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If you are a past USS Kennebec shipmate or member of the USS Kennebec Association, here are links that have been shared with us concerning health and possible chemical exposure.

Agent Orange:

  • Assoc. member/officer Gary Schlagel, 05-09-2017, states that the USS Kennebec is back on the Agent Orange list. Click Here for his advice.
  • JB Orendorff sent us an email about his case with Agent Orange on 12-26-2016, Click Here to view.
  • One of our Shipmate's family members obtained the deck log of the USS Kennebec AO 36 for the time period of December 7, 1965. The USS Kennebec was accidentally sprayed, it is in the deck log.
  • The VA responded to an Agent Orange inquiry made in behalf of Joseph Moran. The reply states the USS Kennebec was likely exposed to Agent Orange on and after August 24, 1969 when it entered the waterway of Ganh Rai Ban. Click Here to read the VA letter dated 01-27-2016.
  • Agent Orange - Website for Navy Veterans and others, about various relate information - health issues.
  • Claims and Cases
  • BA Rules Da Nang Harbor as Inland Waterway
  • Exposure - PDF of a document that shows USS Kennebec was exposed to Agent Orange when servicing a ship on the list.
  • There has been a new bill passed, called the blue water bill [H.R. 1494]. The information is in the FRA magazine, 2013 month of July page 9. FRA Action center [] all shipmates should register with the VA.

Other Possible Exposures:


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