c/o Fleet Post Office
                   San Francisco 96601
                                          1 June 1966

Dear Families & Friends of the KENNEBEC,

	Since my last letter in February KENNEBEC has continued to
perform her primary mission of supporting the U. S. 7th Fleet in
the South China Sea. Your men have worked long hard hours, in
the heat of the day and at times through most of the night.
Their efforts have been consistently superb. Through their hard
work and desire to do their very best, KENNEBEC has gained an
enviable reputation for being able to do the job and do it well.

	Statistics for the most part are boring but to give you an
idea of what we have accomplished since we arrived in WestPac,
KENNEBEC has replenished 332 ships, pumped more than 46,282,572
gallons of oil, transferred 1800 tons of fleet freight, 260
personnel, in accomplishing these tasks KENNEBEC has steamed
60,682 miles in support of operations from the Gulf of Tonkin to
Bay of Siam. Quite an accomplishment for this elderly lady.

	As a result of my last two letters, I have received many
notes, and letters from you. I hope I have answered to your
satisfaction the many questions that were asked, this will be the
last "Family Gram" while KENNEBEC is in the Par East, but I want
you all to know that your questions and notes are always welcome
and please feel free to call upon me at anytime, whether we are
in home waters or the Far East.

	During this deployment we have experienced almost a 30% turn
over in crew - also, 90 men have been advanced in grade and the
KENNEBEC has added to the population boom to the tune of fifteen
new "boots" reporting on board while deployed.

	This routine was nicely broken up by two visits to Hong Kong,
one in March, and one just recently completed and a return visit
to Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

	Hong Kong often referred to as the city of intrigue and
mystery, of mingled wealth and poverty, and the epitome of
extremes, was an experience your sailors will not forget for
quite some time, I'm sure the many pictures, and movies not to
mention the gifts and souvenirs purchased will attest to an
interesting and enjoyable visit.

	We are now enroute to Yokosuka for a brief visit and to
adjust our cargo load prior to heading home. We expect to depart
Yokosuka on the 6th of June and arrive in San Francisco about the
18th. It has been a long cruise but a necessary one, and we are.
anxious to be on our way.

   With every best wish for a happy reun.ion

                           CHAS B. ALMY
                           Captain, U. S. Navy
                           Commanding Officer