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Daniel Pine Tabela, StM2: Aboard 1944. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Riverside, RI.

AO-36 Life Member 178
Edwin A. "Ed" Taberski, S1c
Aboard 1946
I served on the USS Kennebec from Jan 1946 through Jul 1946 and was the only yeoman on board as S2c. As I recall, I replaced the prior yeoman named Bannister. The only name familiar to me on board was E.A. Fowler who passed out the mail to us. I remember being on board when we were docked near Shanghai on the Yangtze River for several days. I believe we then headed for Bahrain to reload with oil. Remember going on liberty in Colombo, Ceylon and other ports on the way to Bahrain. Remember being boarded on the USS Kennebec sometime in Jan 1946 from a floating dock near Yokohama, Japan. Was on board when Kennebec sailed to Bremerton, WA in July 1946 and was then discharged. Any of you aboard at that time? Might attend 2004 reunion. Lives in Parachute, CO. removed email address 08/28/05
James S. "Tac" Tachtiris, BM3 Aboard from 1967-70. I was #4 Rig Captain both as a SN and BM3. My nickname was Tac. I would be glad to talk to anyone who remembers me. Glad I found this site looking forward to a reunion. Lives in Frankfort, IL. updated 02/22/01
Floyd K. Taggart, SF1 recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-63. Enlisted 1953. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Port Angeles, WA.
Raymond M. Tainter, BM3: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Moses Lake, WA.
Joseph G. Takak, SN: Aboard 1963. Received a brief note 01/16/03, "I was very happy to get a letter from you. It brought back a lot of stuff from those years. I served on the USS Kennebec in late 1963. I have a 7x10 of her." Lives in Galesburg, IL. updated 01/16/03
Remigio M. Tala, SD2: Aboard 1962-68.
James L. Talbert, CS1: Aboard 1954. added 01/04/03
Clayton B. Tanberg, FN: Aboard 1948-50
Howard Lee Tanksley, SA: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Stockton, CA.
Jesse Theadoe Tanner, Jr., F1c: Aboard 1943-44. Possibly deceased "JESSE TANNER Request Information (SS-5) SSN 251-24-8715 Residence: Born 6 Aug 1924 Last Benefit: Died 6 Jul 1991 Issued: SC (Before 1951)"
Joseph (n) Taracka, CM1: Aboard 1942-44. Possibly deceased "JOSEPH TARACKA Request Information (SS-5) SSN 054-16-3289 Residence: 06830 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT Born 1 May 1923 Last Benefit: 06830 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT Died Mar 1981 Issued: NY" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Berwyn, IL. updated 06/04/03
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AO-36 Life Member 17
Michael J. "Mike" Tarro, MM3
Aboard 1965-66
Aboard 01/03/65-06/24/66. Lives in Tucson, AZ. updated 11/26/01
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes James W. "Jim" Tarter, MM: Aboard 1956-57. Wife Susan. Interested in 2002 reunion. Lives in Menifee, CA. updated with membership 08/19/02 Membership EXP 08/02. Received update 4/27/07: He passed away on 1/30/2006
Alfred E. Tash, SN: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Troy, NY. updated 12/11/02
James W. "Jim" Tatge, Jr., RM3 Aboard 1964-65. Remember RMCM Swendson, RM1 Towns, and I think Mahoney. I went to Comservron 7 when I left the Kennebec. I got extended two months in May of 66 so I didn't get out till July 66. I went back to my hometown of Beaver Creek, MN and went to work for John Morrell a meat packing plant I had worked at for a few weeks before I went in the Navy. I had 4 years seniority and 2 weeks vacation coming and stayed till I had 32 years in and retired in 93. I've been married to my wife Elaine,a teacher,for 30 years and we have 2 children Alicia and Tim. Would loves to hear from anyone who remembers me. Lives in Sioux Falls, SD. updated 06/12/01
William C. Tatom, Jr., FN: Aboard 1951-52 . Sent 2003 reunion letter to Dallas, TX. updated 12/11/02
Billy J. Taylor, EMFN: Aboard 1949-50
Blake E. Taylor, S2c Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased. From Born 23 Jul 1911; Died 6 Feb 1991.
Brady Andrew Taylor, S1c: Aboard 1943-44. Possibly deceased "BRADY A TAYLOR Request Information (SS-5) SSN 721-03-0165 Residence: 72 Born 21 Feb 1919 Last Benefit: Died 21 Sep 1999 Issued: RR" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Trussville, AL. updated 06/04/03
Calvin F. Taylor, MM3: Aboard 1956-57
Charles Edward Taylor, SF1c: Aboard with brother James from 11/42-08/44. updated 12/11/02
Daniel O. Taylor, HM1: Aboard 1956
Donald R. Taylor, BT3: Aboard 1952-54
James A. Taylor, SF1c: Aboard with brother Charles from 04/42-08/44. Lived in Quick, WV in 1985. added 04/03/01
John E. Taylor, SN: Aboard 1950
Joseph C. Taylor, FN: Aboard 1948-50.
Samuel Otto "Sam" Taylor, Cox commissioning crew Aboard 1942-44. Wrote to Bud Bessey in 1985, "I believe I helped put this ship into service in 1942." Lived in Richmond, VA in 1985. updated 12/11/02
O.D. Tedrick, QM3: Aboard 1947-48. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Cincinnati, OH. Possibly deceased "TEDRICK O D 09/25/1926 GRAHAM M OKLAHOMA STANISLAUS 02/21/1965 443-24-1054 38 yrs" updated 12/11/02
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Wilson I. "Chuck" Temean, RM3 Aboard 1961-63. Interested in attending 2004 reunion. Lives in Lacey's Spring, AL. updated email address 08/12/05 Membership EXP 12/04
John O. Tenorio, RMN2: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Naperville, IL.
Lonnie (C or T.) Tergerson, TE3: Abaord 1953. Possibly deceased "LONNIE C TERGERSON 23 Apr 1932 29 Mar 1993 76665 (Meridian, Bosque, TX) (none specified) 455-50-1898 Texas" added 01/06/03
John L. Terradot, MMFA: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2003 reunion letter to New Iberia, LA. Possibly deceased "JOHN TERRADOT Request Information (SS-5) SSN 439-40-8233 Residence: 91745 Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles, CA Born 2 May 1930 Last Benefit: NEW: More Records! Died Mar 1979 Issued: LA (Before 1951)" Corrected spelling from "Terrado" on 12/11/02
Robert O. Terrel, GM3: Aboard 1952-53. Interested in 2002 reunion. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Richland, WA. Lives in Richland, WA.
Excell Terrell, STM1: Aboard 1946-47. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Lafayette, LA.
James G. Terrell, SA: Aboard 1968.
Leland (H or M.) Terry, FA: Aboard 1948. Might live in Portola, CA. updated 12/11/02
Columbus Mills Teseneer, Jr., MM1: Aboard 1943-45. Corrected last name from "Tesenner" 12/11/02
John L. (same as John J.?) Teuscher: Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Woodburn, OR and Sacramento, CA.

AO-36 Life Member 148
Raydon M. Thaxton, GM1
Aboard 1942-43
Aboard Feb 1942 - May 43. He called Dick Hawkins 03/23/03. He is 83 years young, served 6 years in Navy and is interested in the Association. Lives in Florien, LA. updated with membership 03/27/03
Leo P. "Frenchy" Theriault, RD2 Frenchy is sitting on the left and Butch Lyons standing on the right (photo courtesy Tony Otanez) Aboard 1966-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to East Falmouth, MA.
Alfred J. Thomas, MM1: Aboard 1943
Alonzo (n) Thomas, Matt3: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
Charles E. Thomas, SN: Aboard 1949-50
James W. Thomas, F1c Aboard 1942
Junus E. Thomas, SD3: Aboard 1949-50. Possibly deceased "JUNUS E THOMAS 14 Feb 1922 14 Sep 1991 (not specified) (none specified) 466-10-1729 Texas" updated 12/11/02
Louis H. Thomas, Jr., DCFN recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Westwego, LA.
W.P. Thomas, Jr., SN: Aboard 1956-57
Alan Richard Thompson, SN Aboard 1966-68.
Allen R. Thompson, SA: Aboard 1950. Shirley Thompson advised on 05/22/04 that Allen passed away November 13, 1999. She lives in Federal Way, WA. updated 05/27/04
Charles "Ea." Thompson, SA: Aboard 1965-68.
John C. Thompson, S2c Aboard 1942
Lawrence W. Thompson, SN: Aboard 1953
Tommy Neil Thompson, RDSN Aboard 1964-65. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Wilsonville, OR.
Ranceford Thompson, RD3: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Issaquah, WA.
William Henry Thoms, F1c: Aboard 1945-46. Possibly deceased "WILLIAM H THOMS Request Information (SS-5) SSN 014-20-1117 Residence: 03071 New Ipswich, Hillsborough, NH Born 27 Aug 1926 Last Benefit: Died 22 Jan 2003 Issued: MA" updated 06/04/03
Robert K. Thomsen, SN: Aboard 1963-65. Enlisted 01/56. Possibly deceased. From "Born: 15 Oct 1938; Died: 14 Aug 1990. Issued: ND (1953 And 1954)" updated 08/25/02
Walter Thomson, BM2 Aboard 1961.
Otto Eugene Thornburg, SA: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Liberty, MO.
Edmund L. "Ed" Thorns, DK2: Aboard 1951-52. On 05/11/03 I called his home and spoke with his wife, Louise. Ed is 77 and in a nursing home with alzheimer's disease. updated 05/11/03
Jimmie R. Thurman, FN: Aboard 1965. Mailed 2002 reunion letter to Marion, KY.
Leonard O. Thurman AS Aboard 1942
Herbert "Art." Tibbits, FN Aboard 1965-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Rafael, CA and Lake Oswego, OR. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Portland, OR.
David C. Tidrick, BT3: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Maurepas, LA and Denham Springs, LA.
Wilson H. Tipton, SN: Aboard 1951. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Prineille, OR. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Selma, AL.
J.P. (Joseph Paul?) Tittsworth, SA: Aboard 1951.
Richard Lea Titus, SN: Aboard 1966-68.
George H. Tobey, FTG3 Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Milwaukie, OR.
Richard "Lar." Tockert, SN: Aboard 1968-69. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Michigan City, IN (not deliverable as addressed) and La Porte, IN.
Eli Pierce Todd, BM1 Aboard 1962-68. Enlisted 01/53. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Kaw City, OK.

AO-36 Life Member 188
Michael F. Todd, EM3
Aboard 1967-69
Sent 2003 reunion letter to Middletown, NJ. He emailed on 06/09/03, "I served from June 1967 to Oct 1969 Electrician mate 3. Everything they said we wouldn't see out there in "A" school was on the Kennebec." Lives in Middletown, NJ. updated 06/09/03
John S. Tokich, FN: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Cleveland, OH.
Donald R. Tompkins, BTFN Aboard 1961-62.

AO-36 Life Member 207
Arthur A. "Allen" Tooke, QM2
Aboard 1969-70
(same as Allen Tooke?) Lives in Portland, OR. Became Life Member 1/31/2009
George L. Topper, F2c: Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "GEORGE L TOPPER 24 Apr 1920 26 Nov 2000 (V) 17554 (Mountville, Lancaster, PA) (none specified) 166-12-6538 Pennsylvania" or "GEORGE L TOPPER 28 May 1917 18 May 1999 (V) 92008 (Carlsbad, San Diego, CA) (none specified) 568-14-6859 California" added 01/05/03
Chester W. "Chet" Torres, SA: Aboard 1968-70. I called him 06/21/03. He works at the post office but has too many other activities to attend the 2003 reunion. updated 07/02/03
Juanito Torres, TN: Aboard 1950
Ricardo (n) Torres, DC3: Aboard 1951-52
Juan Angel Trevino, SK3:Aboard 1966-68.
Leonard Dwayne Trevino, FN: Aboard 1965.
Hugh J. "Bud" Trimble, RDM3: Aboard Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "HUGH J TRIMBLE Request Information (SS-5) SSN 187-07-5251 Residence: 18080 Slatington, Lehigh, PA Born 1 Dec 1920 Last Benefit: Died 21 Apr 2000 Issued: PA" Lived in Sunrise, FL in 1985. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Slatington, PA. updated 06/04/03
Dante Carlo Trinca, MoMM3: Aboard 1944-45
Harold E. Trisko, S1 Aboard 1946. Deceased "HAROLD TRISKO 06 Oct 1923 01 Sep 1998 (V) 59425 (Conrad, Pondera, MT)" His granddaughter, Ashley Walker, emailed 01/05/05, "My grandfather passed away September 1, 1998 at his Conrad, MT home of natural causes. At the time he had three daughters and twelve grandchildren. I would love to have any contacts of people who by chance knew my grandfather. updated 01/05/05
Gerald "Fra." Trombley, IC3: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Brewerton, NY.
Frank (n) Truly, Jr. GM3: Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Cleveland, OH.
Mike (n) Tsakalas, AS Aboard 1942. Lived in Baltimore, MD in 1985.
Charles H. Tuggle, EMP2: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Princeton, WV.
Paul A. Turnbull, GMG2: Aboard 1962.
Leo A. Turley, EN1: Aboard 1961. added 07/10/03
David Clarence Turner, SN: Aboard 1967-69.
Eugene James Turner, S1c: Aboard 1944
James M. Turner, SA: Aboard 1954. added 01/04/03
Linwood L. Turner, S2c: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
Maurice C. Turner, F1c: Aboard 1943, added 01/05/03
Ivol W. Tustin, Y3: Aboard 1943-44. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Weston, WV. Corrected first name to from "Ival" 12/11/02.
William (n) Twaddle, Jr., QM2: Aboard 1943. Received email from his daughter, Anna on 12/17/02, "My dad William Twaddle Jr. was on the USS Kennebec from May 1943 to June 1945. He just received your letter of the reunion. He was a Quarter Master 2nd class. He is not in the best of health so I am answering you. He was excited and we are visiting your web site as I type this. Thank you for your correspondence." Lives in Dresser, PA. updated 12/17/02
Theodore (n) Twersky, S1c: Aboard 1944. added 01/05/03
Larry Tyler, SN: Aboard 1965-68.
Ralph Wilbur Tyler, S1c: Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Oklahoma City, OK.
Joseph V. Tyszka, S2c: Aboard 1943-44. Probably deceased. From Residence: 19124 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; Born 17 Jan 1925; Died 10 Dec 1997.
David Russell Ullery, S1c Aboard 1944-46. His widow, Charlotte, wrote in March 2002, "I am sorry to say my husband David R. Ullery passed away April 7, 2001. I am sure if he were alive, he would have wanted to come to the reunion. He loved that ship and all his shipmates. He talked about them a lot. I am enclosing a funeral announcement of his death (see photo link). Both of our sons served in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam. They were both on destroyers. We had one daughter who passed away March 16, 2000. She had leukemia. My son said maybe we would come to the reunion if that is o.k." Lives in Cumberland, MD.
Richard A. Upham, ET2: Aboard 1952-54. Sent 2003 reunion letter to South Bend, IN.
Alvin E. Usery, SA: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Hendersonville, NC.

AO-36 Life Member 37
Guy L. Ussery, EN3
Aboard 1966-67
Served aboard the Kennebec as the Capt's gig snipe plus all the other duties. Nick name "useless." Now living in northern Calif where my wife and I own and operate a Medical Billing Company. Proud father of two and four, almost five grandkids. Hobby, fishing and flying my Cessna. I miss all my wild and crazy buddies, Wildchild or Little Ray, Kenny Renfro (fat man) Pete Peterson, Ernie and everyone else. Interested in 2002 reunion. PS Still like to drink beer!! Aboard 1966-67. Lives in Orland, CA. updated 02/15
Joe G. Valdez, SN: Aboard 1952-53
Mark A. Valdivia, FN: Aboard 1968-70. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Reseda, CA. Update 2007, lives in Phoenix, AZ.
Jordan Valencia, FA: Aboard 1968. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Tucson, AZ.
Tony Frank Valenti, WT3: Aboard 1944-45. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Cleveland, OH.
Philip R. Valenzuela, RM1: Aboard 1962-63. DOE 12/47. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Stockton, CA.

Kenneth "Van" A. Van Lare
QMSN, Aboard 1953-54
Aboard 08/53-03/54. He called Dick Hawkins 02/22/03 after receiving a 2003 reunion letter. We had a nice, long conversation. He spent his career in law enforcement and now lives on a farm with his wife. Very interested in a future East Coast reunion. Lives in Sodus, NY. Updated 08/26/04. Membership EXP 2006. Update: We were sorry to hear that Kenneth passed away on 11-12-2015. His Obit.
Roger N. Vanloo, ENFA Aboard 1965. Lives in Tillamook, OR. updated 04/15/01
Russell D. Van Tyle, SK2 Aboard 1942. Deceased. "Residence: Newark, NY; Born: 17 Oct 1916; Died: 8 Feb 2002." Received email 06/14/03 from Russell F. Van Tyle, "We recieved your letter reguarding my grandfather, Russell D. Van Tyle. He was indeed aboard the Kennebec during WW2. Unfortunately he passed away last year. We thought we would let you know." updated 06/14/03
Donald (n) Van Voorhis, S1c: Aboard 1944-46
King Daniel Vanover, S1c: Aboard 1944-45. Probably deceased. From Born 20 Jan 1924; Died 30 Mar 1991.
S.G. Vanwieringen, SA: Aboard 1951. Probably deceased "STANLEY G VANWIERINGEN 09 Jul 1931 04 Feb 1999 (V) 98022 (Enumclaw, King, WA) (none specified) 532-30-4595 Washington" added 01/04/03
William H. Van Zile, SF3: Aboard 1946-47. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Greencastle, PA.
Donald H. Varner, SM1 Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Terry, MT.
N.H. Vegliacich, SA: Aboard 1953. Possibly deceased. From "NICHOLAS VEGLIACICH; Born: 4 Nov 1934; Died: Feb 1972"
Kuka Vele, Jr., SN Aboard 1963-64. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Carson, CA and Long Beach, CA.
Robert Verinsky, SC1: Aboard 1947. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Ridgecrest, CA.
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Brian M. Vesper, HN and BM3 I served on the ole girl from April 1969 until I don't know when in '69 when I went to San Diego, Balboa Hospital to go to Hospital Corps School when I found out where the Marines got their freakin Hospital Corpsman from and decided to fail my survival school and the USN sent me to another tanker, the good ole USS Manatee AO-58 which I found through your link. I went on to become a chain dragger BM3 and in February 1973, flew outta Clark AF Base PI to Long Beach, CA where I couldn't wait to get back to the Green Mountains of Vermont. I remember James Borman when we were at Hunter's point, San Francisco, California. We were the only ones on the ship at Oh-dark hundred hours when I told Jim, "I wish I had a cigarette" and he kept say, "I wish I had something to eat!" I joined the US Army Reserves in Vermont cause I needed a car payment for a year. Thought that was a real hoot and the next year I joined the AF Reserves at Westover AFB, Mass. Damned if I didn't stay for the next 18 years and retired Master Sergeant (E-7) (That'd be a feaking Chief to you swabbies!) Even though I was a Chickenhawk, I joined the Vietnam Vets of America, Chapter #601. Is it my fault the Vietnamese didn't have a Navy? No! I'm a Veterans Rep for Job Service in Bennington, VT. updated 07/26/01 Brian's Shipmate Memories submitted 07/03/12.
Elmer L. Vess, Jr., EN2 Aboard 1963-64. Enlisted 1954. Probably deceased "ELMER L VESS Request Information (SS-5) SSN 573-42-0106 Residence: 83655 New Plymouth, Payette, ID Born 22 Jan 1935 Last Benefit: Died 20 Nov 1997 Issued: CA (Before 1951)" "VESS, Elmer L Jr; 62; El Centro CA>New Plymouth ID; San Diego U-T (CA); 1997-11-30; laz"
Shannon Bruce Vieth, SN Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Jose, CA (insufficient address).
Angels F. Villanueva, TN Aboard 1961-63.
Russell Villett, MM2: Aboard 1962-65. Lives in Havre, MT. updated 05/24/01
Ned L. Vincent, BM3 Aboard 4-16-52 to 9-10-54 as SN. Left the navy on 1955. Joined the Army and served till 1976. Retired as a Sergeant First Class. When the ship was put out of service in 1954 I was one of the last ones to leave the ship. Commander Parker was the ships Captain when we went to Alaska. Lives in American Fork, UT. updated 04/20/02
William Elmer Vinyard, S1c Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Decatur, IL.
Carlo Sam Visaggio, S1c: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "CARLO VISAGGIO 10 Sep 1915 Jan 1977 (not specified) 08723 (Brick, Ocean, NJ) 151-07-9261 New Jersey" added 01/05/03
Charles Viscusi, Jr. F1: Aboard 1947. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Schenectady, NY.
Edward "Fran." Vitalie, EM3: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Redwood City, CA. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Benicia, CA (not him) and Tehachapi, CA. updated 06/14/03

AO-36 Life Member 11
Kenneth M. "Mike" Vodak, MM3
Aboard 1963-67
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2005
Aboard Kennebec Dec 63 - June 67. I would like to thank Dennis Stangle for finding me. I don't know how he did this but I will forever be greatful. I really miss those days and all the great guys I met. My only regret is I didn't keep an address book of the guys. I think about them a lot. I returned home to Madison, WI after I was discharged and became A supervisor with the city of Madison. I had my 30 years in at age 49 and retired. I have been married for 34 years and have 2 daughters. I have finished restoring a 1930 Ford model A and have a lot of fun with it. Not sure about attending reunion. Lives in Madison, WI. updated 02/22/01.
A.J. Voigt, Jr., SK1: Aboard 1956-57
Ernest Howard Volkman, EN3: Aboard 1965. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Grants Pass, OR.
James Frank Vollmer, HM2: Aboard 1962.
Victor V. Vollmer, EM1 Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Douglasville, GA (unknown). Sent 2004 reunion letter to Carrollton, GA.
Carmine Paul Volpe, S1c: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Ormond Beach, FL.
Samuel W. Voss, S2c: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "SAMUEL W VOSS 25 Jul 1924 30 Nov 1986 48183 (Trenton, Wayne, MI) (none specified) 384-18-0968 Michigan"
George Daniel Vukmir, SN: Aboard 1967-68. Probably deceased "GEORGE D VUKMIR Request Information (SS-5) SSN 540-58-1644 Residence: 99508 Anchorage, Anchorage, AK Born 13 Jan 1948 Last Benefit: Died 16 Feb 2002 Issued: OR" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Seattle, WA and Anchorage, AK (not deliverable as addressed). updated 06/04/03
Richard A. "Al" Waggoner, EM3 Aboard July 1944 as SM1. This was the 3rd ship I was on in the Navy, in the summer of 1944 the PC480 a sub chaser that operated out of Casablanca was decomissioned and given to the French Government. I was sent back to the states on the USS Kennebec AO 36. The time frame would have been probably late July 1944. I was not a crew member, but about 16-32 other Navy Sailors were sent back to the states also on this ship. We were passengers, so to speak. Where were our living quarters? In the BOW of the ship there was a area about 20'x40' and 4 feet high ( my memory) we slept on the deck in that room and played poker all the way back to the States. We were not to be on the deck; they did not want us bothering the crew, I guess. We did not mind as there were always about 3 - 4 card games being played. I was in the small timer limit - about 50 cents. I don't remember much about the ship or trip, not even the food, weather or any event. We were out of sight of the regular crew, as we had to stay in this small area. The trip took about 2 weeks I guess from Casablanca to NYC then the Grand Lido Hotel (check spelling ) on Long Island was our destination. There, I remember we got some good food, and steaks etc., even went swimming on the beach at the hotel. The ship was empty coming back for some more oil. Now I have a picture of all the 4 ships I was on, I just found it this accidentally not even looking for it. The other ship were the USS BOGUE CV9 (baby flat top), USS PC 480 (sub chaser), USS KENNEBEC AO-36, in the Pacific the USS GRAFFIAS AF 29. Will not be attending 2002 reunion. Lives in Thomaston, GA. added 03/01/02
Timothy L. Waggoner, SR: Aboard 1968. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Westerville, OH.
Kenneth Eugene Wagner, SN Aboard 1961-62.
Richard F. Wajda, EMSN: Aboard 1957. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Sterling Heights, MI.
Bruce Woodard Waldo, F1c: Aboard 1944. added 01/05/03
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AO-36 Life Member 171
Leonard F. Waldowski, SF3
Aboard 1944-46
Lives in Philadelpha, PA. updated 05/04/02. Leonard passed away on Feb. 11, 2013. View his Obit.
Dewey (L.?) Walker, GM1, Aboard 1954. added 01/04/03
Jesse Mac Walker, Jr., S1c: Aboard 1943-44
Joseph J. Walker, S1c: Aboard 1943-44
Alexander T. Wall, MM1 I started my Navy career on the Kennebec in 1969. Retired in 1991. Good to find former crew members. Lives in Yuma, AZ updated residence 10/06/04 Charter Membership EXP 2006
Richard G. Wall, SN Aboard 1961-62. Called 06/21/03 and had a nice long conversation with his wife, Denise. Lives in Evanston, IL. updated 06/21/03
James A. Wallace, S2c Aboard 1942
Jack F. Waller, SA: Aboard 1948
Harry Joseph Walsh, F1c: Aboard 1943-44
Edward Thomas Walsh, Jr. QM3: Aboard 1944-46
Howard Gilbert Walter, S2c Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Saint Peters, MO. Originally from Perryville, MO.
John W. Walters, FA: Aboard 1950
Ronald C. Walters, MM3 Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Maumee, OH.
Robert D. Walton, EM3: Aboard 1964-65. Enlisted 10/60. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Martinez, CA.

AO-36 Life Member 185
Ronald L. "Ron" Wampler, BM3
Aboard 1961-63 as SN
He called Dick Hawkins 12/20/02 after receiving the 2003 reunion letter and was very excited about being contacted and having the chance to renew old friendships. He would like to go back to Kennebec's recommissioning home port in San Francisco for the 2003 reunion. Lives in Kaufman, TX. updated email address 12/30/03

AO-36 Life Member 35
Frank R. "Ron" Waner, SFP3
Aboard 1964-67
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
First I would like to thank Russ Burnard for calling me and letting me know about the web site. When he called me I had all kind of emotions run through me. I came aboard the Kennebec in Sept. 1964. became a shipfitter 3rd class before I left Oct 30th of 1967. I made 3 cruises to the Nam. when I came home I worked for a plumber for 6 years. I went to night college and got a degree in criminology. I was a police officer for awhile. I also worked as a prison guard. I now work in plant protection dept. at a local steel mill. I've been there 24 years. I have been married for 32 years. We had 2 girls . Now we have 4 grandchildren. Can't wait to see all of you. Lives in Vandergrift, PA 15690.
Harve (n) Ward, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 BytesJohn Edward Ward, S1c: Aboard 1944-45.   Update March 2007, received word from son Gerry Ward: " My father was John Edward Ward, who served from May of 1944 to Dec. of 1945. Always spoke highly of his time on board, and left me a scrapbook of photos. He passed away 11/24/89. Friends included: Alex "Chuck" Wolenchuck, G.W. Lawson, James Fuqua, W.H Roberts, N.L. Michael, Charles Nemchick, Merrill (Jeff) Doden, Gene Turner, Vernon Ash, J.S. Hummell Cox, Carmine Paul Volpe, Richard Peavornick, Glenn Cantrell, Earnest Bailey, J.D. Hubbard, Robert Dodson, Ronald Hamilton and Edward Coury. Feel free to email me. Thanks!"   Membership can get Gerry's email address under John Ward listing in the membership area.
Oric S. Ward, SF1: Aboard 1944-45. Probably deceased "ORIC S WARD Request Information (SS-5) SSN 008-01-2750 Residence: 05734 Bridport, Addison, VT Born 25 Aug 1907 Last Benefit: Died 7 Sep 1995 Issued: VT" updated 06/04/03
Richard Albert Ward, MMS2: Aboard 1944-46
Rickie Gus Ward, RMSN: Aboard 1966. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Clarksville, AR.
Warren W. Ware, F3c Aboard 1942-43. Probably deceased. From Residence: 64112 Kansas City, Jackson, MO; Born 3 Sep 1903; Died 12 Jan 1994.
Douglas J. Wark, Jr., BT3 Aboard 1961-62. He called me February 12, 2002 and is interested in the reunion. Lives in Zimmerman, MN. updated 02/12/02
Simon L. "Sam" Warmenhoven, YN2 Aboard 1964. Thank you for the post card about the USS Kennebec fall reunion in Virginia Beach. Unfortunaltely, I will not be able to attend because of scheduling conflicts. Please keep me on file as I would like the opportunity to attend a future renunion. Appreciate your efforts. Lives in Bothell, WA. updated 03/04/02
Edward Roy Warner, Bkr3: Aboard 1944-46
James S. Warren, SN: Aboard 1957
Edward B. Washburn, BM1: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Richardson, TX.
Louis (n) Wasielewski, S2c: Aboard 1943. From 1930 Census. "Wasielewski, Louis; Age: 5; State: Chicago, Cook, Illinois" updated 12/11/02
Pedro Puclay Watan, TN: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2003 reunion letter to San Francisco, CA.
Garth F. Waters, FN: Aboard 1951-52. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Washington, NC.
Tommy Roy Watkins, MM3 Aboard 1968-70. Lives in San Bruno, CA. updated 07/26/01
Clayton A. Watson, END2: Aboard 1951. added 01/04/03
Donald A. Watson, BMG1: Aboard 1951-51. added 10/13/04
Glen Carl Watson, MR3: Aboard 1969-70.
Marion Lee Watson, MR2 Aboard 1961-63.
William "Perr." Watson, MM3: Aboard 1964-68.
Autus Marvin Weaver, Jr., F1c: Aboard 1944-45
Elton W. Weaver, CS3: Aboard 1963-64. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Elko, NV.
Franklin E. Webb, FN: Aboard 1951-52
John Emmett Webb, MM3: Aboard 1969-70.
Hale A. Wedge, BT2 Aboard 1961-62. Left message with person on 06/08/03. Lives in Naples, ME. updated 06/08/03
Jerry T. Weeden, BT1 Aboard 1963-65. Enlisted 01/58. From Ron Waner, "Jerry's wife told me Jerry died in 1998 of lung cancer. He had a heart transplant in 1994 and was doing fine till the cancer hit. She told me that it was ok to post this. His wife's name is Peggy, and he had a boy and a girl. He also had 13 grandchildren. He was 59 when he died. From, "Residence: Pittsburg, OK; Born 10 Jan 1941; Died 25 Feb 1999. updated 02/13/02
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
AO-36 Life Member 196
Allen L. Weeks, MM1
Aboard 1969-70 as MM3
Reunions Attended: 2002
Lived in Floyd, VA with his wife Katherine. membership added 08/01/02 Life Member as of 2007. Update received 04/22/2013: Word from Allen's wife Katherine, Allen Lane Weeks passed away on February 9, 2013. His Obit.
Van T. Weems, FN: Aboard 1952. Probably deceased "VAN T WEEMS Request Information (SS-5) SSN 524-36-4004 Residence: 80110 Englewood, Arapahoe, CO Born 15 Apr 1931 Last Benefit: Died 29 Jan 2000 Issued: CO" Sent 2002 reunion letter to Englewood, CO and Baton Rouge, LA (insufficient address).
Carl Laverne Wegner, S2c: Aboard 1945
Dennis Michael Weiler, SN: Aboard 1964-65. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Olympic Valley, CA.
Sam (n) Weiner, S1c: Aboard 1944-45
David R. Weinhold, DK2: Aboard 1952-54. Lives in Houston, TX. updated 08/11/05
Richard "Rick" Wells, SN: Aboard 1967.
Norman E. "Norm" Werley, SN Aboard 1963-65. He called me 06/14/01 and will attend the 2001 reunion with his wife Becky. Lives in Myrtle Creek, OR. updated with email address 03/08/05
Wallace Norbert Werner, RdM3: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Springfield, NJ.
John Joseph Wersinger, S1c: Aboard 1944-46. Possibly deceased "JOHN WERSINGER Request Information (SS-5) SSN 207-14-0949 Residence: Born 21 Nov 1925 Last Benefit: 19120 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA Died Feb 1983 Issued: PA (Before 1951)" updated 12/13/02
James Wesley Werthamer, F1c: Aboard 1944-45. Might have lived in Philadelpha, PA.
Leon Otis Wesley, Ck3: Aboard 1945 Possibly deceased "LEON O WESLEY Request Information (SS-5) SSN 425-56-0319 Residence: Born 6 Mar 1915 Last Benefit: Died 28 Jan 1991 Issued: MS (Before 1951)" updated 12/11/02
Ed West 2009

AO-36 Life Member 195
Wallace Edward "Ed" West
EM1, Aboard 1962-65 as EM3
Reunions Attended: 2007, 2009, 2015
The Kennebec was my first ship. Retired in Omaha, NE, in 1981 as a Navy Recruiter. After retirement went to college, worked at the Post office and am now owner of Rustbusters of NE. INC. Would love to hear from some of the old gang. Lives in Hoskins, NE. updated 06/18/01. Became a Life Member 05/2007
Evan T. Westcott, F1c Aboard 1942
David L. Weyer, ENFN: Aboard 1963. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Ashland, OH. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Toledo, OH.
John B. Whalen, YN1: Aboard 1956
Joseph (n) Whaley, StM3: Aboard 1944
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Kenneth T. "Ken or Kenny" Whalum, PN2 Aboard 1951-53 as PN3. Boy, was I surprised when I saw the return address on your envelope! I couldn't believe my eyes. I finished PNA School in late 1951 at San Diego and my first assignment was USS KENNEBEC TAO-36 at San Pedro. I was a PNSA. I remember traveling to Pearl Harbor, Panama, Past the Coast off Alaska, Aruba, NWI. I left the KENNEBEC in early 1953 for reassignment to the USNS M. C. MEIGS, a troop transport as a PN3. Interested in 2003 reunion. Lives in Memphis, TN. updated 01/11/03 Membership EXP 01/05
John William Wheeler, S2c Aboard 1945-46. Originally from St. Louis, MO.
Luther M. Wheeler, EM1: Aboard 1948-49. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Fort Pierce, FL.
Robert Richard "Bob" Wheeler, SKSN Aboard 1964-67. Kathe McComb emailed on July 11, 2003, "My husband's name was Robert Wheeler. He is now deceased. My name then was Kathe Wheeler. I delivered my first son Richard (Bob's middle name) while the Kennebec was out to sea. I had another baby 2 years later, and his name is Robert. He doesn't go by Bob, but by Robbie. Bob would be so proud of him now, he lives in Australia, just got married (he flew me and his older brother over for the event on the beach) and he is doing fantastically well. He works for the Australian government on their websites and other related computer jazz. We lost Bob in 1991 I believe. We were not married at the time. He accidently drowned during a white river rafting party, he was trying to rescue another drowning victim but went into the water without a life jacket. He didn't want to be slowed down. It took a week to find his body that eventually came to rest on a small spot of dry land. This happened on the Deschutes River in Oregon. Bob and Robbie had just met each other again after 20 years. They had a wonderful year together, learning about each other and going to Blues bars in Seattle. I would really like to find Ron Luallen, and especially Jim Berry." updated 07/11/03
Richard L. Whetstone, SN: Aboard 1963-64. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Atlantic, IA.
Frederick J. Whetzel, BT3 Aboard 1953-54. I SERVED ON THE KENNEBEC IN 1953 & 1954 WHEN IT WAS HOME PORTED IN LONG BEACH, CA. Lives in Fredericksburg. VA. updated 11/10/03
H.D. Whipple, MM3 Aboard 1952-54. Les Schaefer reposted his death in the early to mid-90's. updated 05/31/03
William Lawrence Whitaker, S2c: Aboard 1944. added 01/05/03
Donald D. White, YNSN: Aboard 1951-52
Ernest A. White, Jr., SA Aboard 1961-62.
Ernest L. White, S2c Aboard 1942
Lewis Kenneth White, S1c: Aboard 1943-45
Robert E. White, GM1 Aboard 1942. Enlisted 12/11/41 in Washington, DC. Deceased "WHITE, ROBERT E GM1 US NAVY VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 12/11/1941 - 12/07/1946 DATE OF BIRTH: 02/29/1916 DATE OF DEATH: 02/08/2001 DATE OF INTERMENT: 02/14/2001 BURIED AT: SECTION G F2 ROW 7 SITE 2 CHELTENHAM VETERANS CEMETERY 11301 CRAIN HIGHWAY CHELTENHAM, MD 20623-0000" updated 04/23/04
William C. White, SN: Aboard 1962-63.
William H. "Bill" White, PC3 Aboard 1965-68. Viewing photo album brought back a lot of memories. I have 300-500 color slides I took while on the K. Let me know if you're interested in any particular topics/places. Started on the deck force and left as your friendly postal clerk. Lives in Yuba City, CA. updated email address 08/03/04
Paul Whitebear, SN: Aboard 1963. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Roseglen, ND (not deliverable as addressed).
Fred W. Whited, S1c: Aboard 1942. added 01/03/03
Bill Whitehouse

bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes

William "Bill" F. Whitehouse
SH2, Aboard 1966-70
Reunions Attended: 2008
Lives in Mentor, OH. updated 01/24/04
Kenneth B. Whitesell, S2c Aboard 1945-46. Originally from LeRoy, IL. Possibly deceased "Kenneth WHITESELL Birth Date: 8 Apr 1927 Death Date: Apr 1976 Social Security Number: 347-20-1998 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Illinois" updated 01/22/03
Nathaniel Whitlock, EM3: Aboard 1967-69.
Brooks P. Whitmire, SH1: Aboard 1966-68. Enlisted 12/48. Possibly deceased "BROOKS WHITMIRE 26 Feb 1930 Sep 1983 76118 (Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX) (none specified) 429-56-8501 Arkansas" updated 12/11/02
Dewey L. Whitmire, S2c: Aboard 1943. Possibly deceased "DEWEY L WHITMIRE Request Information (SS-5) SSN 241-20-6764 Residence: 28108 Mineral Springs, Union, NC Born 23 Nov 1925 Last Benefit: Died 31 May 2001 Issued: NC" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Eaxhaw, NC. updated 06/04/03
Cyrus Andrew Whitmore, S1c: Aboard 1944-45.
Joe Willie Whitmore, StM2: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Roanoke, VA. Possibly deceased "JOE W WHITMORE Request Information (SS-5) SSN 429-42-0406 Residence: 53212 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI Born 27 Dec 1926 Last Benefit: Died 30 Jul 1998 Issued: AR (Before 1951)" updated 12/16/02
J.C. Whitsett, RD3: Aboard 1956
Robert L. Whittaker, RM3 Aboard 1948-50
William L. Whittaker, S2c: Aboard 1943
Buddy A. Whitten, BMSN: Aboard 1952-53. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to South Pasadena, CA. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Brilliant, AL (no such number) and Rockford, MI.
Bertus J. "Bert" Wichers, SA: Aboard 1948. Probably can't make Virginia Beach. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Adelanto, CA (not deliverable as addressed). Might still live in El Mirage, CA.
Harvey A. Wick, SK3: Aboard 1946-48. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Altoona, WI.
Raymond A. Wick, MM1 Aboard 1961-63. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Pensacola, FL.
Harry J. Wickes, WT1: Aboard 1944. Possibly deceased "HARRY WICKES 20 Apr 1913 Apr 1984 70005 (Metairie, Jefferson, LA) (none specified) 434-24-5272 Louisiana" updated 12/11/02
Curtis M. Wicklund, FTG3 Aboard 1965-66. He is unable to attend the 2003 reunion. Lives in Fall Creek, WI. updated 07/07/03
Cleveland D. Wickliffe, SM3: Aboard 1965.
Francis L. Widerburg, YNSN: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Sandy, UT.
Delbert Asmus Wiese, F1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Paullina, IA.
Mack A. Wiggins, ETN2: Aboard 1968. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Portland, OR.

AO-36 Life Member 208
John C. Wight, SH2
Aboard 1951-53
John Wight
Reunions Attended:
2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010
  Aboard 1951-53 as SH3. Lives in West Covina, CA. Became Life Member 2009. Updated 03/06/09
William L. Wight, Jr., SN: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Warner Robins, GA.
Walter Albe Wilk, EM3: Aboard 1962-63.

AO-36 Life Member 116
Thomas L. "Tom" Wilkerson, MM3
Aboard 1963-67
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2003
Plans to attend first 2001 reunion. Lives in Winterhaven, CA. updated 07/09/01.
5/29/2014 update: We received word from Mike Vodak that Tom, passed away from cancer on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014.
James J. Wilkinson, BMG3" Aboard 1951-51. added 10/13/04
Richard Junior Wilkinson, S1c: Aboard 1944-46
Allen M. Williams, SA: Aboard 1968-69.
Andrew W. Williams, SN: Aboard 1953
Billie J. Williams Aboard 25 Dec 46
Billy R. Williams, SN: Aboard 1956-57
Carroll E. Williams, CS1: Aboard 1967-69. Enlisted in 1952. Sent 2004 reunion letter to Yukon, OK.
Edwin Paul Williams, Jr. FC2: Aboard 1945
Fred (n) Williams, StM1: Aboard 1943
George Isaac Williams, Jr., S1c: Aboard 1945
Hueill A. Williams, S2 Aboard 1946
James A. Williams, MM2: Aboard 1947-50
James A. Williams, EM3: Aboard December 25, 1948. (Might be a duplicate of the other James A. Williams)
Johnny L. Williams: Aboard 25 Dec 46

AO-36 Life Member 147
Marvin E. "Blackie" Williams, MME3
Aboard 1942-44
I was on the USS Kennebec during WWII around 1942-1944. I am very interested in knowing if you have had any responses from shipmates during that time. I was in the engine and fire rooms. If you have any info on any other WWII mates, please get in touch with me. My real name is Marvin Williams but was known as Blackie on the ship. I am now located in Monroe, NC and my phone number 704-233-4948. Unable to attend 2002 reunion.
Roger A. Williams, Sea1c Aboard 1942
Ronald J. Williams, SN Aboard 1952-53
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Ronald J. "Ron" Williams, BM3, Aboard July 1969 - Spring 1970 as SN. Kennebec was my first ship. I was only on it for about a year and then we put it out of commission in 1970. I was in deck division as BM2 Alcorn, BM3, Martinez, and BM3 Stan. Would like to attend the upcoming reunion in Vegas if I can. I also have a high school reunion about that time. I'm not sure of the date yet, but I will try to make it. Lives in Reno, NV. added 05/31/01 Membership EXP 05/04
Virgil S. Williams, SH2 Aboard 1963. From "What best describes your military experience: Liked it so much I made a career out of it." updated 10/21/04
Willi C. Williams, SN: Aboard 1963-64.
Willie (n) Williams, StM2: Aboard 1945-46
H.B. "Boyd" Williamson, BM2: Aboard 1951-54. Lives in Union, MS. updated 11/03/03
James J. Williamson, SN: Aboard 1956-57
John D. Williamson, S2c Aboard 1942.
William Willoughby, SM3: Aboard 1965. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Georgetown, KY.
Thomas Eugene Wills, SH3: Aboard 1966-70. He was originally from Grand Forks, ND. updated 07/26/01
Donald W. Wilper, FN: Aboard 1950. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Quincy, IL.
Carroll R. Wilson, SK3: Aboard 1951-54. Deceased. updated 07/31/03
Charlie C. Wilson, StM3: Aboard 1943. added 01/05/03
Charles D. Wilson, EM3 Aboard 1961-62. John Hollowood wrote on June 4, 2001, "Charles is deceased. His date of death was 17 August 1962. He and I were in a car accident together in San Leandro, CA. on the above date. He died of internal injuries." updated 06/04/01
Doyle L. Wilson, EM1: Aboard 1947. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Quitman, AR.
George Hayes Wilson, S1c: Aboard 1944. added 01/05/03
Grady E. Wilson, SN: Aboard 1952-54. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Aliso Viejo, CA.
James B. Wilson, SN: Aboard 1951-52
Lonnie Alan Wilson, SFM2 Aboard 1964-68. Lives in Phoenix, AZ. updated 08/22/01. In April 2017 one of our shipmates received word from Ron Warner, that Lonnie passed away. We did find his obit, he passed away on 07/22/2008.
Norman J. Wilson, S1c: Aboard 1943-44. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Redmond, OR.
Robert Wilson, MM1: Aboard 1967-69. Enlisted 06/60. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Kenner, LA.
Robert Frederick Wilson, Y1: Aboard 1944-46
Terrance Lee Wilson, FA: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Superior, WI.
William Curtis Wilson, SSML2: Aboard 1945-48
Robert "Fos." Wimberly, SA: Aboard 1962.
Raymond L. "Ray" Wine, SM3 Aboard 1961-63. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Freeport, IL. Emailed him 01/14/03 at
Fred Wilson Wingo, Sr., BM2: Aboard 07/27/1943-1945 as Cox. Received 12/13/02 "I recieved your letter requesting information about shipmates. My father Fred W. Wingo Sr., BM2, served on the USS Kennebec during World War II. My father died November 9, 1993 at the age of Seventy. He retired from the Navy Reserve TAR program in 1967 at NAS New Orleans." updated 12/13/02
John H. Wingo, S2c Aboard 1942. Probably deceased. From Residence: 79072 Plainview, Hale, TX; Born 22 Oct 1908; Died 15 Mar 1995.
Huey P. Wise, CS3 Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Federal Way, WA. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Olympia, WA.
David George Wiseman, F1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Petersburg, IL.
William R. "Willie" Wisler, PN3 Aboard 1963-65. From Jim Dodson, "Willie was from Newark, NJ. He went to the Utah State University forestry, worked for the U.S. Forestry Service for a long time, fire fighting crews, etc. Is now retired. He will try to attend 2001 reunion." updated 08/12/01
Jerry (n) Witt, RdM3: Aboard 1945-46
Boyd A. Wix, MM3: Aboard 1947-49. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Wichita, KS.
Joe C. Wofford, FA: Aboard 1953. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Lubbock, TX.
Dennis Wolfe, SN: Aboard 1967-68.
Norman R. Wolff, SKGSN: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Glen Ellyn, IL.
Nathan (n) Wollman, SC1: Aboard 1942-43. Possibly deceased "NATHAN WOLLMAN 11 Nov 1919 Sep 1979 11236 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) 11236 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) 100-03-8147 New York" or "NATHAN WOLLMAN 07 Oct 1910 Oct 1980 19141 (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA) 19102 (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA) 126-18-2448 New York"
Charles W. Wolters, FN: Aboard 1949-50
usflaganimated.gif - 7541 Bytes
AO-36 Life Member 156
Edwin E. "Ed" Wonser, WT?
Aboard 1945-46
"I was surprised to learn about the Association and would like to be a member. I won't be attending the 2002 meeting but when there is one on the West coast I could attend." Lives in Puyallup, WA. updated 08/26/02.  It was learned after unable to contact, that Edward passed away on July 26, 2011. His wife Willette had also passed away earlier in March of the same year. Updated 6/26/2013.
Cecil Jerry Wood, BT2 Aboard 1963-65. Enlisted 1958. Mailed 2002 reunion letter to Camp Douglas, WI.
Earl Andrew Wood, Cox: Aboard 1944-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Winter Haven, FL.
Patrick Donald Wood, BM3: Aboard 1969. added 01/14/03
Oscar E. Woodard, SN: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Los Angeles, CA.
Fred E. Woodbridge, CS3: Aboard 1953-54. Sent 2003 reunion letter (no mail receptacle) to Wendell, ID. added 01/04/03
Guy E. Woodhouse, GM3: Aboard 1951-53. Possibly deceased "GUY E WOODHOUSE 24 Aug 1932 22 Mar 1971 (VA) (none specified) 550-34-3919 California" updated 12/11/02
Charles Leroy Woods, MM3: Aboard 1967-68.
Warren "Ric." Woodward, EN3 Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Carlsbad, CA.
Harvey O. Wooley, EN3: Aboard 1956-57. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Waller, TX.
Alan R. Woolsey, YNSN Aboard 1948-50. Linn Davis spoke with him in June 2002. He had a stroke and doesn't remember Linn. Walt Bishop advised he passed away Monday, September 22. He is survived by his wife and family in Orange, CA and will be interred at Forrest Lawn in Cypress, CA. on Saturday, Sept 27. Lived in Orange, CA. updated 09/24/03
mermorial flag Keith Wooten, EM3: Aboard 1963. Received word from Gerald Coulter on 4/11/2010, that he was told by Keith's wife that Keith passed away from cancer on 3/11/1999.
Garrie "Will." Wortham, FTGSN: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Arkadelphia, AR.
Donald T. Woskow, EN3: Aboard 1951-52. Interested in 2003 reunion. Lives in Ukiah, CA. updated 03/04/03
John Patrick Wren, MM3 recommissioning crew Aboard 1961-64. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Elmira, NY. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Cherry Hill, NJ
Howard "Monro." Wright, SN Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Greenville, SC.
Leonard B. Wright, Jr., SN: Aboard 02/63-01/66. Wife Joyce advised Leonard passed away. Born: 9 Dec 1937; Died 4 Oct 2000. Lived in Charleston, WV. updated 08/19/02
Ronald "Walla." Wright, FN: Aboard 1967-68.
Albert Wutrhich, WT3: Aboard 1947. Unable to locate any information.
Donald Alton Wyatt, RD2 Aboard 1961-63. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Eagle River, WI.
Verlin D. Wyatt, QMS1: Aboard 1951-52. Dick called Princeton, WV (not a shipmate). Possibly deceased "VERLIN D WYATT Request Information (SS-5) SSN 524-01-2204 Residence: 80401 Golden, Jefferson, CO Born 20 Sep 1919 Last Benefit: Died 16 Aug 2002" Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Golden, CO. updated 06/07/03
Warren G. Wyatt, Jr., SN: Aboard 1963-65.
Sonne C. Wylie, FN: Aboard 1949-50. Probably deceased "SONNE WYLIE 04 Sep 1930 Nov 1977 (not specified) 24986 (White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier, WV) 235-44-7370 West Virginia" updated 12/11/02
Steven G. Wylie, BM3: Aboard 1967-68. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Durango, CO.

AO-36 Life Member 126
Virgil D. Wyrick, MM3
Aboard 1962-63
Lives in Lawton, OK. updated with life membership 05/17/05
Nicholas (n) "Nick" Yancer, Cox Aboard 1943-45. Received email 12/17/02, "I went from boot camp to Boston Navy Yard and boarded the Kennebec in 1943. I spent 2 years on her. Our home port was Norfolk, VA. We escorted convoys to Europe. We were with the Gaudalcanal when she captured a German sub in the Atlantic. After 2 years on her I was given a 30 day leave and the Kennebec was refitted and sent to the Pacific. Then I lost track of her. I was surprised and glad to hear from you after all these years. I would appreciate hearing from you again." Lives in Boynton Beach, FL. updated 12/17/02

AO-36 Life Member 41
William D. "Bill" Yancey, BM3
Aboard 1963-66
Reunions Attended: 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006
Aboard Nov. 63 to Nov. 66. The Kennebec was a special ship and so was the crew. I am a retired police officer after serving 25-1/2 years with Phoenix, AZ. Lives in Surprise, AZ. updated email 02/21/03
Patrick J. Yanello, Cox Aboard 1943-44. Born 22 Dec 1924; Died 20 Mar 2001. updated with photo 03/28/03
Theodore J. Yaskola, Cox: Aboard 1942-44. Probably deceased. From Residence: 39056 Clinton, Hinds, MS; Born 10 Nov 1920; Died 10 Oct 1999.
Edward K. "Ken" Yates, BT3 Aboard 1965-69. Lives in Santa Rosa, CA.
Richard E. Youart, AS Aboard 1942. Probably deceased "RICHARD YOUART 27 Mar 1924 Oct 1952 (not specified) (none specified) 216-14-8618 Maryland" or "YOUART, RICHARD EASTMAN VETERAN SERVICE DATES: Unknown DATE OF BIRTH: 03/27/1924 DATE OF DEATH: 10/21/1952 DATE OF INTERMENT: 10/24/1952 BURIED AT: SECTION N SITE 1926 BALTIMORE NATIONAL CEMETERY 5501 FREDERICK AVENUE BALTIMORE , MD 21228" updated 03/24/04
Thomas "Charl." Youndt, EM3: Aboard 1969-70. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Marietta, PA.
Gary Lee Young, FN: Aboard 1962-65.
Jerry Wayne Young, SN: Aboard 1967-68.
John Biddle Young, YN1: Aboard 1969-70. Enlisted in 1963. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Fort Lauderdale, FL (not him).
John Russell Young, FN Aboard 1961-64.
Johnnie Young, SN: Aboard 1956-57
Mark Bryan Young, SN: Aboard 1968. added 01/12/03
Troy L. Young, SA: Aboard 1948. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Country Club Hills, IL.
Waldo K. Young, SN: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion postcard to Everett, WA. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Spanish Fort, AL.
Wyatt H. Young, BM1: Aboard 1957
Rufus Arl Youngblood, S2c: Aboard 1945
bluestar.gif - 227 Bytes Kenneth J. "Kenny" Youngblut, SN: Aboard 1953-54. His letter of 01/09/03 states, "Hello! I am excited to hear from you. I have thought about all the shipmates, but have never heard from any of them. I was aboard Kennebec in 1954. I would like to hear about the reunion and shipmates. I am not sure if I could make the reunion at this time. I was under the impression that it was out of commission as of 1954. I don't remember the date that I separated from it." Lives in Jesup, IA. updated with membership 05/23/03 Membership EXP 05/05

AO-36 Life Member 86
Richard "Rick" Zahorchak, BT3
Aboard 1969-70
as FN
Great web site. Can't wait to talk to old ship mate's like Jake Jacobson, Tom Moore and Johnny Kachur. I'm really excited about what's been happening over the years. The 1969 WESPAC cruise was truly unforgettable. I'm so glad to hear that someone finally put together a reunion. I'm sure going to try and make it . The pictures bring back memories that at times, I thought were only dreams instead of reality. Wish I still had that great Kennebec Zippo lighter. Lives in North Huntingdon, PA. updated email address 09/19/03
Albert "Cha." Zakowski, ETR3: Aboard 1969. Sent 2002 reunion letter to San Jose, CA (not deliverable as addressed).
Ralph F. Zammuto, S1c: Aboard 1943-44. A relative verified on 01/25/05 that he is deceased. Born: 28 Mar 1925; Died: 21 Jan 1992 in Maine. His widow and their children now reside in Derry, NH. updated 01/23/05
Arthur Richard Zarek, F2c: Aboard 1945-46. Probably deceased "ARTHUR ZAREK 26 Jan 1923 Mar 1975 69339 (Crawford, Dawes, NE) (none specified) 507-18-4069 Nebraska " updted 12/11/02
William John Zeck, S2c: Aboard 1945-46. Probably deceased. From Residence: 18847 Susquehanna, Susquehanna, PA; Born 23 Jan 1924; Died 25 Nov 1994.
Donald Lee Zeller, EM2: Aboard 1967-68. Enlisted 1962. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Shoreline, WA. added 01/16/03

AO-36 Life Member 108
Thomas W. "Ziggy" or "Tom" Ziegenhagen, SK2
Aboard 1961-63
as SK3
Aboard 1961-August 1963 as SK3. "I would love to attend the (2001) reunion, but I have a wedding to attend on October 20 that I must attend." Lives in South Milwaukee, WI. updated with life membership 05/27/04
Fredrick George Zimmer, QMSN Aboard 1961-62. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Plymouth, IN and Paris, AR.

AO-36 Life Member 204
Donald F. "Don" Zinkl, RM3
Aboard 1953 as SKSN
Reunions attended: 2003
Twin brother of Ronald. Lives in Windsor, CA. updated with membership 01/10/03 Membership 2007. Issued Life Membership November 2008.
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AO-36 Life Member 205
Ronald A. Zinkl, SA
Aboard 1953
I came aboard with my twin brother, Don, in March 1953 and served until October 1953. We departed Kennebec in Port Arthur, TX, to serve as a BM3 on USS Tombigbee (AOG-11). Lives in Kirkwood, MO. updated with membership 02/08/03. Membership paid 2007. Issued Life Membership November 2008. Update from Don Zinki on 3/25/2011, who sadly reported his brother Ronald passed away on March 15, 2011. Ronald was buried in Jefferson Barracks national cemetery with full military honors. Click Here for Ronald's obit.
Robert E. Zinnamon, RD3: Aboard 1949-50. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Corona, CA (unknown). Probably deceased "ZINNAMON ROBERT EUGENE 10/30/1929 CONN M TEXAS LOS ANGELES(19) 02/20/1989 450-44-5076 59 yrs" updated 01/11/03
C.E. Zinsmeyer, MMFN: Aboard 1950. Sent 2003 reunion letter to Syracuse, NY.
Clinton D. Zipper, Sea1c Aboard 1942. Probably deceased. "CLINTON D ZIPPER 03 Apr 1922 29 Mar 1996 94545 (Hayward, Alameda, CA) (none specified) 550-38-0306 California"
Hayden (n) Zollman, Jr., F2c: Aboard 1945-46. Probably deceased "HAYDEN ZOLLMAN 26 Nov 1926 22 Mar 1992 47170 (Scottsburg, Scott, IN) (none specified) 306-30-5891 Indiana" updated 12/11/02
Wilbur Joseph Zullo, S1c: Aboard 1945-46. Sent 2002 reunion letter to Wilmington, MA. From 1930 Census "Zullo, Wilbur J; Age: 3 10.12; State: Somerville, Middlesex, MA" updated 12/13/02

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