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USS Kennebec (AO-36) Association and U.S. Navy Veterns


USS Kennebec (AO-36) and US Navy Veteran
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ATTENTION KENNEBEC SHIPMATES! The Kennebec Association Secretary is looking for Kennebec Shipmates who wish to receive information about Reunions and other information pertaining to the Kennebec and or her Shipmates. If you are not now or have not received Kennebec emails in the passed 6 months, it would suggest that we do not have a valid email for you. Please update your contact information with us on this page: Shipmates/Members

Welcome to the unofficial USS Kennebec (AO-36) Website. The ship was decommissioned in June 1970, therefore it's not likely there is an official site. The USS Kennebec Association is thankful to the late Dick A. Hawkins (1946-2005), who created this website. Dick served aboard Kennebec from 12 March 65 until 29 July 66 when he was transferred to another fleet oiler, USS Taluga (AO-62). As DK3 aboard Kennebec and DK2 aboard Taluga, he knew more of his fellow shipmates than most did. In the fall of 1999, Dick inadvertently came across a Website which mentioned Kennebec. After considering it for a few days, he decided to create a Website for each fleet oiler in hopes that some of his former shipmates would see the pages, sign his guest books and bring us up to date on their lives. Little did he know that Taluga had been holding reunions for many years (open only to WWII shipmates at that time) but Kennebec had never held one. In December 2000, the USS Kennebec (AO-36) Association was founded via a chat room which was less than easy to use. The first reunion was held in the Fall of 2001 and interest has been such they are now an annual event. Anyone who ever served aboard the ships is welcome to sign the guest book, get a listing on the Shipmates page, and/or become a member.

This website was formerly, be sure to update your bookmark to our new domain name of with the dash between uss and kennebec.

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