guy a commission as a Lt and he stayed on the ship as CHENG. Karl's address is: 106 S First St. Ridgefarm, IL 61670 217-247-2932 updated 04/09/01
Lewis M. Armentrout, MMC NOT SURE THIS IS HIM Aboard 1947-49. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Maitland, MO.
Brownie G. Astrausky, YNC: Aboard 1963. DOE 11/44. Possibly deceased. "BROWNIE ASTRAUSKY 10 Jul 1924 Aug 1973 (not specified) (none specified) 166-24-5524 Pennsylvania"
Clarence (n) Bagger, CWT Aboard 1942. DOE: 07/15/33. Possibly deceased. "BAGGER, CLARENCE BTGC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: Unknown DATE OF BIRTH: 01/31/1896 DATE OF DEATH: 06/16/1960 DATE OF INTERMENT: 06/21/1960 BURIED AT: SECTION W SITE 1487 FT. ROSECRANS NATIONAL CEMETERY P.O. BOX 6237 P.O. BOX 6237 SAN DIEGO , CA 92166 (619) 553-2084 (619) 553-2084" or "BAGGER CLARENCE 01/31/1896 PETERSON M OREGON SAN DIEGO(80) 06/16/1960 566-40-2053 64 yrs." updated 04/19/02
Alfred A. Baker, EMC: Aboard 1966-69. Enlisted 09/53. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Lothian, MD (moved, left no forwarding address) and Ely, MN and Bremerton, WA.
Lewis A. Baker, CSC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Kingsport, TN.
Jay L. Barringer, RDC (photo courtesy Tony Ontanez) Aboard 1965. Possibly deceased. From "Residence: 98665 Vancouver, Clark, WA; Born 2 Jan 1926; Died 28 May 2000." From "The Columbian," May 31, 2000, "Jay L. Barringer, Vancouver resident for the past 15 years, died Sunday, May 28, 2000. He was 74. Mr. Barringer served three years in the Marines before joining the Navy and retiring as a chief operation specialist after 27 years.He was born Jan. 2, 1926, in Lorenzo, Texas. A memorial service will begin at 11 a.m. Monday, June 5 in the youth chapel at Apostolic Faith Church in Portland. Wilhelm Funeral Home in Portland is in charge." Sent 2002 reunion letter to Portland, OR. updated 11/13/02.
Kyle H. Beach, MMC Aboard 1967-69. Enlisted 02/56. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Swansea, MA.
Chester Beasley, CSC: Aboard 1951-54.
Roger L. Bell, BMCS: Aboard 1968-70. Enlisted 09/42. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Tulsa, OK. Possibly deceased "BELL, ROGER L BMCS US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 03/12/1970(?) - 09/30/1972(?) DATE OF BIRTH: 08/02/1922 DATE OF DEATH: 08/02/1978 DATE OF INTERMENT: 08/04/1978 BURIED AT: SECTION H SITE 4336A MEMPHIS NATIONAL CEMETERY 3568 TOWNES AVENUE MEMPHIS, TN 38122 (901) 386-8311" updated 04/19/04
Tasiano Bell, CST: Aboard 25 Dec 46. Granddaughter Mia Carbone identified him as "an enlisted man from the Phillipines." Born: 12 Jan 1903 and died 23 Jul 1989. Last residence Solano, CA. updated 02/11/04

AO-36 Life Member 176
Edwin "Ben" Benchuans
DCC, Aboard
Reunions Attended:
2001, 2005
Edwin "Ben" Benchuans, DCC Courtesy of Russell Burnard, "He was our 1st Class Damage Controlman in "R" Div. He was probably the most influential leader that I worked for in the Navy.Both John Fee and I had tremendous respect for him. He made chief while on the Kennebec and was transferred to another ship. His new ship was a DD and I don't remember the name but it came along our starboard side for fuel one time and John Fee and I recognized him on the deck during unrep. We talked to him on the sound power phone and congratulated him on making C.P.O. and sent him over a chiefs hat. I won't tell you where we got the hat but I think either chief Ryburn or Chief Blackwell were missing one." Russ later spoke to him and reported, "He was very excited to hear from me to say the least. He said that he will join the Assn.and come to the reunion for sure,all he needs is the paperwork. He dosn't have a computer so you will have to mail it to him . I copied some of the ships crew page and I'm sending it to him. He is 75 years young and still sounds like he is full of piss and vinegar. What a great guy." Lives in Spring Valley, CA. updated 3/31/01
Robert L. Bender, ANC: Aboard 1948.
Clair F. Berry, EMCS: Aboard 1966. Possibly deceased. From "Residence: 39564 Ocean Springs, Jackson, MS; Born 17 Oct 1926; Died 29 Dec 1995."
John C. Berry, CBM: Aboard 1943. added 01/05/03

AO-36 Life Member 18
Charles T. "Bud" Bessey, HTC
Aboard 1961-64
Bud Bessey
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010
Just discovered the site for the "Crippled K." I was Aboard for recommissioning in December 1961 and brought her from NY to SF CA... made first West Pac cruise. This ship was the model for McHales Navy... the best of my Naval Career. Left her in Feb 1964 retired Feb 1976, shipfitter shop. Lets talk about possible reunion. Have you found any other sites for registering military connections? I put together a Kennebec Reunion in the early 70s in Vegas we had a very small turnout but that was before the days of E Mail. I retired HTC in 76 now living in Oregon and totally retired loving it. Let me know any way I can help. My years on her were the greatest and most informative my Navy career. updated email address 10/25/04
David M. "D.M." Bickford, RTIC: Aboard 1944 as RT2. Received a response to 2003 reunion letter on 12/21/02, "Just a note to let you know I'm still here. Fully retired at age 90 years and in our home of more than 40 years. I was discharged as RTIC and had a full life of electronics. I only spent 4-1/2 months aboard AO-36 before going to Panama for 14 months in 1944." Received a letter from wife Mary on 02/10/04, "D.M. Bickford died, age 91, on January 8, 2004. His duty on the Kennebec was a big adventure for a boy from the Midwest." Lived in Owatonna, MN. updated 02/10/04
Everett E. Binns, MMC: Aboard 1953. Possibly deceased, "BINNS EVERETT E 12/01/1917 M UNKNOWN KERN 05/03/1989 564-36-9048 71 yrs." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Silver Springs, MD. updated 11/13/02
Don V. Blackwell, Jr., SFC Aboard 1966-70. Enlisted 08/55. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sacramento, CA.
Robert P. Blake, CPhm Aboard 1942. DOE 06/05/41
Richard E. "Dick" Bordner, SKCS Aboard 1970 as SK1. Lives in Paradis, LA. updated 05/10/03
Joseph E. Boutilier, CMM Aboard 1942. DOE 03/06/36. Probably deceased "JOSEPH BOUTILIER SSN: 156-05-8123 Last Residence: 07006 Caldwell, Essex, NJ Born: 25 Oct 1919 Last Benefit: Died: 30 Sep 1988"
Jerry R. Bradbery, MMC: Aboard 1969-70. Probably deceased. ""JERRY BRADBERY 28 Mar 1939 Dec 1982 (not specified) (none specified) 456-64-3873 Texas"
Edwin J. Buelow, FPC: Aboard 1957. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Waco, TX
M. (Marion?) W. Butkovich, CCS: Aboard 1946. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Hayden, ID. Possibly deceased "BUTKOVICH, MARION WILLIAM Social Security #: 525162369 Sex: FEMALE Birth Date: 12 Mar 1915 Birthplace: IOWA Death Date: 19 Nov 1989 Death Place: SAN DIEGO" and "Name: Marion W. Butkovich SSN: 525-16-2369 Last Residence: 87106 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico, United States of America Born: 12 Mar 1915 Died: 19 Nov 1989 State (Year) SSN issued: New Mexico (Before 1951 )" and Possibly his wife "BUTKOVICH, MARY FLORENCE DATE OF BIRTH: 04/15/1910 DATE OF DEATH: 06/17/1972 DATE OF INTERMENT: 07/10/1972 BURIED AT: SECTION W SITE 610 SANTA FE NATIONAL CEMETERY 501 NORTH GUADALUPE STREET P. O. BOX 88 SANTA FE, NM 87501 (505) 988-6400 WIFE OF BUTKOVICH, MARION WILLIAM CSC US NAVY" updated 04/19/04
Clarence E. Butler, CMM: Aboard 1946
Argus D. Byrd, CRM NOT SURE THIS IS HIM Aboard 1942-43. Enlisted 1937. Deceased. Date of enlistment matches muster roll "BYRD, ARGUS DEWEY AVCM US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 06/15/1937 - 06/30/1971 DATE OF BIRTH: 06/02/1920 DATE OF DEATH: 01/28/1990 DATE OF INTERMENT: 01/28/1990 BURIED AT: SECTION 30 SITE 265 BARRANCAS NATIONAL CEMETERY NAVAL AIR STATION, 80 HOVEY ROAD PENSACOLA , FL 32508 (850) 453-4108 (850) 453-4846" updated 04/19/04
L. (Leonard?) F. Calfee, CEM: Aboard 1946. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Port Hueneme, CA (unknown).
J.W. Calhoun, MMCS: recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. updated 05/24/01
Glenn J. Cantrell in 1999
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AO-36 Life Member 137
Glenn J. Cantrell, EMCS
Aboard 1942-46
Aboard 1942-46 as EM1. Also served on the USS Oriskany. Glen passed away on August 31, 2008 of cancer. Lived in Tate, GA, then later in Jasper, GA. Click Here for obit. Updated 07/03/2009.
Clifford R. "Cliff" Carnahan, CSC Aboard 1962-66. Enlisted 07/52. Probably deceased. From "Clifford Ray Carnahan; Born: 06/06/34; Mother's maiden name: Tanner; Born: Louisiana; Died: 02/23/82 at age 47 in San Diego; SS#: 277-36-1323 issued in Ohio." updated 11/11/02
Joseph (n)Cebula, Jr., CPhM Aboard 1944-45. His daughter, T.J. wrote, "I am not sure the exact dates he served but it was within months after Pearl Harbor until the end of the war. He was born 12-14-17." Deceased. updated 02/14/02
Peter B. Chace, QMC: Aboard 1949-50. Johnny Dobson advised he is deceased. updated 07/03/03
James C. Chambers, CSC: Aboard 1952-53.
Jack Ernest Chatelle, CGM: Aboard 1943-46. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 92252 Joshua Tree, San Bernardino, CA; Born 8 Apr 1914; Died 28 Apr 1992.
Edward C. Christian, CSC: Aboard 1969-70
William C. Clements, GMGC: Aboard 1962-64. Enlisted 04/44.
John M. Coats, MSC Aboard 1966-67 as CS2. Lives in Loomis, CA. updated email address 08/16/03
Virgil C. Cobb, MMC: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2003 reunion letter to San Diego, CA. and Haskell, TX. added 01/04/03
Fred Wesly Colby, CY: He served as a yeoman from May 1942 - November 1945.
Lee Carnal Cook, PNCM Aboard 1966-67 as PN2. Retired in 1988 after 30 years....would be interested in hearing from any shipmates. Lives in Bremerton, WA. updated 01/25/02
Robert J. Copley, CMM: Aboard 1942-45. Deceased Date of enlistment matches muster roll. "COPLEY, ROBERT J CMM US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 09/05/1942 - 12/21/1945 DATE OF BIRTH: 10/26/1918 DATE OF DEATH: 09/14/1981 DATE OF INTERMENT: 09/17/1981 BURIED AT: SECTION S SITE 4740 FT. LOGAN NATIONAL CEMETERY 3698 SOUTH SHERIDAN BOULEVARD DENVER , CO 80235 (303) 761-0117 (700) 326-2754" updated 04/19/04
Lewis Ralph Cowden, EMC: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Big Piney, WY.
H.S. Critchlow, HMC: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Easton, MD. added 01/04/03
Raymond L. Curling, DCCS: Aboard 1970. Deceased. Month/year of enlistment matches muster roll. "CURLING, RAYMOND L DCCS US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 06/07/1951 - 03/23/1971 DATE OF BIRTH: 07/13/1933 DATE OF DEATH: 08/24/1990 DATE OF INTERMENT: 08/29/1990 BURIED AT: SECTION 38 SITE 155 NATIONAL MEMORIAL CEMETERY OF ARIZONA 23029 NORTH CAVE CREEK ROAD PHOENIX, AZ 85024 (480) 513-3600 (480)" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Cottonwood, AZ (no longer at this address) and Caddo Mills, TX (unknown). updated 04/19/04
Leopoldo P. David, MMC: Aboard 1966.
Noland H. Davis, SKC: Aboard 1950. Probably deceased "NOLAND H DAVIS SSN: 510-07-1280 Last Residence: 95603 Auburn, Placer, CA Born: 24 Nov 1916 Last Benefit: Died: 13 Jan 1996 State (Year) SSN issued: KS"
Thomas J. Dawson, QMC: Aboard 1953-54. added 01/04/03
Russell C. Day, GMGC: Aboard 1962. Enlisted 04/45.
Frederick E. Dempsey, HMC Aboard 1964-65. From Doc Howard, "Fred Passed away April 24, 1999, from melanoma cancer. What a shame. He was a real gentleman." Fred's wife, Eleanor, sent Doc a letter suggesting some of the information be used on the Web site, "Fred was on the USS Graffis before he retired in March 1970. He had spent 22 years in the serice. As you probably know he was in the Marines for a while on loan from the Navy medics. We were living in San Francisco at the time of his retirement and he was employed for a while by either the public health hospital or VA Hospital. Fred applied for VA employment in Denver and Seattle; he chose Seattle as we been stationed there before and liked the area. During Fred's time at the VA Hospital here in Seattle he took a year's training at the Woodland Park Zoo and then did volunteer work as a docent for about 20 years taking school children on tours of the zoo. Fred died April 24, 1999; he had previously had a melanoma mole removed 5 years earlier. Five years later the cancer showed up again but this time in his lung. He was on chemotherapy but eventually died. One daughter lives here in Seattle and one lives in Fremont, CA." updated 08/28/01
Frank Delgado, BMC: Aboard 1952. added 01/04/03
Camilo Dizon, GMGC: Aboard 1964-65. Postcard returned 03/04/02 from Vallejo, CA.
Johnny H. Dobson, DCCS (Ret.) Aboard Kennebec April-September 1950 as FN. Lives in Ramona, CA. updated email address 08/25/04
Erman Donald, MMC: Aboard 1950. Possibly deceased "Name: DONALD, ERMAN Social Security #: 546504281 Sex: MALE Birth Date: 5 May 1914 Birthplace: MISSISSIPPI Death Date: 13 Aug 1977 Death Place: SAN DIEGO" updated 03/08/05
Glen Chester Downing, CSK: Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2003 reunion letter to San Diego, CA.
Woodrow W. Downs, HMC Aboard 1951-52. Constance Downs emailed Feb 20, 2002 "Please be advised that my husband WW Downs is deceased. "DOWNS, WOODROW WILSON HMC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 06/14/1932 - 05/31/1962 DATE OF BIRTH: 10/16/1912 DATE OF DEATH: 03/29/1981 DATE OF INTERMENT: 04/01/1981 BURIED AT: SECTION 9 SITE 147 RIVERSIDE NATIONAL CEMETERY 22495 VAN BUREN BOULEVARD RIVERSIDE , CA 92518 (909) 653-8417" Thank you though for the picture of the USS Kennebec which I am forwarding to our son, R. L. Downs L/Cdr.(Ret.) He lives in Virginia Beach, VA. My memories of the Chief's duty Aboard the Kennebec are fondly remembered while home-ported at Pearl Harbor. updated 04/19/04
James E. Dunn, BMC: Aboard 1953-54.
Joseph W.P. Einhorn, BMC: Aboard 1951. Possibly deceased, "EINHORN JOSEPH WP 12/04/1913 ANDERSON M NEW JERSEY CONTRA COSTA 01/14/1996 569-46-9543 82 yrs." Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Pablo, CA. updated 11/13/02

AO-36 Life Member 198
Robert E. "Bob" Eklund
SKC, Aboard 1961-64
as SK3
Reunions Attended:
recommissioning crew He called Dick Hawkins 06/20/03 and was on oxygen but could drive to a reunion closer to his home. Lives in Seville, FL. updated residence 02/08/04 Membership Life Member as of Nov. 2007rg. We received this word from John Hollowood on 01/26/2016: "It is with sadness that I report the passing of Kennebec shipmate ROBERT E. EKLUND, SKC, USN, RET. I received the notification from the Fleet Reserve Association today. Bob did not have any family members that I was aware of." From the Daytona Beach News Journal: Eklund, Robert E., 74, Seville, who retired from the Navy, died Monday (Nov 9th, 2015). Altman-Long Funeral Home & Crematory, DeBary, FL handled his burial.
Hjalmer A. Elpe, Jr., CSCS 1930 Census Aboard 1965-66. Enlisted 05/43. Deceased "Residence: Yuba City, Sutter, CA. Born 4 Mar 1926, Died 29 Sep 1996" "Elpe, Hjalmer A. Jr. O-79-2 M 70 3 Oct 1996 Vet".
Harold L. Elwood, QMC: Aboard 1946-48.

AO-36 Life Member 50
Robert K. "Bob" Fahrner, QMCS, USN, Ret.
Aboard 1947-49
Aboard 12/47-06/49 as QMSN. Enlisted 1945 and retired 1977. While stationed in Taiwan in 1967 he rode a Chinese destroyer during a refueling exercise with Kennebec. Unable to attend 2001 or 2002 reunion. His widow wrote, "He passed away April 28, 2005." Birth: 23 Dec 1928; Death: 28 Apr 2005. Lived in Kapaa, HI. updated 06/24/05
Earl E. Fairbrother, CSCM Aboard 1966-67. Enlisted 08/41. His daughter Connie advised he is deceased. From (Residence: Santa Clara, CA; Born 29 May 1911, Died 16 Apr 1995) updated 11/27/02
S.E. Falconieri, CMOMM: Aboard 1947.
William H. Fernandez, CSCS
Arthur E. Fetter, Jr., MMC: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard. From 1930 Census "Fetter, Arthur; Age: 9; State: Missouri; County: Vernon; Township: Moundville" From "ARTHUR FETTER 22 Aug 1920 Jan 1985 72949 (Ozark, Franklin, AR) (none specified) 320-30-3280 Illinois" updated 12/11/02
Raymond C. Flott, BMCS recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-63. Service dates 06/43-10/73. Probably deceased. "Name: RAYMOND C FLOTT SSN: 436-28-1948 Last Residence: 32211 Jacksonville, Duval, FL Born: 21 Jan 1925 Last Benefit: Died: 29 Nov 1988 State (Year) SSN issued: LA (Before 1951 )" Sent 2004 reunion letter to possible relative. updated 03/09/04
William Winnett Fortune, CMM Aboard 1942-44. Enlisted 02/27/40 in New Haven, CT. Sent 2002 reunion letter to New Haven, CT.
Boyd (n) Fox, CPhM Aboard 1942-43. Enlisted 03/08/35 in Mare Island, CA.
Carl C. Frandsen, MMC: Aboard 1952-54.
Solon T. Gee, RM1: Aboard during 1944-45 era. From Missouri. From 1930 Census "Gee, Solon T; Age: 10; Birthplace: Parma,New Madrid,Missouri" updated 12/11/02
Michael C. Glasky CWT: Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased, "GLASKY, MICHAEL CHARLES MACHINIST US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: Unknown - 05/01/1946 DATE OF BIRTH: 09/25/1901 DATE OF DEATH: 07/21/1963 DATE OF INTERMENT: 07/25/1963 BURIED AT: SECTION Z SITE 1261 GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL CEMETERY 1300 SNEATH LANE SAN BRUNO , CA 94066 (650) 589-7737 (650) 589-1646" or "GLASKY MICHAEL C 09/25/1901 M OHIO ALAMEDA(60) 07/21/1963 556-26-2931 61 yrs." updated 04/19/04
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Edgar A. "Ed" Goodenough, SMC: Aboard 1968-70. Plans to attend 2001 reunion. Lives in Sacramento, CA. updated 06/14/01 Membership EXP 06/04
Willis L. Gysbers, CSC: Aboard 1948-49. Wife Clara wrote in Feb 2002, "Chief Gysbers passed away Dec 27, 1986." "WILLIS GYSBERS; 16 Apr 1914 - Dec 1986; Seaford, York, VA; 470-09-9948 Minnesota" updated 12/11/02
David W. Guenther, CPO Aboard 1967-68. He called 06/10/03 after I left a message. He keeps in touch with Roger Hornecker but didn't seem to have much interest in the Association. Winters in Mesa, AZ. Lives in Red Wing, MN. updated 06/10/03
Charles E. Haggerty, BTC NOT SURE THIS IS HIM Aboard 1956. updated 11/28/02
Harold W. Hamilton, Sr., BMC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961. updated 06/30/02
Wilbert Frankland Hankins, CphM Aboard 1942-44. Enlisted 06/07/41 in Key West, FL. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Pensacola, FL. Probably deceased "WILBERT HANKINS; 30 Oct 1903 May 1992; 263-40-7257 Florida" updated 12/11/02
John R. Hanson, BTC Aboard 1947-50. updated 02/14/02
Willie E. Hardaway, HMC: Aboard 1967-70. Interested in 2001 reunion. Lives in Richmond, CA. Enlisted 09/54.

AO-36 Life Member 29
Bob G. Hargrove, MMC
Aboard 1964-65
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002
Served Aboard Kennebec 1964 -1965. I want to say I was very happy to find this site I have been looking for along time to try and find old shipmates from the time I was Aboard. I have been a Member of and Military for some time with a listing there. There are several names listed there. I have been trying to locate a EN2 Elmer Vess, If any one knows of his where abouts, I would like to know. I do want to say I have Fond memories of the time I was Aboard. I retired Sept.1974 as a MMC. I retired from Bayer Corp. April 1999. Taking life as it comes now enjoying life with my grand chrilden.I look forward to hearing from old crew members to swap old sea stores. I know a reunion would be great to see old friends. Would like to know if and when the reunion is set. Lives in Summerville, SC.
Thomas E. Harper, Jr., CEM: Aboard 1942. added 01/05/03
Clarence W. Hartnett, CGM: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
George Edward Hawkins, CMM: Aboard 1945-46.
Robert L. Hayes, COM Aboard 1942. Possibly deceased "HAYES, ROBERT LEE CHBOSN US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 04/18/1917 - 07/01/1947 DATE OF BIRTH: 03/07/1898 DATE OF DEATH: 03/19/1968 DATE OF INTERMENT: 03/25/1968 BURIED AT: SECTION J SITE 281 FT. ROSECRANS NATIONAL CEMETERY P.O. BOX 6237 P.O. BOX 6237 SAN DIEGO , CA 92166 (619) 553-2084 (619) 553-2084" updated 04/19/04
Louis A. Henson, HMC: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Llano, TX.
Marlow A. Herman, SKC: Aboard 1949-50. Possibly deceased. From Residence: 90732 San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA; Born 6 Apr 1907; Died 10 Dec 1993.
Lamar C. Herrington, MEC: Aboard 1951. Possibly deceased. From "Born: 27 Dec 1919; Died: Sep 1973; Issued: SC (1952)" updated 07/10/02
Frank C. Hicks, BMC Aboard 1968. updated with photo 10/18/04
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AO-36 Life Member 75
Allyn P. Higdem, BTC
Aboard 1966-69
Great Web site. I was stationed on the USS Kennebec from 1966 to 1969. Had a lot fun. Hope to hear from any of the men that served with me. Unable to attend 2001 reunion. Unable to attend 2002 reunion due to family illness. Lives in Albermarle, NC. updated email address 08/23/04

AO-36 Life Member 106
Gad C. Hitchcock, PMC/DV
Aboard 1962-63
Aboard June 62 - Feb 63 as PM3. Lives in Washougal, WA.
updated with life membership 03/11/04

AO-36 Life Member 32
John J. Hollowood, SKC
Aboard 1961-62
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010, 2012
Aboard 1961-62 as SK3. I just read about the proposed reunion in October. I served on her until August of 62. What better place to have a reunion (lost wages). I retired in 1980 after twenty one good years. On the Kennebec I was a SK3 and I retired as a Chief Storekeeper. My wife and I would be happy to attend the reunion. Lives in St. Charles, MO. updated 06/04/01
Enos W. Holz, MMC In a 1985 letter to Bud Bessey, he lived in Lebanon, PA. Probably deceased. "ENOS W HOLZ 15 Mar 1919 29 Jan 1996 33837 (Davenport, Polk, FL) (none specified) 182-16-1843 Pennsylvania." updated 11/13/02
Charles Hook, MEC NOT SURE THIS IS HIM Aboard 1946-48. Probably deceased "HOOK, CHARLES SFC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 01/10/1940 - 09/01/1967 DATE OF BIRTH: 01/02/1919 DATE OF DEATH: 12/06/2002 DATE OF INTERMENT: 12/12/2002 BURIED AT: SECTION 57A SITE 1594 RIVERSIDE NATIONAL CEMETERY 22495 VAN BUREN BOULEVARD RIVERSIDE , CA 92518 (909) 653-8417" updated 04/19/04
Mr. Hotchkiss, Chief Radio Electrician: Aboard 1949-50. added 07/18/01

AO-36 Life Member  5
Wayne E. "Doc" Howard, Jr., HMCS
Aboard 1965-66
Reunions Attended: 2001
I was Aboard from June 65/Nov 66 as HM2 when I went to Nam. Wow Great web site. I've been looking for this for years. Is this the 1st Reunion? If this isn't the 1st reunion, do you have a list of people who have attended before? I'm really interested in attending. Seems to be the year for reunions. I have a USS Klondike reunion in San Diego in Sept. Haven't seen any other ships but these two. Lives in Pittsburg, CA. updated 06/05/01
Lawrence W. Jackson, CWT: Aboard 1946-48
Mr. Johnson, Master Mechanic: Aboard 1949-50 era. added 07/18/01
Edward E. Johnson, MMCS: Aboard 1962-65. Enlisted 05/52.
Iral N. Johnson, HMC: Aboard 1951. Possibly deceased. From Born 22 Feb 1917; Died 18 Nov 1995.
Malcolm Johnson, GMGC
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Merelynn M. Johnson, YNC Aboard May 1965 to Feb 1967 as YN2. Lives in Highland, CA. updated 04/28/01 Membership EXP 05/04
Stewart A. Jones, QMC: Aboard 1969-70. Enlisted 04/52. Sent 2004 reunion letter to Newark, OH.
Donald E. Kastner, HMC, HMCS Retired: Aboard 1966. Enlisted 11/52. From his guestbook post: Super website. Served on board for a short 9 days 1966. Ship was scheduled for a refuel training exercize and needed a corpsman. Was awaiting orders at Treasure Island. Updated 7/27/2010
Robert W. "Bob" Kiehn, CPO Aboard 1962-66 as BM3. From "After graduating from LA SIERRA High School in 1961 I went into the U.S. Navy and made a career out of it rising to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, I retired in 1982 and was a Prison Guard for one year, after which I went into the Federal Government as a Police Officer, which I still am today with almost 22 years service. This coming September I am going to retire again for the second time and work on a third career until I reach social security age. Then retire for good, so I can scuba dive and travel. I am always interested in what ever happened to my class mates, and if their lives have been as interesting as mine. I am still full of life and very very active. After I finally grew up I found that I'm a big softy that is a push over. Has four children. Lives in Hawaii." updated 11/02/04
John William King, HMC: Aboard 1966-67. added 01/09/03
Leroy J. Kinzel, DCC: (Possibly deceased: Residence: Saint Clair, IL. Born 9 Jan 1922, Died 23 May 1994) updated 06/18/01
Kent K. Klarner, PNC: Aboard 1963. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Rome, GA (son?). updated 12/12/02
Joseph G. Kolina, Jr., MMC: Aboard 1951-53. Possibly deceased. From Born 6 May 1911; Died 5 Jul 1991.
Percy D. Kohler, CBM: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
John J. Kurilla, CMB: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/02
David K. "Dave" Langworthy, BTCM. Aboard Oct 69 - Mar 70 as BT2. Found the website and was surprised to see my picture with Jake's Sandy. Lost track of him over the years. Glad to see some of the old shipmates again. I did go back in after being out for four years from 1970 - 1974 and retired in June 1993 as a BTCM. Lives in Uniontown, OH. updated 06/22/01 Membership EXP 06/02
Sylvester H. Lathen, MMC: Aboard 1951. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Weslaco, TX. added 01/03/03
Paul H. Lemieux, MMC: Aboard 1965. Enlisted 01/47. Possibly deceased, "LEMIEUX PAUL HENRY 02/27/1923 OCHS M MICHIGAN SAN DIEGO(37) 03/26/1997 381-16-0203 74 yrs." updated 11/13/02
Richard Locke, CSC: Aboard 1951. added 01/03/03
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes George H. Lockway, MSC Aboard 1967-68 as CS2 (MS replaced CS). Interested in 2002 reunion. Looking for James O'Connor, BM2. Lives in Scotts, MI. updated with membership 08/05/02 Membership EXP 08-03
George W. Longbella, HMC: Aboard 1953-54. (Possibly deceased. From "Residence: Silver Bow, MT; Born 17 Jun 1911; Died 29 Jun 1995."
Frank Leo Luc, BTC Aboard 1942-45. Enlisted 04/15/37 in St. Louis, MO. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Oakland, CA. Deceased "Luc, Frank Leo; Birth Date: 01/21/14; Death Date: 05/11/67; Race: Caucasian;Home City: San Diego; Length of Service: 26; SSN/Service #: 4102086; Casualty Type: Non-Hostile - Died of Other Causes; Branch of Service: Navy; Sex: Male; Marital Status: Married; State: California; Posthumous Promotion: No" updated 12/11/02
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes Thomas I. "Tommy" Lucas, HTCS, Aboard 1952-54. Deceased "Last Residence: 28342 Falcon, Cumberland, NC; Born: 14 Sep 1927; Died: 6 Aug 2004" Was interested in attending 2002 reunion. Lived in Falcon, NC. updated with death notice 04/12/05
Louis J. Madden, BMC: Aboard 1951. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Bedford, TX. Possibly deceased "MADDEN, LOUIS JOSEPH JR BMC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 11/18/1936 - 03/31/1953 DATE OF BIRTH: 01/25/1917 DATE OF DEATH: 11/10/1993 DATE OF INTERMENT: 11/15/1993 BURIED AT: SECTION X SITE 1596 WILLAMETTE NATIONAL CEMETERY 11800 SE MT. SCOTT BOULEVARD PORTLAND, OR 97266 (503) 273-5250" updated 04/19/04
Gayle L. Martin, MMC Aboard 1963-65. Lives in Peru, NE. updated 08/16/01
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes Claudio R. Martinez, MMC Aboard 1966-68. Enlisted 11/54. 5/15/2014 update/memories from Erv Remmele: In the May (2014) issue of the Fleet Reserve Assc. magazine Chief Martinez was listed as having passed on. Martinez was in the “A” gang from 1966 to 1968. I had some good times with the Chief and have over the years wondered where he was. My first experience with eating raw tina was at his house, when invited to dinner. After a couple of Martini’s, I went for second’s.
Mr. Matthews, Chief Aboard 1942.
Louis P. Meniette, EMC: Aboard 1947-49. Probably deceased "LOUIS P MENIETTE 26 Aug 1918 22 Aug 1982 90815 (Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA) 90815 (Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA) 570-44-1689 California" updated 12/11/02
R.W. McDonald, CSC: Aboard 1949-50.
William C. McGuire, CGM: Aboard 1946-48
Ronald C. "Ron" McLaren, SKCM Served as part of decom crew in Galveston, TX., 1957 as SK3. Went aboard in Newport News, Va. The CO was CDR N.F.J.Stimac and the XO was LCDR J. F. Sporer. SUPPO was LT Phillipe H. LaFrance from Fall River, MA. Had a great time gaging tanks whenever we put into port and took on or discharged cargo. Seemed like DK3 Harley T. Henderson and myself were elected to go ashore and gage tanks. The ship's store operator was SK3 Norman Wolf from Chicago I believe. Our leading SK1 was A.J. Voight from the Washington, DC area. The ship's corpsman was HM1 Church. We had a good crew and the KENNEBEC was one of the best ships I served in in my 32 years. I retired in 1988 as an SKCM (SW). Lives in Virginia Beach, VA. updated 08/13/02
L.E. Miller, BTC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961.
William J. Miller, MMCS: Aboard 1966-67. Enlisted 10/42.
Nolen M. Minson, CMM: Aboard 1947-48. (Possibly deceased. From "Residence: Tehama, CA; Born 13 May 1917; Died 25 Nov 2000." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Red Bluff, CA.
Edwin J. Moats, MMCS: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Timpson, TX.
Raymond A. Monize, CSF: Aboard 1946
Enoch W. Moore, Jr., BTC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Isonville, KY.
Don Morley, WTC: Aboard 1948. From Walt Morrissey, "I was ship mates with Don on the USS Ammen DD527 1951- 1952. He was on the Kennebec just before I came aboard. I know he retired after Korea. He died in late 50's or early 60's. That's all I can tell you at this time. I Know he was aboard when C. Naftger, WT2, as as they were shipmates at that time."
Carl E. "Dutch" Mueller, EMPC: Aboard 1953. Received email from Frances Carla (Mueller) Fordyce 02/22/05, "I recently found my father's name in the Kennebec website. After serving two years in the Navy in the early 50's, my father retired from the U.S. Navy for the second time with 22 years of service. I can't give you any other information about his time aboard the Kennebec, however, I can tell you that he died (after 5 years of deteriorating health). Born: 28 Jan 1905 in Lugau, Germany; Died: 16 Mar 1996, at the age of 91. He immigrated to the United States from Germany following World War I. He was a very gentle man, devoted to his family, and married to my mother for 60 years. My mother Esther Mueller died 10 days after he did in April, 1996. My sister and I still live in our hometown of Long Beach, CA. Please feel free to add any of this information to the Kennebec website. updated 03/03/05
Fred G. Nagel, HMC Aboard 1948. Deceased "FRED G NAGEL; SSN 464-09-8680; Residence: 72204 Little Rock, Pulaski, AR Born 21 Jul 1909; Died 25 Feb 1990" updated 05/25/03
R.C. Nelson, SHC commissioning crew Lived in Beaver Falls, PA in 1986.
Ernest W. Nielsen, BMCM Aboard 1964-67. Enlisted 08/39. Probably deceased, "NIELSEN, ERNEST WALTER BMCM US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 10/31/1946 - 10/31/1969 DATE OF BIRTH: 08/19/1916 DATE OF DEATH: 03/11/1979 DATE OF INTERMENT: 03/14/1979 BURIED AT: SECTION S SITE 444 GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL CEMETERY 1300 SNEATH LANE SAN BRUNO , CA 94066 (650) 589-7737 (650) 589-1646" or "NIELSEN ERNEST WALTER 08/19/1916 M CALIFORNIA ALAMEDA(01) 03/11/1979 566-01-7960 62 yrs." updated 04/19/04
George T. O'Baker, BTC. Aboard 1961-63 as BT2. I retired from the naval reserve in 1988 as a chief BT. I retired as a stationary engineer in June of 2000. Married 37 years, 4 daughters and seven grand children. Lives in Cumberland, MD. updated 05/31/01
Jay K. O'Flynn, EMC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. Possibly deceased. From "Born: 24 Nov 1923; Died: May 1978; Issued: KY (Before 1951)" updated 07/10/02
Albert F. "Bert" Ogden, YNC, USN (Ret.) Aboard 1952-53 as YN2 in Long Beach, CA, under CMDR Huff. Will attend 2001 reunion. Lives in Grantsville, UT. updated 06/16/01
Lionel (n) "Frenchy" Paquette, GMC Aboard 1942-44 as GM3. He passed away at the age of 79, unexpectedly, Saturday, April 26, 2003, in Weston, MA. His widow is Rita A. (O'Hara) Paquette. Courtesy The Vietnam Veterans of American Veterans: Lionel Paquette died April 26 in Fall River, Massachusetts. He was born May 13, 1923. Paquette served in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Petty Officer. He served in World War II aboard the USS Kennebec, USS Magnet, and the USS Sarpedon, which included tours in the Pacific theater: Saipan, Guam, and Okinawa. He was a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America-Westport Chapter 207. updated 07/17/04 Sent 2002 reunion letter to Westport, MA.
George L. Parkman, MMCM: Aboard 1964-65. Enlisted 04/43. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Bakersfield, CA.
Ernest E. Parsons, BMC: Aboard 1952.
George W. Patrick, MMC: Aboard 1952-54.
Oscar J. Peck, BMC: Aboard 1964. Enlisted 04/42.
John L. Pinkerton, SKC: Aboard 1951-54.
Jose Pinson, SDC: Aboard 1949-50. Probably deceased "PINSON, JOSE SDC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 03/05/1930 - 03/31/1961 DATE OF BIRTH: 06/19/1907 DATE OF DEATH: 01/18/1985 DATE OF INTERMENT: 01/25/1985 BURIED AT: SECTION G SITE 132 RIVERSIDE NATIONAL CEMETERY 22495 VAN BUREN BOULEVARD RIVERSIDE , CA 92518 (909) 653-8417" and "JOSE PINSON 19 Jun 1907 Jan 1985 92370 (California) 92370 561-54-7322 California" updated 04/19/04
Vance A. Ponton, HMC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. (Possibly deceased. From SSDI: Born 11 Jul 1930, Died 28 Sep 1994) updated 06/18/01
Austin C. Powell, GMC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961. Possibly deceased"AUSTIN G POWELL SSN: 058-20-7545 Last Residence: 15101 Allison Park, Allegheny, PA Born: 23 Aug 1926 Last Benefit: Died: 9 Mar 1993 State (Year) SSN issued: NY (Before 1951 )" updated 02/03/04
Avis G. Prater, SFC Aboard 1962-65. Enlisted 10/40. From Bud Bessey in June 2001, "I have contacted Chief Praters daughter-in-law. He is well and living at the Old Sailors Home. She said he was excited to hear from us and would try to come to the reunion with his daughter in law." Sent 2002 reunion letter to Tacoma, WA.
James Dowling Pratt, PNC, Ret. Aboard 25 October 1962 to 2 July 1964. I was a PN3 when I reported Aboard and PN2 when I departed for Shore duty at Pensacola NAS. I was POIC Ship's Office. The last time I saw her was at NavSta Subic Bay when I left for Pensacola. I live in NW Florida. About the reunion..... I'll have to give that some thought. I'd really love to attend. updated 07/20/01
Clarence D. Price, MMC: Aboard 1948-50.
Orvi (Orville?) Quisenberry, Jr., QMC: Aboard 1964. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Kingsport, TN (not him). updated 06/09/03
Oscar J. Raasch, CMM Aboard 1942. DOE 02/17/34. From 1930 Census: "Raasch, Oscar J; Age: 34; Birthplace: MO; State: San Diego, CA. He was a CPO in the U.S. Navy" "OSCAR RAASCH 13 Feb 1894 Mar 1977 92104 (San Diego, San Diego, CA) (none specified) 572-62-2649 California" updated 04/23/04
Rodney R. Radcliff, EMC: Aboard 1964-66. Enlisted 04/45. From Bob Hargrove, "He passed away in 1978. He retired off the ship in 1966. His wife lives in Bloomington, MN." "RADCLIFF, RODNEY R EMC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 09/20/1962 - 01/24/1966 DATE OF BIRTH: 02/21/1926 DATE OF DEATH: 07/16/1978 DATE OF INTERMENT: 02/22/1980 BURIED AT: SECTION W SITE 4569 FT. SNELLING NATIONAL CEMETERY 8001 34TH AVENUE, SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS , MN 55450 (612) 726-1127 (612) 725-2059" and "RODNEY RADCLIFF 21 Feb 1926 Jul 1978 55420 (Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN) (none specified) 478-20-6650 Iowa" updated 04/19/04

AO-36 Life Member 26
Erwin C. "Erv" Remmele, BTCM
Aboard 1967-70
Erv Remmele
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2003,
2004, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016
I served on the Kennebec during the years 1967-70 and was transferred just before the ship got underway for Vallejo and decommissioning. I retired in January 1973 from Treasure Island as Command Career Counselor. I reported Aboard the Kennebec as a BTCS and in 1968 made E-9. Some of my best duty (in spite of the West Pac tours) was Aboard the Kennebec. Like some others have said, we had a good crew with good morale though I may not have contributed to the morale factor. I was a task-master and pretty hard on some of my crew. The most displeasing task was having to keep the boiler crew from liberty in order to clean boilers. After retiring from the navy, a second career was in the insurance business. First as a safety engineer, then as a broker. I again retired in 1996. I am currently keeping busy with community volunteer work, golfing, traveling, etc., in that order. Looking forward to this years reunion and having an opportunity to reconnect with shipmates. Worked with LT Blake as his main propulsion assistant. Lives in Bend, OR. updated with photo 10/18/04
Mr. Reynolds, QMC
Arthur H. Reynolds, BMC: Aboard 1956.
Noah W. Riba, CBM: Aboard 1947-48. From nephew, Jonathan, "Excellent web site! You probably already know this, but My Uncle, Noah Willie RIBA died 16 Dec 1980 in El Cajon, CA. I do not know if you keep track of these things. I know that he also served on the USS Idaho. The last time I talked with him, he told me that he was at Pearl Harbor and his ship was out on maneuvers the morning of the attack. The captain could see what was happening and hid the ship behind an island until the attack was over. I do not know the name of the ship and out of respect for his Captain, Uncle Noah did not talk about this incident until after his Captain had died. He did talk about surviving on a piece of a Liberty Ship that had broken in half from a torpedo attack. I do not know the name of that ship either. Also, when the USS Idaho was captured near Borneo, Uncle Noah hid under the bodies of some fallen comrades to avoid capture and fight another day. Noah and I both grew up in Stonewall, TX, a small town 13 miles east of Fredericksburg, TX, the hometown of Admiral Chester Nimetz. If you are ever there, you should visit the Nimetz Museum. I am certain that you have visited much larger and better naval museums, but for a small town museum, it will surprise you. It only shows artifacts used in the Pacific Theatre of WWII. I was really impressed with the recorded narration and lighted wall map that showed the entire Pacific War one battle at a time. It is hard to believe that we were also fighting a war in Europe while all this was happening in the Pacific. updated 05/13/02
Thomas V. Rigor, Jr., SKC: Aboard 1966. Enlisted 03/54. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Long Beach, CA. Sent 2003 reunion letter to North Little Rock, AR.
Vernon S. Roberts, BMC: Aboard 1948-50.
William Harvey Roberts, Jr., CQM: Aboard 1943-45.

AO-36 Life Member 33
Weldon A. "Art" Rolfe, Jr., FTGCM
Aboard 1962-68
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2003, 2004
Aboard Kennebec Oct 1962 - Mar 1968. The Kennebec was my first duty station after boot camp and "A" school. I have many nice memories of my first duty station and her crew. I retired from the Navy in September of 1988 as a Master Chief with over 27 years of service. Been happily married for over 33 years to a girl I met while on the Kennebec. We have four children and three grandchildren. We fully retired in 1997 and currently reside in Martin, SD. Looking forward to the reunion!!! After reading Navy Times for so many years, never could understand why I never saw the Kennebec listed in the reunion section. updated 05/16/01. Word from Penny Rolfe informed us that Art passed away on May 27, 2006.
Walter H. Rothwell, EMC: Aboard 1949-50. Possibly deceased, "ROTHWELL WALTER HYLAND 06/14/1913 MARCUS M MARYLAND LOS ANGELES(19) 12/15/1980 565-52-5797 67 yrs." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Tucson, AZ and Pawtucket, RI. updated 11/13/02
Herbert B. Ryburn, DCCS Aboard 1967-70. Enlisted 11/51. Possibly deceased, "HERBERT B RYBURN 07 Sep 1929 22 Feb 1996 64024 (Excelsior Springs, Clay, MO) (none specified) 497-24-9916 Missouri; Kansas City Star; 1996-2-25." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Rayville, MO. updated 11/13/02

AO-36 Life Member 110
Samuel "Sam" Saenz, PNC
Aboard 1963-66
as PN3
Reunions Attended: 2004, 2006
Aboard 11/63-7/66 as PN3. I stayed in, retired as a PNC and re-retired after 15 years with Dupont here in Victoria, TX. updated with life membership 06/21/04
Richard J. Saint, RMC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. From 1930 Census. "Saint, Richard J; Age: 20; State: Portland, Cumberland, Maine" Sent 2003 reunion letter to Nashua, NH. updated 12/12/02
Dan (n) Sample, CBM Aboard 1942 as See1c. Enlisted 10/24/40 in Houston, TX. Deceased. "SAMPLE, DAN CBM US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 10/24/1940 - 11/07/1946 DATE OF BIRTH: 10/11/1921 DATE OF DEATH: 03/18/1982 DATE OF INTERMENT: 03/22/1982 BURIED AT: SECTION A SITE 200 HOUSTON NATIONAL CEMETERY 10410 VETERANS MEMORIAL DRIVE HOUSTON , TX 77038" updated 04/23/04
Floyd F. Sargert, EMC: Aboard 1956-57. Possibly deceased. From Residence: VA; Born 7 Dec 1921; Died 24 Jan 1977. Sent 2002 reunion postcard.
Jack K. Saurbourne, SKCS: Aboard 1963-64. Enlisted 10/46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Groveland, CA. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Sonora, CA.
R.L. Schippers, HMC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961.

AO-36 Life Member 76
Richard L. "Dick" Schreifels, BMCS
Aboard 1966-67 as BM2
Reunions Attended: 2002

Lives in So. St. Paul, MN. updated with life membership 12/05/02
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Jim Schroeder, SKC Aboard 1966-68. Was separated, re-enlisted and made chief. Lives in Las Vegas, NV. updated 09/20/01 Membership EXP 2002.
Rex D. Scott, SFCS recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62 as SFP2. He called 08/12/04 and he very interested in the Association. Lives in La Mesa, CA. updated 08/12/04
Fred Shaleesh, CSC: Aboard 1947-48. Possibly deceased. "FRED SHALEESH 17 Jan 1910 04 Feb 1974 (VA) (none specified) 145-24-8727 New Jersey Born: 17 Jan 1910; Died: 4 Feb 1974"
Donald G. Sheets, BTC Aboard 1963-65. Enlisted 01/52. Possibly deceased "DONALD G SHEETS SSN: 233-48-9595 Last Residence: 22401 Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg City, VA Born: 19 Feb 1934 Last Benefit: 22401 Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg City, VA Died: 14 Jan 2001 State (Year) SSN issued: WV" Sent 2003 reunion letter to Springfield, OH and Renton, WA. 
Milton Thomas Shoffeitt, CSK: Aboard 1943-44. Possibly deceased. From "Born: 22 Jul 1916; Died: Dec 1978"
Charles Welton Smith, Jr., MMC Aboard 1942-45. Passed away Jan 5, 1991.
Floyd B. Smith, Jr., RMC: Aboard 1962.
Hugh R. Smith, CCStd Aboard 1942. DOE 08/28/37
Willie S. Smith, Jr., BMC: Aboard 1956-57.
Victor R. Sorbal, BMCS: Aboard 1970. Probably deceased. From, "Residence: East Rutherford, NJ; Born 10 Jun 1922; Died 20 Oct 1992." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Elysburg, PA (insufficient address).
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Joseph F. "Joe" Speer, EMC Aboard 1956-57 as EM3. Like to find out more about your reunion. I was aboard the ship from 56 put in commission to 57 when it went out of commission. Retired in 1982. Lives in Rolling Meadows, IL. updated 05/22/02 Membership EXP 05/05
Albert A. Spinetta, MMC: Aboard 1948-50. Postcard returned from Hanford, CA on 02/25/02. Possibly deceased. From "Residence: 93230 Hanford, Kings, CA; Born 15 Mar 1916; Died 7 Feb 1996." Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Hanford, CA.
Harold L. Steffens, CMM: Aboard 1946. Possibly deceased "HAROLD L STEFFENS SSN: 518-32-9837 Last Residence: 89121 Las Vegas, Clark, NV Born: 9 Jun 1910 Last Benefit: Died: 9 Sep 1993 State (Year) SSN issued: ID (Before 1951 )" updated 02/03/04
bluestar.gif - 227 BytesCharles D. Stenger, BMCM Aboard 10/65-06/69 as BM3. Was separated from service, got married and re-enlisted. Stayed 17 more years. Has his own painting business in Virginia Beach, VA, which does commercial and residential. He and wife will attend 2002 reunion. Lives in Chesapeake, VA. added membership 09/06/02 Membership EXP 09/03
Ernest (n) Stevens, CQM: Aboard 1943-44. Possibly deceased "STEVENS, ERNEST CWO US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: Unknown - 12/01/1948 DATE OF BIRTH: 01/24/1902 DATE OF DEATH: 03/22/1965 DATE OF INTERMENT: 03/26/1965 BURIED AT: SECTION P SITE 667C LONG ISLAND NATIONAL CEMETERY 2040 WELLWOOD AVENUE FARMINGDALE , NY 11735-1211 (631) 454-4949" updated 04/19/04
Martin (n) Stolinski, CMM Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "STOLINSKI MARTIN MALE 10 Nov 1900 17 Dec 1962 NEW YORK LOS ANGELES 573362224"

AO-36 Life Member 19
David H. "Dave" Summers, MMC
Aboard 1946-50
Reunions Attended: 2001

Aboard Kennebec 2/46 - 9/50 as MM3. Lives in Wolf Lake, IN. added 06/09/01
Francis N. Swenson, RMCM: Aboard 1964-65. Enlisted 06/40. Sent 2003 reunion letter to San Diego, CA. Possibly deceased "SWENSON, FRANCIS NEIL RMCM US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 01/01/1946 - 01/01/1966 DATE OF BIRTH: 04/07/1922 DATE OF DEATH: 10/18/2003 DATE OF INTERMENT: 12/11/2003 BURIED AT: SECTION CBAA ROW 3 SITE 308 FT. ROSECRANS NATIONAL CEMETERY P.O. BOX 6237 P.O. BOX 6237 SAN DIEGO , CA 92166 (619) 553-2084 (619) 553-2084" updated 04/19/04
Harold R. Tauson, MMC Aboard 1946-50. In charge of "A" Division. Probably deceased. From, "Residence: Northbridge, MA; Born 9 Feb 1923; Died 30 Sep 1998." From Butte, MT. updated 06/06/02
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes James G. "Jim" Taylor, RDC Aboard 1961-65. Retired in 1974. Plans to attend 2002 reunion with wife. Lives in Clintwood,VA. updated to RDC 08/26/02 Membership EXP 06/05
Thomas H. Taylor, RMCS: Aboard 1966-67. Enlisted 01/51.  
Herbert H. Tharpe, MMC: Aboard 1952. Possible deceased "THARPE HERBERT HUGH MALE 19 Jul 1920 6 Jan 1989 GEORGIA LOS ANGELES 260-07-3066" updated 05/25/03
Harry H. Thomas, Jr., MMC: Aboard 1963. Possibly deceased "THOMAS, HARRY HARDESTY JR MMC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 05/25/1945 - 05/09/1962 DATE OF BIRTH: 03/10/1929 DATE OF DEATH: 05/01/1994 DATE OF INTERMENT: 05/04/1994 BURIED AT: SECTION 38 SITE 86 BARRANCAS NATIONAL CEMETERY NAVAL AIR STATION, 80 HOVEY ROAD PENSACOLA , FL 32508 (850) 453-4108 (850) 453-4846" updated 04/19/04
Christ F. Thompson, BMCM Aboard 1948-50. Probably deceased. From, "Residence: San Diego, CA; Born 12 Aug 1923; Died 30 Sep 2000. updated 06/04/03
Julian M. Thompson, GMCS (Ret) commissioning crew Aboard September 1942 to September 1944. In a 1986 postcard to Bud Bessey, he lived in Virginia Beach, VA. Sent 2001 reunion postcard to Staunton, VA.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Steve G. Towns, RMCM: Aboard 28 September 1963 - 19 July 1966 as RM1. Unable to attend 2001 reunion. Lives in Silver Springs, NV. removed email address 05/19/03 Membership EXP 09/03
Carl B. Turner, CEM: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
Donald Van Scyoc, QMC Aboard 1967-69. Enlisted 11/51. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Portland, OR. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Omaha, NE.
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
Berlino D. "Berlie" Veloso, DKC
Aboard 1967-68
Regina Veloso
Reunions Attended: 2001
Aboard latter part of 1967 through June 1968 as DK1. I left the Kennebec in June 1968 while in Subic Bay and reported to the USS Pyro (AE-24), homeported in Port Chicago NWS Concord, CA. Two years later went to Kodiak, AK, stayed until June 70 and reported to the Navy Finance Office, Charleston, SC in August 72 and retired as DKC in May 77. Went to work for the City of Hanahan, SC the following year and retired 5 years ago as the Finance Director. I have two daughters, a son and five grandchildren. I am interested in this reunion and will attend as long as my health permits me. I did have major surgey last Sept 2000. From his wife, Regina "Berlino died March 2002 due to fungal lung infection. He was hospitalized from October 2001 until he died. He had cancer for 2-1/2 years already." From "Born: 8 Nov 1932; Died: 2 Mar 2002" Lived in North Charleston, SC. updated 08/09/02
Pio Verzosa, SDC: Aboard 1947-48.
Ponciano Vitug, SDC: Aboard 1950
Ulysses P. Wade, ENC Aboard 1951-52. Lived in Lurray, VA in 1985. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Luray, VA.Possibly deceased "WADE, ULYSSES P ENC US COAST GUARD VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 05/01/1944 - 05/01/1968 DATE OF BIRTH: 11/02/1921 DATE OF DEATH: 10/22/2002 DATE OF INTERMENT: 11/07/2002 BURIED AT: SECTION 33 SITE 12023 ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY C/O DIRECTOR ARLINGTON, VA 22111-0000 (703) 607-8000" updated 04/19/04
Mr. Wade, MMC(?) recommissioning crew Added 03/04/01
Roy M. Washburn, BTC: Aboard 1949-50. Possibly deceased "WASHBURN, ROY MCDONALD CM2 US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 11/10/1949 - 11/27/1959 DATE OF BIRTH: 08/18/1920 DATE OF DEATH: 01/08/1973 DATE OF INTERMENT: 01/16/1973 BURIED AT: SECTION M SITE 321 WILLAMETTE NATIONAL CEMETERY 11800 SE MT. SCOTT BOULEVARD PORTLAND, OR 97266 (503) 273-5250" and "WASHBURN ROY M MALE 18 Aug 1920 8 Jan 1973 CALIFORNIA ALAMEDA 572-05-4407" updated 04/19/04
William B. Washburn, CWT: Aboard 1947-48.
Allan S. Wate, BMC: Aboard 1950. Probably deceased "WATE, ALLAN SCOTT BMC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 03/11/1934 - 04/30/1954 DATE OF BIRTH: 10/20/1913 DATE OF DEATH: 12/06/1979 DATE OF INTERMENT: 12/10/1979 BURIED AT: SECTION Q SITE 725 FT. ROSECRANS NATIONAL CEMETERY P.O. BOX 6237 P.O. BOX 6237 SAN DIEGO , CA 92166 (619) 553-2084 (619) 553-2084" and "WATE ALLAN SCOTT MALE 20 Oct 1913 6 Dec 1979 CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO 531684376" updated 04/19/04
Bert C. Watson, MEC: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Hatboro, PA.
Harry James Webb, CMM: Aboard 1942-44. Probably deceased "WEBB, HARRY JAMES MACH US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 07/29/1935 - 09/23/1945 DATE OF BIRTH: 05/16/1918 DATE OF DEATH: 04/13/1972 DATE OF INTERMENT: 04/18/1972 BURIED AT: SECTION H SITE 164 MILL SPRINGS NATIONAL CEMETERY R. R. 2, P. O. BOX 172 NANCY , KY 42544 (859) 885-5727 (700) 684-1731" updated 04/19/04
James F. Wehry, SKC recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. Probably deceased "JAMES F WEHRY 14 Dec 1924 02 Aug 1988 32801 (Orlando, Orange, FL) (none specified) 176-32-1810 Pennsylvania" updated 12/11/02

AO-36 Life Member 174
James W. "Tony" Welch, BMC
Aboard 1944-46
Reunions Attended: 2002
Aboard 05/23/44-05/04/46. He was on when the task force captured the German sub. He saw the sub the next day. He was to a reunion of the task force recently. The Kennebec is listed as a member on their Stationary. Lives in Kingstree, SC. added 06/16/01
Billy West, CSC: Aboard 1950
Barney A. Westphal, RMC: Aboard 1969-70. I called him on 05/11/03. He is very interested in the Association and 2003 reunion. Lives in Mountain City, TN. updated 05/11/03
Wiley Parker White, CBM: Aboard 1945-46
Gerrit Wiers, CPHM: Aboard 1946-48. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Hudsonville, MI.
Lawrence O. Wiley, MEC: Aboard December 25, 1948.
William L. Wilkinson, BTC: Aboard 1951-54. Possibly deceased "WILKINSON, WILLIAM LOUIS BTC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 02/24/1936 - 09/30/1955 DATE OF BIRTH: 06/03/1911 DATE OF DEATH: 11/06/1988 DATE OF INTERMENT: 11/21/1988 BURIED AT: SECTION H SITE 30-A FT. ROSECRANS NATIONAL CEMETERY P.O. BOX 6237 P.O. BOX 6237 SAN DIEGO , CA 92166 (619) 553-2084 (619) 553-2084" updated 04/19/04
James P. Willey, HMC Aboard 1966-68.
Ralph E. Williams, QMQC: Aboard 1951-52.
Albert E. Wilson, SKC commissioning crew Aboard 1942. DOE 02/18/38.
Charles L. Wilson, SHC: Aboard 1963.
Jack J. Wilson, MMCS recommissioning crew Aboard 1961.
Jerry J. Wilson, SH2: Aboard 1951-51. added 10/13/04
Lester R. Wiser, CEM Aboard 1942-45. Probably deceased. From Residence: 91711 Claremont, Los Angeles, CA; Born 1 Apr 1918; Died 30 Aug 1998.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Tommy W. "Woody" Woodruff, BMC Aboard 1963-65 as BM3. Lives in Orange,TX. updated 05/18/02 Membership EXP 05/02
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
AO-36 Life Member 181
George A. Wormwood, Jr., BMC
Aboard 1942-45
Verna Wormwood
Dick Hawkins mailed him a 2003 reunion letter and he called on 12/16/02. He was 85 and sounded good. Interested in Association but unable to travel long distances. He passed away February 27, 2004 and the age of 85. Lived in Auburn, ME.
updated with obituary 03/22/04
Theodore M. Wright, RMC: Aboard 1963.
Wallace A. Young, BTC: Aboard 1951-53. Possibly deceased "YOUNG, WALLACE AUDA BTC US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: Unknown DATE OF BIRTH: 12/28/1914 DATE OF DEATH: 07/18/1953 DATE OF INTERMENT: 07/27/1953 BURIED AT: SECTION 13 SITE 145 LITTLE ROCK NATIONAL CEMETERY 2523 CONFEDERATE BOULEVARD LITTLE ROCK, AR 72206 (501) 324-6401" updated 04/19/04

Shipmates are divided into 11 sections.

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